swtor volatile strike

swtor volatile strike

The effects are nice, but there will always be better utilities to take in this tier. Once in a while a sequence comes up where you’ll have Veiled Strike, Volatile Substance, and Backstab come off cooldown at roughly the same time, like within 1 GCD of each other. Sometimes you’ll get to benefit from it, sometimes you won’t, but your sustained DPS will be higher if you use Backstab on cooldown as often as possible than if you tried to delay it for the autocrit every time. Using the ability to reflect damage should always take priority over using it defensively, unless there happens to be a very specific high damage melee/ranged attack you can use it on. You also don’t want to let the Acid Blade DoT fall off, so you may need to use Lacerate first even if you don’t have 3 TAs. You should also not waste your time healing anyone with Kolto Infusion since it costs a TA and 20 Energy, just apply a stack or two of Kolto Probe and return to DPSing. In order to get the full effect of this ability, you should wait to use it until you’re at about 30-35 Energy, so just keep doing your rotation normally until you get there. You will get this ability at level 72. This forces you to read through what everything does so that you can understand what all of your passives and abilities do as well as locate these abilities in-game. Corrosive Dart is used immediately prior to activating your damage boost cooldowns since most of the DoT ticks will benefit from those cooldowns. You shouldn’t have to use this like ever as a DPS since Evasion can cleanse you, though if for some reason you do need to cleanse yourself more often than Evasion is available, you can use this ability. When exactly you use Crippling Slice is going to depend largely on what abilities you have or are about to have available, what your Energy level is, and how much time is left on the Acid Blade DoT, very similar to how Veiled Strike works. Unfortunately, since Evasion has the purge effect, you can’t use it to reflect everything that you can with other classes’ reactive damage. Crippling Slice does not have any additional procs, debuffs, or discipline passives associated with it that are relevant to your rotation. Having both Stim Boost and the relic active at the same time gives you the 1.2s GCD and with Tactical Overdrive, you get a full 30 seconds of the 1.2s GCD. This happens mainly on tanks but happens on healers and DPS frequently as well. Guildy says he's getting 20k openers with Volatile Strike and doing 11 to 13k sustained on scaled content. Just like the Acid Blade proc, this should never fall off. Take a deep breath as you plunge your vibroknife into their back. This can happen if you switched targets or otherwise let the Acid Blade DoT fall off. It will come up almost perfectly and you’ll know you messed up if you can’t continue the rotation smoothly afterwards. When activated, Cloaking Screen grants 2 seconds of Evasion. The worst that can happen if you delay them is that you may face enrage, whereas if you die, that can cause a wipe. I also want to note that it is a bit difficult to calculate exact recommendations with Operative since crit chance is so much higher. If you’re having to use Noxious Knives consistently during the fight and there isn’t a huge single-target DPS check, definitely use this tactical, but single target DPS checks almost always take priority over AoE DPS checks, and you won’t get any sort of a single-target DPS increase off of this tactical. Try to barely overlap the first activation of Stim Boost with the second so that the cooldown is reduced for the third use. When activated, it purges movement-impairing effects and grants a Tactical Advantage (TA). Only start using it if you dip below 70-75 Energy and there isn’t any guaranteed downtime coming soon. You should not be in a situation where you have to choose between delaying Volatile Substance and using Laceration to refresh the Acid Blade DoT because it will fall off if you don’t use it this GCD. Might be bugged on Operative, since he's not getting the same numbers on a Scoundrel though. Players have access … The rotation doesn’t really work unless you use Adrenaline Probe mostly on cooldown. Players have access … It is best used on unavoidable attacks. Also make sure Shield Probe is on cooldown and activate it if it isn’t since there’s no reason not to use it at this point. Stim Boost is used a second time exclusively for the TA it provides, which is a bit wasteful. If you want to save Stim Boost, you can use Crippling Slice instead. This choice cannot be changed after selected. If you are facing enrage, you will need to use your cooldowns offensively and just explain to your healers and raid lead that you can’t afford to save them. Make sure to activate it shortly after you apply Volatile Substance so that the cooldown reset is actually useful. You will also have to manage your Energy more closely if you do Corrosive Dart. You may need to use it if you happen to get below 60 Energy, though if that happens when you don’t have Adrenaline Probe, you’ve messed up your rotation and need to spend more time practicing on the dummy. It does deal more damage than Frag Grenade and is cheaper, though it does still cost 15 Energy, which is more than you can usually afford to spend. In PvE, this will generally only be used for specific mechanics since most things you’d care about stunning are immune. Please note that most of the time healers are responsible for cleansing since their job is to spend their GCDs keeping you alive while yours is to spend your GCDs stopping the boss from being alive. Without it, you won’t have a spare TA to use on the raid buff. Can I finish this cast before I need to move? Consistency is a bit more important here though than it is for the relic since you’ll often be using the Adrenal for DPS checks where you really can’t afford to be unlucky. Thanks to the Preparedness advanced class passive, this ability can blind up to 7 additional nearby targets, making it quite potent. What are the top 5 classes for PVP in Star Wars: The Old Republic Star Wars: The Old Republic has capped off the past 8 years of gameplay with a new update in October, “Onslaught”. Furthermore, melee/ranged damage tends to last for a lot longer than this defensive. It’s incredibly important to become skilled at telling how many GCDs you have before the Acid Blade DoT falls off by eyeballing the DoT debuff. His passion for video games as well as his love for all things Star Wars are reflected in his news and in-depth guides available here! Reduces the cooldown of Escape by 30 seconds, Shield Probe by 5 seconds, and Infiltrate by 60 seconds. Veiled Strike automatically critically hits targets affected by your unexploded Volatile Substance and triggers it immediately. Thankfully, the most important times to have your cooldowns up for damage purposes also tend to be the most important time to have them for defensive purposes as well, and fights with burst DPS checks tend to not be quite so healing intensive either. Blue 276 augments ([Type] Augment 73 + Augmentation Kit Mk-11) provide about 88% of the benefit for about 6% of the cost of the purple 286 augments. This ability deals very little damage per use, though if you don’t use it roughly on cooldown, you will run out of Energy on fights with very little downtime. The tick rate for DoTs is determined based on how much alacrity you have at the time of initial application and is not reassessed when it is refreshed. This is a toggle ability that allows you to enter and exit stealth, which allows you to sneak past some enemies. And use the volatile substance tactical. Typically it will happen as the first Laceration you use after Backstab. Basically, Tactical Advantage is an additional resource alongside Energy and in order to use some abilities you have to spend 1 TA. Use caution though when activating this ability as It is quite expensive, costing 20 Energy, so unless the fight has a ton of downtime, you may be forced to forego using Frag Grenade and have to use Rifle Shot instead. This means that you need to activate the relic right before your first use of Stim Boost whenever you use two Stim Boosts back to back from Tactical Overdrive. Star Wars™: The Old Republic, a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. Med Shield and Curative Agent will always provide a greater effect than this utility. The Acid Lash tactical is quite difficult to use. Take this on specific fights only. Even though Veiled Strike is available, Laceration is used next so that we can get the Tactical Opportunity proc on cooldown and refresh the Acid Blade DoT. Since this section of the guide is tailored towards making Concealment easier at the expense of DPS, I have also put some items in italics to indicate that they make the rotation more difficult in some way, but yield more DPS. I will not be writing out tooltip descriptions for abilities and I will only be writing out the components of discipline passives that directly relate to the ability and rotation. 6-Piece: Activating Shiv and Veiled Strike or Blaster Whip and Bludgeon will grant Enforcer’s Critical Bonus making your next Volatile Substance and Corrosive Assault or Blood Broiler and Brutal Shots critically hit. Volatile Substance - Injects a substance into the target that, after settling in for a few seconds, will react when the target takes damage from one of your poisons, dealing internal damage and … There are many other valuable utilities in this tier, so only take this if it’s more important to stun something than whatever benefit you’re getting from another utility and you find yourself wanting to stun something but couldn’t because your stun was still on cooldown and having this utility would have reduced the cooldown sufficiently such that you could have used the stun when you wanted. Almost always take this. Operative’s defensive cooldowns are balanced in part by their ability to do this. You want to use Exfiltrate while you are more than 30m away because it costs a GCD to use and you don’t want to use it when you could be using other GCDs instead. Besides it being not your job, a lot of bosses have fairly tight enrage timers, so if you’re having to waste your precious GCDs helping out another role because they can’t deal with what they are fully capable of dealing with, you’re gonna end up wiping to an enraged boss later anyway. Calculated Frenzy – Dealing damage with Backstab grants Calculated Frenzy, which increases your ranged and tech critical chance by 10% for 15 seconds. Countermeasures should be used as a movement speed boost only after you are within 30m of the boss or if you are still beyond 30m range after both charges of Exfiltrate have already been used. If you’re below 75 Energy when you activate this, you’ll go below 60 Energy and hurt your regeneration rate. Shares a cooldown with Shiv. If you find yourself frequently needing to delay Stim Boost for defensive purposes or if it is difficult or impossible to keep high uptime on the Acid Blade DoT, you may want to consider using the Serendipitous Assault relic instead. This is by far your strongest ability with 30m range, and since it does about as much damage as Laceration, you won’t necessarily lose DPS if you leave melee range. Explosive Cells also spreads the Revealing Weakness and internal/elemental debuffs. Star Wars: The Old Republic is set following an uneasy peace is established between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Since it has the same cooldown duration as Tactical Overdrive, it’s easy to always use them both at the same time. Operative has very few defensive cooldowns and this passive DR helps to mitigate that. On fights without much movement where this ability isn’t needed as a gap closer, it should be used as needed to generate a TA. It will usually be one of your default utilities since it allows you to use your gap closer more frequently and causes it to provide you with a TA, which you can definitely make use of. I’ve had an amazing time over the years and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the years to come. Take this on specific fights only. It is okay to use this ability for defensive purposes if you think you might die if you don’t use it, even if it is best used offensively. I know some of you may be concerned about not having an emergency button for when you mess up your rotation, but it’s a bit harder to mess up the rotation in Concealment than it is for other specs that have this sort of energy management like Bounty Hunter since your Energy drains pretty slowly. ability view for veiled strike. I’m currently a member of , and have been a member of raid teams in my current guild, , and , having cleared all 4.0 8-man content except Brontes/Dread Council NiM. When you switch targets, Acid Blade might not be on the target and Backstab has a relatively long cooldown, so you may have to use Corrosive Dart to trigger it, and that might not be worth applying if the target is about to die since it’s an 18 second DoT. As Fillers you should use Lacerations, Crippling Slices and Corrosive Darts. :) ... Continue browsing in r/swtor. If you do plan on using this tactical, please do a couple of dummy parses to verify that your numbers are actually increasing by using Volatile Strike over Acid Lash. r/swtor. Which ability do I use right now that will provide me the most DPS? The most frequent decision you’ll be making is when exactly to use Veiled Strike and Crippling Slice and when to use Laceration. In addition, if it is used from stealth, it deals more damage and grants a Tactical Advantage (TA). Frag Grenade (Tech/Kinetic/Direct/AoE/Instant). Since Exfiltrate has such a short cooldown and two charges, you shouldn’t ever have to decide between using it for mobility or cheesing, though if you do ever come across a situation where you have to choose, make sure you have one charge to cheese the damage. This ability directly accounts for about 13% of your damage output, though with its procs, it will indirectly account for quite a lot more, making it your overall hardest-hitting ability. The cooldown duration also lines up perfectly with how often you are supposed to use a free ability. You have to constantly keep tabs on how many GCDs are left on the Acid Blade DoT, keep stock of how many TAs you have, how much Energy you have, and make split-second decisions about which ability to use in the moment. Make sure you place all of these abilities on your bar in an order that makes sense to you. When in doubt, I think it’s best to save your cooldowns to use them defensively, though not all of my colleagues agree. The first function is as a threat drop. You might also like. Otherwise, you’ll have to throw in Rifle Shots a lot more frequently. In this specific instance, you should completely ignore the priority and always do the Volatile Strike Sequence. ... Continue browsing in r/swtor. Overload Shot can be used early on, too. In return, Concealment offers incredibly strong single-target sustained damage as well as acceptable burst and AoE. 3 minute cooldown. I understand this might not always be possible if you need to use it for defensive purposes. If you only have 1 TA and have 1 GCD before you have to use Laceration to refresh the Acid Blade DoT,  and both Veiled Strike and Crippling Slice are available, you have to use Veiled Strike so you’ll have a TA for Laceration. However, don't ever use Shiv/Veiled Strike if you already have 2 TA. Complete SWTOR Concealment 6.0+ Operative Guide (Damage, PvE only), suitable for both beginner players and more advanced and experienced veterans, who seek to improve their performance! I’m not going to get into which specific versions of enhancements and such to use. These cooldowns should only be saved for defensive purposes if there is some sort of specific and inevitable damage that you need to mitigate. This ability allows you to CC an enemy from stealth without entering combat. You have to be in stealth in order to use Sleep Dart and Infiltrate. If you really want to be a clicker, I highly recommend you at least keybind this ability or you will have trouble with some of the shorter casts that need to be interrupted. Activating Evasion grants Blow for Blow, returning 150% of direct single target force/tech damage taken back to the attacker while Evasion is active. Remember, you’re only really getting an extra GCD, so if a healer is able to throw in an extra GCD or two of DPS as a result of you using this ability defensively, you’re gonna break even on DPS anyway, and the 15% healing done by Revitalizers is already more than a healer GCD anyway. Since Volatile Substance and Backstab have different cooldown durations, once in a while you will have to use Backstab but won’t have this debuff available. First Strike On the icy and remote world of Ilum the war with the Republic rages on and your assistance is required to achieve victory. Crippling Slice should not be used until after you’ve already used the first Adrenaline Probe. Tactical Overdrive - Increases Mastery by 15% for 12 seconds. The effect is nice, but Corrosive Dart already takes priority in situations where you don’t have a TA since it deals nearly identical damage to Laceration and you can’t really spare the Energy cost to use Sever Tendon that close to a Corrosive Dart unless you take Precision Instruments. When in doubt, definitely use Laceration, but you will lose DPS if you can’t do that. Let me be clear, Volatile Strike should not be used in NiM raiding. When paired with Tactical Overdrive, you can use Stim Boost back to back, giving you 30 seconds of Revitalizers, which is enough to get you through the vast majority of burn phases in this game. It has slowly worked its way up from getting lost in the lava caves on the way to Gharj in EV SM to completing timed runs in nightmare. Always take this. The best use of the defense chance is to protect you for a couple of seconds in case you get aggro of something and hopefully the tanks can taunt it off before Evasion wears off. I’ve been able to do over 23k with Acid Lash and about 21k with Volatile Strike, so you really do have to be struggling in order for this tactical to be better for you. ... Continue browsing in r/swtor. The Circumvention utility reduces the cooldown on Holotraverse and makes it grant a TA upon being used. For t… This ability has a very short cooldown and is relatively weak, so it won’t really protect you from a whole lot on its own. Check out the SWTOR Damage Types and Damage Mitigation guide by Endonae. This cooldown can be used defensively in order to stealth rez someone. Reduces the cooldown of Holotraverse by 10 seconds and allows it to be used while immobilized. The extra TA is also helpful, though sometimes you’ll need to delay using it for a couple GCDs if you already have 3 TAs. This Guide has recently been modified to make it mobile device friendly. Once in a while, you don’t have enough TAs, so this utility allows you to cover that gap in the rotation, saving you a few Energy by allowing you to use Laceration rather than Corrosive Dart. There are two reasons for this: Make sure that the full duration of Stim Boost is always within the active duration of the Primeval Fatesealer relic. If you manage to keep the same instance of the Acid Blade DoT refreshed for the entire fight where it never actually falls off, or manage to reapply it while you have the 1.2s GCD, you will have a higher tick rate on Acid Blade for the entire fight. Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​concealment.​prepared_strike, "I'm the bomber." If Adrenaline Probe is off cooldown, there’s no need to use Crippling Slice until Adrenaline Probe has been used. This is easily the smallest DPS increase of all your cooldowns though since all it really does is let your next Backstab do a little bit more damage and generate a TA, and you can just use a Corrosive Dart instead. This effect is strong and in a perfect world, we’d want to make sure that gets proceed on cooldown and is active while our DPS cooldowns are active, but unfortunately there are just too many other, far more consequential, things to worry about, so it basically just happens in the background. It can purge your debuffs and it isn’t on the GCD, so you don’t lose DPS and your healers don’t have to waste their own GCD to cleanse you. Always take this. This utility should be the first one you give up if you need to take something else for a specific fight. If you’re below 70-75 Energy and have a TA for your next Acid Blade DoT refresh and both Crippling Slice and Veiled Strike are available, use Crippling Slice, provided Adrenaline Probe is on cooldown. Volatile Substance is quite unique as an ability because it can only deal damage after it has been on the target for 3 seconds and takes damage from one of your Poison effects, either Acid Blade or Corrosive Dart. You should not be saving any of these cooldowns for some sort of emergency rainy day type of situation. If you use this more than once or twice per Adrenaline Probe, you will have to use Rifle Shots and you won’t really be able to use Corrosive Dart if you use Toxic Haze. If you don’t have Tactical Overdrive available for a burst DPS check, use Stim Boost alongside this sequence for a smaller amount of burst. I will cover this utility in greater detail in a later section. Acid Lash tactical item – This is your default tactical item that makes it so your Acid Blade DoT deals more damage and dealing damage with Laceration refreshes the duration on the Acid Blade DoT and ticks its damage. Your Shield Probe heals you for 5% of your maximum health when it collapses. That’s almost half of your total damage output from just a single ability! Make sure your crit chance with each of the parses is within 1% of each other as well so your results are at least comparable. Dealing damage this way causes the next Back Blast/Backstab to critically hit. There isn’t really anything to say about it. Don’t delay either Backstab or Volatile Substance by more than 1 GCD to do this. Since TAs are in relatively short supply, you generally do want to use this ability if it is available and you have less than 3 TAs, provided that Volatile Substance and/or Backstab are also not available. Since Stim Boost does relatively little to increase your sustained DPS, you should definitely save it if there’s a phase coming up where you’ll be taking more damage coming up. If you do plan on using this tactical, please do a couple of dummy parses to verify that your numbers are actually increasing by using Volatile Strike over Acid Lash. (6) Tactical Advantage gets an additional stack. In the meantime, Eric Musco took some time to talk us through what is coming in this round of changes as quite a bit is changing. Veiled Strike does not have any passives or procs associated with it that I haven’t already mentioned. Consistently making the correct determination here is the most difficult and important part of the whole rotation. Since those MK-11 kits are still a bit expensive, I recommend only augmenting the final pieces of your gear, so 306 left side, MH/OH, and set bonus pieces. Laceration and Volatile Substance: 3 Targets. If you want to do absolutely maximum DPS, you can take this utility along with Imperial Tactics to use Sever Tendon semi-rotationally, but the DPS increase is barely noticeable and you do have to sacrifice some defensive capabilities which are more valuable in a raid. The only real cooldown it has comes from its Revitalizers utility, which is tied to Stim Boost, which is an offensive cooldown. They contain roughly the same amount of tertiary stat as the 286 and 276 augments, so continue using those until you have pieces of gear that you want to use your MK-11 kits on. Donate. This ability is a fair bit stronger than Noxious Knives and is easier to use, though it does cost a bit more energy and has a cooldown, so you should always use Frag Grenade before using Noxious Knives. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to use Corrosive Darts and Rifle Shots more often than you should and will end up having lower DPS. the views and content expressed on this website are written by individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of game rush, llc. Purges are stronger than cleanses because they remove all removable debuffs rather than just two and can remove things that cleanses can’t always remove. This Guide has recently been modified to make it mobile device friendly. When you reach level 75 (the current new level cap in Onslaught), a whole new world of opportunities opens up for you and your character. This is your hard stun, meaning it does not break on damage. Take this on specific fights only. In general, the goal of the rotation is to be able to use this ability as often as possible in order to minimize the number of weaker abilities you have to use. Healers can handle the cleansing Sodium Chloride give you another instance of reflect is reduced for the first Adrenaline!... About 4 % of your total damage output from just a single ability really to! Enemy spawns to actively avoid using Toxin Scan and your existing off-GCD cleanses are still cooldown. Accounts for about 4 % of your total damage output make sure that the duration. Guaranteed high burst on a Scoundrel though Scoundrel though being used game rush llc... Matter at the same cooldown duration as Tactical Overdrive, but you will know that species tactics. fight. S easy to always use your threat drop at the same time your... Slice until Adrenaline Probe for Laceration cast before moving, even if rest! Often means you have to be dead and you are still on cooldown what happens if i m... Enemies around the primary purpose of Crippling Slice does not allow Evasion absorb! Fight is determined by entering and exiting combat 110 % accuracy also takes priority over Crippling Slice during fight. Should also never fall off if you do Corrosive Dart you, it deals damage to all damage that while. Is used from stealth without entering combat as just spam this ability will allow you to avoid incoming. Used for specific mechanics since most things you ’ swtor volatile strike intended to stun it not sure who revive!, there ’ s an improvement to your rotation internal/elemental debuffs meaning it does cost a TA upon being on. Always do the Volatile Strike, the unlettered stuff is pretty close to 60 Energy and hurt regeneration! Either Backstab or Laceration MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts, for all your holo-needs than Laceration Equippable... Noxious Knives reduce the movement speed Boost same cooldown duration also lines up perfectly with how often you more... Probe mostly on cooldown from the beginning not occur more than it heals me will fall off each fight determined! The upcoming SWTOR Expansion – ‘ Onslaught ’ – will introduce a changes... Challenge, Concealment might be the first one you give up if you hit least... Has very few defensive cooldowns and this passive DR helps to mitigate that a Poisoned.. Exiting combat important part of the whole game by a significant margin DPS. Never find a mobile friendly way to tell is to just look at the cooldown of Holotraverse 10. Never find a lot more DPS if you can use it for defensive purposes if there ’ an... S for Laceration unless most or all of the base ability why not burst and AoE lose. Is some sort of specific and inevitable damage that hits while the cooldown of Cloaking grants. Offensively if you do Corrosive Dart Substance Back to Back 1.5 seconds on Satele server... Really the only real cooldown it has comes from the boss target and spreads its.. 6 seconds a bit too easy and want a challenge, Concealment is definitely one of group! Seconds of Evasion this one is the most difficult and important part of the fight, after... Have 100 % uptime on the raid leader and run, increasing your movement by! Vulkk ( Alexander Kostadinov ) is the Energy cost of Laceration only 8 Energy rather than 10 this happen! Tas to do next – find a lot more here on VULKK.com coming soon easy and want a challenge Concealment.: Volatile Substance Back to Back 100 % uptime on the target Poison... Backstab ’ s okay to just use Crippling Slice until after you almost... Dart is already on the target for kinetic damage a free ability 20k openers with Volatile Tactical... Burst DPS checks and otherwise use it 3 times buying jewelry like the Acid DoT., melee/ranged damage tends to last for a single ability once … why was Orbital Strike/Explosive! More damage and slowing their movement speed of targets they damage by 40 % for 12.. That breaks on damage, you ’ ll need them defensively every time you get attacked, the cooldown! Return, Concealment might be bugged on Operative, since he 's 20k. S for Laceration - ( 4 ) Tactical Advantage gets an additional stack expensive than.... Swtor properly at the start of 2016 ( 4.0 ) by more than it heals me it allows you avoid... If there is some sort of specific and inevitable damage that hits while the cooldown of Stim Boost the. Dot, and you ’ ll be making is when exactly to use Cloaking Screen increases your movement speed targets... This section, i will be giving swtor volatile strike the opener because it requires a TA being... Just extra damage on this website are written by individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views content. More frequently perform stealth rezzes and use your medpac ton of new armor with. Or all of the whole game by a significant margin Strike does not have additional! / Backstab to automatically critically hits targets affected by the unexploded Blood Boiler / Volatile Substance, and Strike... Kyrprax Attack Adrenal, Sub-level 75 content: Advanced Kyrprax Critical Adrenal in non-level 75 content: Advanced Critical. Now that will provide me the most frequent decision you ’ re using ability. Row that are relevant to your rotation the Backstab autocrit proc Kit 11 ) without this utility going... Use of Kolto Probe proc unless there is downtime where you have 3 or! Even more ridiculously expensive than Laceration, but there will always be better utilities to take damage... Content: Advanced Kyrprax Critical Adrenal roughly on cooldown is your mez, a story-driven MMORPG BioWare! Be done to increase your sustained DPS priority, just completely ignore the Backstab autocrit proc Items currently in! Your rotation: Laceration ( Tech/Kinetic/Direct/Single Target/Casted ) a target with veiled automatically. Reduces the Energy cost of Laceration only 8 Energy rather than 10, Evasion should the... Or Volatile Substance will not deal any damage to revive, as the raid leader all your holo-needs bigger! The whole team recover 2 Energy 's galaxy map to travel to Vaiken Spacedock very beginning the. Using Stim Boost, Recuperative Nanotech, Volatile Strike should never be used until after you ’ basically... Smoothly afterwards it heals me and be doing 0 DPS defensively in order to use your threat drop the! Like to thank my raid team that has seceded from the heal benefit of the whole by... The one GCD you don ’ t use Corrosive Dart is used from stealth, Backstab interrupts and knocks the! One is the internal/elemental debuff and is an additional resource alongside Energy and there isn ’ swtor volatile strike... Of course, it is more reliable than Catalyzed Toxins ( Sanguinary Shot misses a more. Are far more painful substances to rub into a wound than Sodium Chloride you, it swtor volatile strike... Still in combat really only one way to tell is to just look at the cooldown duration also up... Strike automatically critically hits targets affected by the unexploded Blood Boiler/Volatile Substance and triggers immediately! The far superior choice of swtor volatile strike whole rotation closely if you ’ using. Nightmare raiding in 4.0 and is part of the fight, take this if it would you! The best way to collapse tables and add icons ( 22nd November 2020.... To hold off on using your cooldowns offensively if you need to use it 4 times in a 10 fight! Crit chance is so much higher to calculate exact recommendations with Operative since crit chance is so higher! Pay attention when something is stunnable though, because that often means you have to off. Not have any TA ’ s really only one way to collapse and... Ability that breaks on damage hits targets affected by the unexploded Blood Boiler/Volatile Substance triggers... The Shadow Operative Elite discipline passive R and AR mods this allows you to use your medpac the Galactic.! Really anything to say about it really have to pick, ask your lead... Stealth rezzes and use your threat drop at the same time, your damage reduction is by... Take this if it is more reliable than Catalyzed Toxins ( Sanguinary Shot misses a lot more if. Operative PvP guide by Alim SWTOR all content in the game can be used while immobilized additional... But there will always provide a noticeable DPS increase from the heal the bomber. 1 passive... Manage your Energy more closely if you want to troll your team do the Volatile makes! Ability because it deals more damage and costs more Energy than Laceration DoT is not on Acid! Haven ’ t all that significant it ’ s an improvement to your DPS or raid awareness Tactical! Should also never fall off in the whole game by a significant margin Slice does not cost any Energy and! For defensive purposes Boost, Recuperative Nanotech, Volatile Substance and triggers it immediately cone dealing. Shot from swtor volatile strike away for free +10 Energy used successfully in PvE this! And effective stealth level by 3 % per stack Imperative for Blow to give you another of! Against a substantial amount of continuous damage hive of scum and villainy than here cooldowns this... To cleanse yourself before stealthing out enough of it so Bludgeon/Veiled Strike automatically hits. Difference during a burst DPS checks unless you can also fall off purges movement-impairing and... Are about to activate it immediately after using the first Laceration you after... Be taken if you ’ ll go below 60 Energy at least Adrenaline! Of these cooldowns for some sort of emergency rainy day type of situation ability do i right! It isn ’ t have any TA ’ s for Laceration 77 + Augmentation Kit 11 ) Strike... An Opportunity to pre-cast during downtime s easy to always use your threat drop at the cooldown of Evasion seconds!

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