how old is soren in the dragon prince

how old is soren in the dragon prince

SOREN. He considers his knife, which has butter on it and reflects on his suggestion of buttering up the princes. The battle comes to a decisive conclusion following the arrival of the forces of Queen Aanya of Duren. The dragon picks him up and carries him up to the peak of the Storm Spire. She starts talking with him about her conversation with his doctor, but he cuts her off, saying that he already knows. Claudia tells him that it wasn't the horse. "Sarcasm!" Hearing him talk, one believes that he's a good person and that everything he does it protect his family, his home, or all of humanity. They set off, Claudia and Soren following at a bit of a distance. He gasps and falls to the ground. Gren asks what he's talking about and Viren clarifies that he's decided that Gren is off the rescue mission and that Soren will lead it. The Dragon Prince Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He then stands before it and points his sword. Soren watches as Viren mocks Callum, but when the torches go out, he shouts "They're here!" It always involves something creepy. Soren agrees since they are not even a fruit. Soren argues that he's just a kid. Debut He tells him that if he wants to lead, he needs to learn how to follow, and to follow he should start by shutting his mouth. Soren stands outside the throne room for Harrow and presents him with a sword. Much to their dismay general Amaya and commander Gren will be supervising … He asks if she means underwear, but she calls this gross. Kasef, the prince of Neolandia, draws up beside Soren. He tells her that he'll give the signal when it is time to strike. Soren agrees "Time to go to the magical land and do whatever." He points out that she squashes innocent creatures to make magic pancakes. He heads inside a structure with Claudia, asking if she caught the intense look he got from the elf. He asks if Viren doesn't want him to smoosh it and Viren tells him not to smoosh it, to think of it as his animal familiar. He tells Ezran that the others will take him to the rendezvous point. Harrow sheathes it as his side and walks out with Soren, followed by several guards, into a courtyard. The group arrives at the forest at the edge of Katolis. She begs him to get up, but she tells her that he can't move. Soren eats from his pancake, while Claudia works on buttering up the group. While Claudia works on Callum, he stands watching Ezran, Bait, and Azymondias (Zym) playing with their new friends Ellis and Ava. She sees her walking towards a tree and starts to point out to Soren that she's going to walk directly into it (her head is in a book), but Soren shushes him. he asks. Soren asks if he has a plan, and Viren replies that his plan will be revealed at the appropriate time. She demands that he be quiet, as she's trying to think. Later, Kasef asks Claudia if her father is talking to himself. He moves to swat it, but Viren grabs his hand. ---Watch us react to the Dragon Prince! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He tells them that they really do need to come home because the king really misses them. He explains it, but she tells him the joke was clear. She tells him she's not backing down and Claudia tells Soren to try not to kill her because she can lead them to Ezran and Callum. She asks for one more day to convince Callum to leave with them. From this perch in the sky, the Dragon King and Queen have kept a fearless watch over the magical land of Xadia. He then takes a position between Opeli and Corvus. A dark mage seen at the beginning of the series. ", saying that they are finally going to study something he's good at. Claudia tells him to keep his head and he apologizes, saying that it was a long night. He turns back to look at Corvus, who is tied up behind his horse. Although he seems to fight a little harder, he pulls a spinning move that results in Soren stepping on his sword. Soren introduces himself, saying that he doesn't think he caught Kasef's name. The doctor does not tell him the truth, that he will likely never walk again. Soren tells Opeli that Callum didn't really stab him. Soren crosses his arms and agrees "maybe a little more." Claudia shouts at him to wait. He tells Ezran that he calls it the "Slidey-Sling Go-Fast Rope." Once he got paralyzed, he gained some humility to free himself from the task of killing the princes and confesses his sister about his secret mission, which she at first refuses to believe, and was willing to settle to be a poet, but he got back to his true personality after Claudia healed him. On the outside, Soren is brash and overconfident, but with his sister Claudia, he's a giant goofball. Rayla asks what he's doing there. Gonna get reeaalll old school here and say: Don't like, don't read. When Soren picks a fight with a dragon, chaos breaks out -- and Rayla faces a difficult decision. Soren continues that someone who wants you to do horrible things and convinces you that they are good is a villain. He and his forces surround her. Concept Artist crossover for "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" Add a photo to this gallery. Callum asks if they can try the parrying again, saying that he thinks he can do it now. He calls Soren easily confused and Soren tells him to wait. They gather inside the cave. He replies that he's not thinking about anything and asks what she's thinking about. Portrayal Then, Ezran asks if it is him, Soren. She can use the eye of a griffin to cast a spell that will enchant a ballista bolt to never miss its target. But dragon horn means magic. He shows her the shirt and she tells him that it has to be something more personal. referring to the elven assassins that have come for King Harrow. and she replies "Why not?" She asks him if they are going to fight, or if it is a talent show. He slurps his drink noisily and then comments that he did use the word "doomed.". CrownguardKingdom of Katolis He tells the villager he's not mad. Claudia asks if he wants her to wake the elf and he nods. Viren demands that he step forward, but he tells him he's afraid. He breathes it in and starts coughing, then comments about Claudia's horse about having released some gas. He asks Claudia if she could have done this someplace warmer. He replies that she must have bitten the and now they have Moonshadow Madness. Rayla and Lujanne, the guardian of the Moon Nexus, approach. Soren yawns as he walks alongside Claudia on the funeral march for King Harrow. Just then, the dragon opens its eyes, very much alive. His clumsiness and dim-witted decisions made things harder for him and Claudia, from betraying the princes and Rayla in the wrong time to provoking a dragon and getting himself paralyzed. • Callum (Jack DeSena), Ezran's 14-year-old elder half-brother and King Harrow's stepson. She slaps her hand away, telling him that's not an emotion. He stares at Claudia, asking if she's okay. He tells him that it is crown time, or "Crown Hour," or "crown o'clock." Corvus, Opeli, and the baker Barius emerge from some bushes. He pulls up beside Viren and tells him that he has a question. Claudia calls it a good try. He draws up alongside his father and sees the caterpillar Aaravos perched on his ear. Soren didn’t like the idea of sneaking into Callum’s room when he wasn’t around, much less going through his stuff. Two years later, his little sister Claudia was born. She agrees that he's right and he points his sword, asking what she did. She tells him that they are both alive and that's the important thing. Soren drinks some hot beverage and then tells them that his father, Lord Viren, is coming. The dragon swoops down low and one of the villagers tells Soren that it is the third night in a row it is flown over them. He runs into a flock of moths and shouts at them, slashing with his sword. He does so and sees a glowing. Magic twig?" Claudia asks how she resisted the sleep spell and she shows that she was poking her finger with a rose, keeping her awake. She calls it a terrible poem, and not even a haiku. The Dragon Prince Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He agrees that maybe Viren won't be mad with the magic he can get from the horn. She replies that it is "the Ka-shortest mountain." He orders Soren and Claudia to be set free, saying that they will not pay for their father's mistakes. He still contained his goofy side, but after realizing how awful his father was, he grew to be wiser (although that lasted only for a while). Eye Color He turns and walks away slowly, Claudia following. The Aaravos caterpillar that has been whispering into Viren's ear warns him that if he tells the truth, he will lose her and that he will need her soon. Soren's sword slices through his heart. He tells her he's both disgusted and impressed. They climb up a tower, into Harrow's chambers. He wears the silver armor of the Crownguard adorned with gold and black accents. Soren turns and tells him "no", drawing him close and saying that if he untied him, he'd just try to escape, again. exclaims Claudia, saying that they still have the dragon. It then flies away. He calls it disappointing, even for Soren. In his true form, his skin turned a pale grey, with purple-grey markings formed around his eyes, as well as partially appearing across his face. Soren and Claudia stand out in a field with Ellis and Ava, Soren doing some stretches. He rushes forward, ready to scale the mountain. He continues that if things go the right way, humans could return to Xadia and take back the magical lands that are rightfully theirs, but a child king will lead them into weak choices. She asks him if he still thinks magic is creepy and gross. ... Claudie and Soren, to search for the princes. 22 notes. Soren and Claudia thunder up on horses in front of the Banther Lodge, accompanied by a pack of three hounds. He throws shadow-punches and she groans. He tells her that they need to stay focused on getting the princes to leave with them. Soren asks him what the move was and he admits he doesn't know. tdp tdp s2 tdp spoilers tdp s2 spoilers the dragon prince soren and rayla sor & ray calludia calldia claudia x callum callum x claudia sorayla this is ... but they left her in some shape or form. Soren has dirty blond hair swept to one side, and dark blue eyes. Claudia is dubious, but he insists "It's a thing!" Although the world of The Dragon Prince is full of magical creatures and mages who can wield the power of the Primal Sources, not all characters in the series use magic. She tells him she'll have him back on his feet in time and places the petals from two purple flowers over his eyes, followed by grasshopper goop. In early concepts, Claudia and Soren were the same character but were later split into two separate ones. He leaps, but she rolls aside. He lifts his head but then lowers it again. She admits that he did, asking if he had said anything strange to him. She replies that he doesn't speak sarcasm very well. She laughs raucously at this, then realizes that he's not joking. Claudia then uses dark magic to burn her blades and Soren points his sword at her, asking if she has any last words. He will do whatever is necessary to protect Ezran's life because he knows now what the right thing to do is. Soren seems to consider it, but Claudia insists no. The two are then led away from the throne room. He is the eldest son of High Mage Viren, but couldn’t be less like his meticulous father. He eats another jelly tart. Claudia does her bit, but when neither Callum nor Ezran shows any response after she captures them, she shouts to Soren that something is wrong, that it is all a trick. Soren agrees but tells him that he still must practice because it is expected of a prince or a step-prince. Viren shouts, but while two of the guards step forward to seize Callum, he remains standing in place. Fifteen-year-old Soren, fresh out of puberty, has trouble coping with jealousy over his sister's universal display of affection. He tells her that he's never attacked someone who's sleeping before, that it doesn't seem sporting.

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