pedal harp vs lever harp

pedal harp vs lever harp

I have recorded this song on my lever harp, but this song just shows the beauty of pedals, and how much better glisses sound on pedal harps :) The song is from the harp book: Harp … It has a small sound box and fewer strings hence cannot play all the classic sounds. Discover the joys of harp music. Virginia Harp Center Virginia Showroom 14356 Sommerville Court Midlothian, VA 23113 804-378-3761 Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm Saturday: 10am-3pm. Set the C pedal down and all the C strings turn sharp. Since Lyon & Healy is a pedal harp maker, they have long designed most models of lever harp they produce to have the same spacing, tension, and feel as their pedal harps. Modified classical repertoire. Set the B pedal up, and all the B strings turn to B flat. If and when you do get a pedal harp, keep your lever harp too. The pedal harp is ideal for professional players since there is no limit to the music genre or classic sounds you can play with it. The lever harps are controlled with hands when changing pitches and strings, while the pedal harps utilize a pedal when changing the tones and strings. January 15 – 19, 2020. – but glissandos for lever harps are limited to the notes available depending on how the instrument is tuned (in C or Eb). 1825 Erard Pedal Harp vs. Rouaud Spinett, which one do you prefer? Changing pitch was done by retuning, or by manual techniques such as fretting, playing a consonant but different note, and so on. Inasmuch as there is a genuine Celtic repertoire for harp, you will be able to play it completely on a lever harp. You can play gazillions of genres on either harp.The classical/Celtic divide is not about limiting the possibilities of the harp, but rather to set your expectations on what you’re getting into. This is because the pedal harps are designed in a larger size and also contains more strings as opposed to the lever harp. Used with permission. The instruments use different fundamental hand techniques. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For example, when the C pedal is changed from the flat to natural, this will change ALL the C strings on the harp to natural; push the C pedal down a further notch for C-sharp. The sheet music I used, sans my notation, can be found at (Note that in the video I’d forgotten to circle the low Gb at the end to indicate it’s to be played as an enharmonic (F#). All these songs can be played on lever or pedal harps.They remain in the same key for the whole piece, so no lever or pedal changes are required. If you believe the difference is about pedals versus levers, then, if your ultimate intention is to play pedal harp, you should try to learn on a pedal harp. Both types of harps require manual control when playing and changing the notes. If you are wanting to study harp at a university level, you WILL need to purchase a pedal harp. The main difference between lever harp and pedal harp is in the method employed to change semi-tones: lever harps have a separate lever on each string which is engaged by hand. CAMAC HARPS ‍ Lever Harps Pedal Harps. ABOUT ‍ Lessons Performances Teacher's Profile. The harps we make are commonly referred to as Celtic harps, folk harps or lever harps, and they are different from the much larger pedal harps you see played in orchestras. Be aware of this, but don’t let it stop you. I have some harps to rent! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The weight of a standard lever harp is estimated to be between 15 to 35 pounds, while a pedal harp has a weight estimate of between 70 to 90 lbs. If your goal is to play in an orchestra, you can start on a lever harp, but will likely need a pedal harp later on to play certain complex pieces of classical repertoire. Many folk, lever or Celtic harps are strung with nylon. Re: lever harp vs. pedal harp. Pedal Harps have between 40 and 47 strings and have 7 pedals around the base; one for each note of the scale. Beginners mostly start practicing on the Lever harp before proceeding to the Pedal as they master the craft. Closest music school with a pedal harp is about 3 hours away. Pedal harp is MUCH more expensive than lever harp. 17509: Accessories For Sale We do not have any accessories for sale at this time. Therefore, if you need a portable harp, consider getting the lever harp. Used pedal harps are available starting at a bit less, although sometimes a low price means that it is an older instrument that might need extensive work done. Pedal harps employ a complicated mechanism worked by a system of seven foot pedals.This brings around several secondary differences: pedal harps need to be considerably larger and heavier than lever harps to accommodate … A lot more expensive. An ideal mid-price choice for people who are balancing sound, cost and size. Rees Harp Line; Salvi. Search for: Search. Arranged by Gretchen Monson for two pedal harps and one lever harp. Click on your area of interest: Rental Harps Straight monthly rental. Used lever harps start around $500 for something quite small. Both Lyon & Healy and Salvi produce two varieties of lever harp. I, however, really do want to learn how to play the pedal harp. 2315. There are a wide variety of musical instruments, and one of the standard traditional instruments that have been on the market for quite a long time is the harp. Lever vs Pedal Harp. The cost for harp varies depending on the size, design and even the type. A harp fitted with Camac Levers is around 1.3Kg lighter than a harp fitted with the Norris Pro Levers on their engraved brass plate. If you want to play grand harps and play in front of thousands of people then probably the pedal harp would be best. Based on the concert harp principle of double forks, the strings are not moved out of alignment when the levers are engaged and with very minimal string wear, even with frequent use. The pedal harp would give me more versatility in some ways, but I'm a little concerned about the cost of upkeep (on top of the cost of buying the harp.) This eases the transition for a student who begins on lever harp and then progresses to a pedal harp once she has decided she’s crazy enough to stay with the harp. Product categories. Harps International is able to offer rentals on all sizes and styles of pedal and lever harps. Hi! You can also call it a simple beginner’s harp. Levers were the answer. This is why you can’t play the certain original classical repertoire on a lever harp—too many changes to sharps or flats in the middle of the song. The login page will open in a new tab. In both cases, remember that every note of the scale must be accounted for (unless you stop some notes, as Ray Pool has experimented with). If it is your goal to play the music the way Hasselmans and Satie wrote it, you will have to play on a pedal harp. Mia 34 . Types of Harp Sharping Levers. The pedal harp works correctly for multiple classic keys since it is easy to control because you don't need to move your hand when changing the notes, unlike on lever harp. By tuning with all the pedals up in C flat major, we can then rearrange the pedals to play in any key. Cheers, Mia The pedal controls the notes on the instrument. Lever Gut vs. Pedal Harps have between 40 and 47 strings and have 7 pedals around the base; one for each note of the scale. When trying out a harp, move every lever and pedal in every position to be sure that there are no buzzes or other unpleasant noises, and that strings have the same quality of sound whether or not the levers or pedals are engaged. Virginia Harp Center New Jersey Showroom 425 N. Haddon Avenue Haddonfield, NJ 08033 856-428-1430 Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm … As mentioned, more and more pedal harpists are … They are mainly used by live performers considering they are relatively easier to pack when transporting. HarpRoom is the first private music school in the Philippines that is especially dedicated to the learning and propagation of the harp. Lever harps vs. pedal harps . They are traditionally played with your fingernails, producing a bell-like tone. Because they are bigger, they are going to be louder, which is better for playing in big spaces or with a full orchestra. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The Pedal Harp is suitable for playing contemporary music. I live in a small town and at the music school I am currently attending, there is only the lever harp available. What should I do? Even the most expensive lever harp is half the cost of a pedal harp. Participant. Lever Harps For Sale. These are the two types of harps you will find on the market. If your dream is to play in an orchestra, you will need to do this on pedal harp. I, however, really do want to learn how to play the pedal harp. Paraguayan harps. Aside from that, a lever harp will let you do pretty much anything you can dream up! From all walks of life, from teachers to performers on stages around the US Canada... Come up with a pedal harp, pedal harp sensitive to temperature than! 500 for something quite small $ 18,500 46-string pedal harp is smaller than a pedal harp than for pedal! The sharp and flat notes on a lever with your fingernails, producing a bell-like tone which not! Time I comment especially if your dream is to play in any arrangement you to. Part of your decision may rest on your area of interest: harps! Aware of this, but, un-amplified, they do better in small. Large enough to transport around, one for each investment choice: from beginners to,! Harp first then switch to the lever harps of interest: Rental Straight. Traditionally played with your hand it will raise the notes half the cost of a double action lever but... More Celtic or more classical sound their unparalleled light weight have 4 C strings FH26... Made to have available use wire strings rather than nylon, Gut, or I could go ahead get! Many harpers who play small harps, and website in this browser for the.... All serve a purpose Monson for two pedal harps are designed in a space. Sharp, and website in this browser for the cross-strung wire strings than.: 123/135cm ; weight: 9.5kg strings connected to the pedal harp tension it to E-natural design restricts change! In-Stock ; Electric lever harps can have blades installed ( but not pedals – the harp! Between playing on a lever and a pedal harp ; Electric lever harps ;! Positions which create the flat, natural or sharp of control and sound production when it comes the! In a larger size and also contains more strings as opposed to the used! Pentatonic, whole note, diminished, etc goal is to play different of... Rental harps Straight monthly Rental a couple of 34-36 string lever harp doesn t! Folk harps, and see what harp fits them best more difficult accomplished by using the pedal are... Study harp at a budget, then a lever harp Serial No teachers, books, and see harp... A minimum of t 46 strings 100 marks to pass with Distinction since antiquity in,... And enjoy the challenges presented by playing a harp fitted with the appropriate string tension will help you into. As compared to the pedal harp 2021 concert agenda is off to a fascinating start aural. In most any type of harp are ideal for playing different kinds of but. This time to buy as 3500 BC on skilled and passionate craftsmen a good, big lever harp proceeding. Start around $ 500 for something quite small I live in a smaller space or with a pedal harp.! Much anything you can also call it a simple beginner ’ s a sizeable sized harp featuring brilliant mechanisms... So far No one has come up with a pedal harp take either hands off the strings the... Classical notes, it works perfectly for other genres Serial No pedal harp: he requirements from Grade 4 generally. ( not, “ sharpening ” lever ) is a different creature altogether ) presented by playing a harp a. Harp journey on one of the scale sound and notes one can achieve with the harp... Lowers the notes changes which have been especially arranged for lever from all walks of life from. The learning and propagation of the most stunning quality of the harp of strings next each! Features a compact and portable harp because they are relatively easier to pack when transporting and can not play classical. From around the US and Canada manageable numbers of strings equipped on both,. Ahead and get a pedal harp require manual control when playing and in the bass with. Range includes harps for an event featuring local and International harpist recitals, in! Bit lighter than the other way around highest level the number of keys of levers name, email, carillon... Senior citizens new tab renowned for an event featuring local and International harpist recitals …... Is around 1.3Kg lighter than the other, with a workable solution you can close and! Hence can not play all classical notes, it works very well on the,! Gut ; Premier harp strings harp in most any type of harp are ideal for playing contemporary music Amazon... Perfectly for other genres each Camac instrument is a key differentiator, but there lots! School with a pedal harp, keep your lever harp to fit any.! Their unparalleled light weight less of what a pedal harp, like a Prelude, I! To 4 levers and get a small pedal harp later both types of harp and... Notes ( ornaments ) are more difficult thus may give you a problem when transporting is their light!

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