why is rayla a ghost

why is rayla a ghost

Anime Fan Art Fantasy Rayla Dragon Prince Dragon Princess Dragon Prince Season 3 Prince Art Cartoon Avatar The Last Airbender. Previous But seeing Zym's eagerness, Rayla warns Callum if he dies she'll kill him, upon seeing him return she was informed that Zym was struck by lightning but was fine. She smacks him playfully and they continue their climb. He hugged her a little closer. After chasing the Tristan, who believes she wants his money, Rayla clarifies that she wanted his help in using his blade to cut her binding. Everything happened because her parents ran away, so she has to stay and defend the Dragon Queen. Whenever Moonshadow Elves are sent on a dangerous mission, Ethari enchants a metal lotus for each assassin. Continuing their climb, the group comes across a deceased creature and finds what killed it: a giant leech. As Callum scorns Ezran, Rayla gives him a chance to explain. As the return to the exterior cave outside of Zubeia's lair, she sits down and Callum asks if she's okay. When … Rayla is a version of Ray (Hebrew): nickname of Rachel. Weird things about the name Rayla: The name spelled backwards is Alyar. Rayla was usually shy about grand, "lovey-dovey" gestures. Rayla explains to him that none of the other five assassins made it back because only one magical metal lotus is floating — hers. She sees that it's Corvus who was sent by the boys' aunt to find them, seeing that he means no harm she allows him to talk to Ezran but becomes shocked when he bows to the young king revealing the truth. With that, he agrees to let her and Zym go on without him but Rayla refuses to leave without him trying to convince the elder dragon that he isn't an evil person but Sol Regem's opinion fiercely changes when he senses dark magic within the prince causing the group to hide again. Rayla explains to Callum that she must perform a special ritual to see through the illusion, which is like having a magic key. Rushing back she sees that he was trying to cast the lightning spell, but couldn't finish it. On the way to Rayla's home, the Silvergrove, Rayla warns Callum that the elves will not take kindly to human presence, so Callum makes a crude disguise of being an Earthblood Elf, much to Rayla's annoyance. The Shadowpaw returns but the Moonstrider, frightened by the Soulfang Serpents, stays outside. He reveals to Kasef and his advisors about the Dragon Prince's birth and his half-brother's ongoing mission to return him to the Dragon Queen in the hopes that the elves and dragons will end the war and asks that Kasef do the same. Callum says "high four" instead of "high five" while pretending to be an Earthblood Elf, referring to the fact that elves only have four fingers. Knowing that they'll betray them, she takes Callum's advice on how to figure out if it's a trap or not. Once again, she offers to carry the egg, but once more Callum refuses. He then finds Rayla at the summit watching the sunset. Seeing his mistake, Viren calms himself and explains that he would've given up his life if it meant taking back the egg, claiming all his actions are for humanity's benefit. Continuing on their journey, Rayla tries to undo the binding on her hand but nothing works. I have so many ideas for the plot and that damn feather!! Back in the cave, he explains that his father Viren is coming with an army of enchanted soldiers, stronger and angrier, with big claws. incorrect tdp quotes tdp the dragon prince incorrect quotes tdp incorrect quotes callum callum tdp totally correct tdp quotes rayla tdp rayla. Audio. But after Ezran believes someone may need help she goes to investigate. In the second episode of season 1 Runaan tells Rayla she should go home if they don’t return. Rayla guides Callum through a wonderland of magical creatures. She tells Corvus of his special ability to talk to animals quickly piecing together that he caught a ride on a banter not in one. Callum lies to her, saying he is prince Ezran, but Rayla soon realizes she's been tricked when she finds the real prince behind a painting. When Ibis shows the group the sleeping form of Zubeia, she can only look on sadly. Moments later, Ethari approaches her and allows to temporarily break the spell of her as a ghost, so that he can finally learn the truth. [2] Runaan, as a Moonshadow Elf assassin himself, began to mentor Rayla in the profession and found her to have great potential and skill. Ethari also gives her the Moon Opal necklace that he and Runaan both wear, before Rayla turns back into a ghost and can no longer speak with Ethari. Callum must perform the ritual along with her, in order to "use her magic key". While sleeping she wakes to sound of a roaring dragon seeing it attack a village and was shot down, they find the creature alive but hurt seeing the soldiers closing in she wanted to fight them off to protect the dragon. Embracing him, she takes back what she said before and about what he did. She smiles seeing his sketch of them in his sketchbook, realizing that he really did see a vision of them. Callum comments that he takes it that the Dragon Queen didn't make her lair at a halfway-up there kind of place and Rayla agrees, "Nope. Rayla allows them to stay one more day, wishing everyone to stay on their toes while she patrols. When Villads speaks of land, she is relieved but not so much upon hearing that it would take another day to get there. When Callum suggests tossing the stone, Rayla tells him it's a bad idea, and when she catches it she turns extra crispy. They embrace and Rayla explains what happened. After hearing Callum wanting to accept his fate, she calmed him down telling him that Sol Regem can only use his fire breath every few minutes. Ethari leaves the room and a tearful Rayla rushes out of his home. She is not dating anyone currently. However, while they were away, Nyx kidnapped Zym and fled from the oasis. She gives him her necklace, telling him to remember her, and kisses him goodbye, then hugs him. Waiting for the leech to leave, she hesitantly confides in him her problems, which Ezran sees as her compassion and empathy. Variations. She tries to comfort Ezran and apologize but when he figured out that she had two ribbons but one came off, Rayla signifies what she and Callum already knew and watched a sad Ezran walk off alone. During the perimeter search, she comes across the giant spider illusion but remains unimpressed and walks away. The Dragon Prince Official Website - Runaan's Birthday, https://dragonprince.fandom.com/wiki/Rayla/History?oldid=31933. Once they finally arrive, Callum only sees emptiness before Rayla reveals that her entire village is invisible and the only way to access it is to perform a ritual that can lift the veil. Seeing that she has a justification, Rayla leads Callum to the homestead of Ethari, Runaan's husband, who both took care of Rayla during her parents' years at the Dragon Guard. Carrying it to the center in an explosion of color and lightning, the egg of the dragon prince hatches! The elf replies that his heart leaps to see the Dragon Prince live, but that they're too late. Soon she hears ringing bells at the castle signifying what she already knows: the King is dead. He says dramatically that he understands, that the world just isn't ready for what they have. She is relieved to hear of a healer that can help the egg and her hand, but who lives in the Cursed Caldera. As long as they live, the lotuses stay afloat. She's bewildered and startled when he says he understands the Sky Arcanum, still not following his explanation, Rayla sees him perform the Aspiro spell without a Primal Stone. The Midnight Desert. Making it to the kingdom's dividing line a lava bridge she stops Callum from stepping carelessly and waits for the moon show them the proper path, with the help of Zym through his telepathic connection to Ezran the duo make it across and into Xadia. She is known for singing the Theme Song for Fast Layne and also the same song in That Revenge 3: The Good Life! However, she was covered by mini leeches until Callum blew them away. She has an older sister and a younger brother. Rayla and Callum are awoken by Nyx who tells them that they're at their destination. But was told by Callum to wait with Zym and Bait, while he and Ezran find a captain, when they return she was skeptical of the captain but upon meeting Captain Villads she discovers he's blind, and that to make it across they had to beat the storm. Refusing to let the egg be lost, and despite her bad hand; she dives into the storm to save it. Ethari possesses the last arrow that Runaan shot to send the message of King Harrow's death. Callum, nodding: the most interesting thing she's done so far is run laps around a piece of cracker that fell on the floor; Rayla: it was two pieces of cracker and I did figure eights It's where your interests connect you with your people. Information The Silvergrove, Rayla's home, is hidden by an illusion. Book Ray is a twelve year old Missile from the very first timeline in the game. Along the way, Callum nearly collapses and Rayla catches him, but then they both fall down.

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