aechmea fasciata 'primera

aechmea fasciata 'primera

Id love to get more advice if you have any! Die Aechmea Fasciata Primera bevorzugt … Wow! Aechmea Fasciata Primera gehört zu den Bromelien (Bromeliaceae) und zählt zu den pflegeleichtesten Zimmerpflanzen. Your email address will not be published. Type vivace épiphyte. The urn plant also has the common name of silver vase and is the most popular bromeliad from the Aechmea genus for growing and displaying indoors. Generalità: è una pianta epifita che vegeta attaccata alla corteccia di altre piante, procurandosi l'acqua e le sostanze nutritive attraverso le foglie. In temperate climates it is grown as a houseplant. Easy to look after and a real statement … De Aechmea is een plant die water opvangt in het midden van de plant, geef hierom water in de kelk (bloem). Creste destul de mare, 30 cm-1m inaltime si 60 – 90cm diametru. The aechmea plant is an evergreen bromeliad that features either colorful banded and variegated leaves or leaves covered with gray scales depending on the species. Required fields are marked *. Fleurs bractées roses avec de petites fleurs bleues . This will last for many weeks before it fades and the plant dies back. Von Aechmea fasciata gibt es verschiedene Sorten mit mehrfarbigen Blättern und unterschiedlichen Blütenfarben – von rosafarben bis gelborange. D'une croissance lente, il mesure de 20 à 60 centimètres de haut. Feuilles : Feuilles bordées d’épines noires qui forment une rosette très évasée. The main difference between the two is the Aechmea primera has a smooth leaf edge and the Aechmea fasciata bromeliad has small spines on the leaf edge. You could grow Aechmea fasticata 'Primera' outdoors in USDA zones 9b - 11. About: Aechmea is a bromeliad of exotic beauty, with its leaves marbled green with silver gray. View on Amazon » Description. Aechmea fasciata is a species of flowering plant in the Bromeliaceae family. Ack-may-ah or Ack-mee-ah I (i’m sorry for the capital letters). Agua: la Aechmea fasciata no requiere mucho riego, aunque sí un nivel de humedad medio-alto (¡mejor no ponerla cerca de la calefacción!). Należące do rodzinny ananasowatych, charakteryzują się tym, że wraz z wydaniem kwiatostanu, rozpoczyna się proces zamierania rośliny, połączony z wydawaniem roślin potomnych, odrostów, które zastępują roślinę mateczną. I am worried I may have put too much water in the cone. It is producing a pup now…very small. I have no one to talk to about Bros. Aechmea fasciata Urn Plant. Ideally, use rainwater, or failing that, distilled or filtered water. It likes humidity, so place on a tray of damp pebbles or mist regularly. I have over 30 Bromeliads – I keep all of my pups – and 12 varieties. I have purchased a Bromeliad and will Miracle Grow Potting Soil work for this plant if I don not have Orchid Potting Soil? It does not stand in the middle like the pictures I have seen. I just noticed that the base of my brom’ is looking a bit like it could be soggy brown. Neben der hier beschriebenen Wildform existieren verschiedene Sorten der Art Aechmea fasciata, die beispielsweise über differierende Blütenfarben neben rosafarbenen gibt es auch Sorten mit gelborangefarbenen Blüten und mehrfarbigen Blättern. But the pups take the nutrients from mom. View gallery. This … Also, yes… never use regular potting soil or miracle gro. © 2019 Aechmea fasciata ‘Primera’ forms a rosette of broad green leaves with silver-grey horizontal markings. In temperate climates it is grown as a houseplant. The main difference between the two is the Aechmea primera has a smooth leaf edge and the Aechmea fasciata bromeliad has small spines on the leaf edge. Horses, No reported toxicity to This bromeliad has thick, broad leaves.They are green in color with a silvery, horizontal banding. Young pups … From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine. Here in Maine, there are not many tropical growers! An informative site on the bromeliad (Bromeliaceae) family including classification, care requirements, propagation, blooming, diseases and insects, photographs, and product reviews. Luz: de luminoso a muy luminoso, nunca sol directo. The common names derive from the center of the plant being shaped like an urn or vase. Her color has diminished to almost nothing! It is VERY common for these plants to become heavy and lean. Bractées regroupent de petites fleurs tubulaires d’abord bleues puis roses regroupées en épi compact. Ideally, use rainwater, or failing that, distilled or filtered water. My bromeliad aechmea fasciata doesn’t look like its dying but it is definetly leaning on one of its vase leaves. Dogs, No reported toxicity to Ha poche radici ma quelle che produce sono molto robuste. I have had trial and error with bromiliads is some tips . – I have also put chopsticks in the pot for plant to lean on. From the comments, I realize that I have a baby (maybe two) that have grown. mantener algo de agua en el depósito. My bromeliad has given me 4 pups and shes now a granmother, one of her pups is shooting up a pup! The plant name of this delightful beauty is Bromeliad – Aechmea Fasciata. Kamerplanten zijn belangrijk voor mensen. If you keep them dry they still do fine. A. fasciata (undertiden kaldet Aechmea eller Billbergia rhodocyanea) stammer fra Rio de Janeiro, hvor den opdagedes i 1826. Bromeliads have rocked my world for many, many years so today I’m sharing the love. Aechmea fasciata ‘Primera’ forms a rosette of broad green leaves with silver-grey horizontal markings. Ze zetten koolstofdioxide om in zuurstof waardoor je concentratie- en leervermogen toeneemt. Genre: Aechmea - Espèce: fasciata - Famille: Broméliacées - Origine: Amérique centrale, Amérique du sud - L'Aechméa est une plante vivace épiphyte au feuillage persistant et au port en rosette évasée. Two of my favorites are the Aechmea Fasciata or Aechmea Primera and the Vriesea Splendens. Do you guys think that if I fix everything, will I have a good chance at saving my Bro? I kept it dry very little water and it did awesome. Wawra ex Mez [3] ; Billbergia fasciata Lindl. ⚘ How To Books Thick, the leaves arch away to create a vase or urn shape, hence the common name. I have learned not to use regular potting soil. Planter et cultiver. Hauteur 60 cm. Pups are a way of continuing her legacy. moderado; pd. Why this year?? N. scientifique Aechmea fasciata. I am so glad I found this place!! SHE IS IN A 6 ” POT. Will it tolerate full sun? Bladene sid­der i en roset og er grønne med kridtagtig hvid belægning. Livestock, No reported toxicity to Bros are from the rain forests), temperature (65-90 degrees f) and light. Aechmea fasciata. The flower spike is composed of bright pink … However it does get quite hot and very humid during summer. Famille Broméliacées. Aechmea is a genus of flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae (subfamily Bromelioideae). Aechmea Bromeliad, Urn Plant, Silver Vase Bromeliad 'Primera' Aechmea fasciata. A. Fasciata 'Primera' is a cultivar that differs from the original species in that it has no thorns at the edge of the leaves. Aechmeas are beautiful and so very special. Any advise on how to get it to stand centered or is this just natural? This is normal. Descripción de la aechmea. Aechmeas do well together. Aechmea fasciata photo credit: westpark via do these bromeliads bloom continuously or do they only bloom once in thier life and then produce pups? Aechmea comprises eight subgenera and around 250 species distributed from Mexico through South America and the Caribbean. Aechmea chantinii. It can also get a fungus but i dont think that is as common. Riego: pc. I placed My Chiantii in a much larger pot so her base bracts have something to lean against. Nombre común: Aechmea, piñuela, bromelia fasciata. It is commonly called the silver vase or urn plant and is native to Brazil. Aechmea 'Primera' has no toxic effects reported. WILL SHE DIE OR JUST RECOVERYING FROM HER PUP BEING TAKEN? The plant habit of ‘Primera’ is funnel-formed and rosette in shape. If you do not have orchid poting soil you can take some bark off a tree (I used a screw driver and hammer ) or mulch since they grow on trees in the wild ,mix it with rocks and some dirt. Aechmea hamata Mez [3] ; Aechmea leopoldii Baker [3] ; Aechmea rhodocyanea (Lem.) They said it was so easy to take care of I’ve managed all plants my orchids are beautiful. Botanique. Aechmea 'Primera' has no particular known value to wildlife in the UK. purpurea, groenrood blad; Aechmea fasciata ‘ Variegata’ , groen blad met brede crèmewitte streep; Waarom kamerplanten? Please do not let it dry it out or it will die as well. Also is this a good time to pot up pups please? From the centre it bears a large flower spike with pink bracts dotted with small purple flowers. Temperatura ideal: 22-27ºC . It is originally from tropical regions of Central and South America. Source Hey Katrina Im in Maine too! Submit your photo to be featured on the blog! Pls help. You can put them in the same pot to lean against each other, but be careful of the spines!! This plant is probably the best known species in this genus, and it is often grown as a houseplant in temperate areas. Aechmea fasciata (Urn Plant or Silver Vase Plant) makes a great houseplant because it’s beautiful and low-maintenance. From what I understand I should set up a sprinkler to water the leaves rather than the roots. Learn how to care for your Hechtia bromeliad with this quick and easy informational guide. aechmea could you please give a phonetic pronounciation/representation as much as anything to settle an arguement with Mrs. W. I came looking cuz I just got done watering mine and noticed that the mother as you all call her seems to be dying! cada tres meses . Bei der Sorte ‘Variegata’ sind die Blätter mit breiten rahmgelben Längsstreifen durchzogen, ‘Primera’ hat beispielsweise glatte Blattränder. Plant. 0,60 m. Inflorescence : Après 3 ou 4 ans, une robuste inflorescence rose de 0,15 m de long apparaît. Végétation vivace. Ihre Blätter bilden einen Trichter und in dieser Zisterne sammelt und speichert die Pflanze Wasser. Fertilización: pc. Thank you for your time. I have had my pink bro bloom every year For 7 years from the mother so I’m not sure why they say they only bloom once in there lifetime I just take the pups off of her. I just bought a large Aechmea penduliflora bromeliad to plant in my yard in Hawaii. Most of the species in this genus are epiphytes. A Victorian favorite! Birds, No reported toxicity to my bromelaid fasciata is drooping and it looks like it is dying what should I do? Naturally occurring on the branches of trees. Could the bottom of the trunk have rot? Aechmea fasciata is also known as the urn plant, as its rosette of stiff, silver-blue leaves form an ‘urn’ or well at the centre that collects rainwater. I dread to loose it, I only have had it for a month. Aechmea fasciata, more commonly known as the urn plant, is one of the most widely recognized species in the Aechmea genus. I also didn’t use the proper soil when she was repotted into the 5″ pot (wrong, too). I. Origen: Brasil . Any suggestions? The following traits have been repeatedly observed to be characteristics which, in combination, distinguish Aechmea fasciata ‘Primera’ from the closest comparison cultivar, Aechmea fasciata ‘Morgana’. It is planted in a miracle grow mix. The plant is usually sold in flower. You can really notice the difference when you are handling Aechmea fasciata as it tends to leave little scratches where ever it touches your skin. Wait until the pup grows to at least 1/3 of the mother plant before removing it. Other than using orchid soil I don’t know what else I should do with the planting area since it will be outside in pretty full sun rather than in a pot indoors. It is important to remember that Bromeliads are epiphitic like Orchids. How long does the bloom last? Kimberly, the mother plant will eventually die. Subscribe to BBC Gardeners' World Magazine and receive 3 issues for only £5. I want her vibrant pink/purple color back!! Aechmea - a genus in the subfamily Bromelioideae, is one of the most widely grown groups of Bromeliads. Your email address will not be published. Synonymes. L’aechméa « Blue Rain »: qui offre une tige rouge soutenant des bractées pourpres à inflorescences bleues. Aechmea water geven . The urn or vase is topped up with water which has to be replaced every 2 - 3 weeks. All Rights Reserved. I have the perfect spot for it, but need to know if this variety will tolerate full sun. It is a year old and has two pups. Werden diese Bromelien in unzureichenden Lichtverhältnissen kultiviert, so gedeihen sie nicht richtig und setzen keine Blüten an. Exposition lumière vive . When is comes to basic care: watering (water ONLY bracts of plants. Do not be afraid to put a counter balance in the pot – or – give the plant something to lean on. De Aechmea verbruikt weinig water. … Achmeajest rodzajem obejmującym dziesiątki gatunków zmiennych roślin, z których znaczna część jest epifitami. I HAVE THE PINK ONE WITH THE LITTLE PURPLE BUDS. The Aechmea fasciata is a bromeliad flowering type plant which is grown outdoors and indoors depending on the climate. Rusticité 18°C toute l'année . NEVER soil), humidity (mist every day. No reported toxicity to Variegata beispielsweise entwickelt auffallend gefärbte Blätter mit breiten, gelben Längsstreifen. L’aechméa « Elegant pink »: au feuillage vert vif et aux bractées roses. 5/5 based on 1 customer review A beautiful bromeliad from Brazil. It is very easy to care for but not necessarily easy to get it to bloom. It will immediately cause root rotting. How long does a flower typically last? Vase d'argent, Aechmea fasciata. In its natural habitat the rosette of leaves form an ‘urn’ or well, which collects rainwater. EXACTLY like orchids. Bromelien der Gattung Aechmea benötigen hellen Standort mit viel direktem Sonnenlicht. Aechmea fasciata 'Primera' (PBR) AGM plants. The name comes from the Greek aichme, meaning "spear". I just learned so much about my plant by reading through these comments. Aechmea fasciata ‘Primera’, grijsgroen blad zonder stekels; Aechmea fasciata var. THE MOM LOOKS DROOPING AND HER FLOWER IS NOT AS VIBRANT. Temperatura mínima: 9-13ºC . Como explicaba antes, el centro de la planta (donde se ubica el tallo de la flor) es el punto más importante, su cordón umbilical. Cats, No reported toxicity to cada mes; pd. Botanical name: Aechmea fasciata ‘Primera ’ Popular name: silver-vase, urn-plant Origin: Brazil. I live in Queensland, Australia, in the sub-tropics where the winters are very mild. Die pralle Mittagssonne ist jedoch zu vermeiden, bei Bedarf sollte der Standort der Aechmea während der Mittagsstunden etwas abgeschattet sein. Aechmea fasciata is an exotic-looking bromeliad that grows epiphytically in its natural habitat in the rainforests of Brazil. AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme. The zebra plant is distinguished by horizontal darker stripes across its leaves, while the urn plant has solid silver-green leaves. They are: Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions; Available to buy; Of good constitution; Essentially stable in form & colour; Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. I only water my bromiliad once a month in doors because it can get root rot easy evan planted in orchid soil or rocks. You can cut pups off of the mother when they are 2 inches or wen they start poping up through the soil if you want to keep the mother plant take the pups off or you can leave one attached and she will do ok. Floraison toute l'année. For some reason my Fasciata dies I killed two with too much TLC and the last one I bought I’ve had for four months and I’m crossing my fingers as they seem all normal and then bye bye lol. I may have over watered my Brom’? These Aechmea plant care tips will help keep yours healthy as can be. The two most common aechmea varieties include the A. chantinii, or zebra plant, and the A. fasciata, or urn plant. With its gorgeous pink flower, Aechmea Primera is so similar to the Aechmea Fasciata that is often used as a substitute. SHE IS FACING THE WEST IN A NICE WINDOW. 7 more photos VIEW GALLERY. Naturalne siedliska tych roślin występują na obszarze Ameryki Środkowej i Południowej… It is a perennial and herbaceous plant, meaning it lives throughout the year, but its leaves and stems die back. Its common name comes from the vase like urn formation of the leaves. People. Wer keine Stacheln mag, greift zu der Sorte Primera, deren Blütenstände unbewehrt und glatt sind. So this could also be the case. Light: The plant likes bright filtered light. Grow Aechmea fasciata ‘Primera’ in a warm room, in a bright spot out of direct sun. Dette »kridt« bør ikke børstes af, da det kontrasterer fint til den rosa blom­sterstand, som skyder op fra rosettens midte. Display Tips: Grow Aechmea fasciata in its own pot near plants with lush green foliage, such as ferns or flowering houseplants that need abundant light. I have Aechmea Brom. A. fasciata infloreste in lunile mai-iunie, iar bracteele rezista cateva luni. It is very dry in the area we live and I have an irrigation/sprinkler system to water things every day. The plant will form ‘pups’ or baby plants at its base – when they are around a third of the size of the parent plant, they can be cut away and potted up, forming new plants. I TRANSPLANTED THE PUP WHEN IT WAS 1/3 THE SIZE OF ITS MOM. Gris-vert, rayées horizontalement de bandes argentées. They take the same soil and desire to be treated the same way. Join now. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Acmea - Aechmea: Scheda Aechmea fasciata. Nombre científico: aechmea o bromelia fasciata. As a houseplant, the plant is watered by filling the urn, too, to around one inch deep. any potting soil that has any type of moisture retention will kill your Bro causing root rot, fungus gnats (which also cause root rot by the gnat larvae eating the roots). Had my Bromeliad for years producing one plant at a time, This year I have 5 flowers! When in bloom, they can become VERY sticky so be careful when handling. My aechmea fasciata is very healthy in a pot, but I want to transplant it into the garden. Aechmea fasciata est une espèce de plantes de la famille des Broméliacées, originaire du Brésil. Origine Brésil. Zorg ervoor dat er in de zomer altijd enkele centimeters water in de koker van de plant staat. I bought a blooming plant almost a year ago and it still has the beautiful bloom. Aechmea fasciata is an exotic-looking bromeliad that grows epiphytically in its natural habitat in the rainforests of Brazil. She also leans against the wall. A very long lasting pink flower with blue inflorescences makes a stunning contrast to the grey/green marbled leaves. IS SHE GOING TO DIE? Empty and refill the urn every couple of weeks to prevent the water stagnating. Please help. Le foglie striate di bianco di colore verde grigio, formano una rosetta e hanno spine nere lungo il margine. Cette plante est probablement la plus connue de son genre, et est souvent utilisée comme plante d'appartement [1], [2. Am Naturstandort in den Regenwäldern Brasiliens ist die Lanzenrosette ein Epiphyt, eine sogenannte Aufsitzerpflanze. Moderate to bright, always indirect.). L’aechméa primera: dont les feuilles sont sans épines et qui présente une inflorescence d’un rose plus profond que la variété-type fasciata. Feuillage persistant. I am in Virginia we do have cold Seasons. They were kept in my garage in the winter. It looks healthy and I take good care of it. I know I have a LOT OF WORK to do however, I’m willing to save my girl!! Any suggestions for the future? Aceasta specie moare dupa ce infloreste, lasand loc lastarilor sa se dezvolte. The leaves of ‘Primera’ are spineless and dark greyed-green (RHS 189A) with whitish scales. Empty and refill the urn every couple of weeks to prevent the water stagnating. In the home, the plant is watered by filling the urn, too, to around one inch deep. Espèce type. This article provides information on the specific growing guidelines for Aechmea fasciata bromeliads.

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