nova energy documentary

nova energy documentary

But here, if the new Secretary of Energy's intentions are any guide to his actions, California can look to the federal government for help. NARRATOR: Cars are politically sensitive territory, so, here, Schwarzenegger is talking the language of caution. Darrin joined Nova Energy in 2012 and has come full circle from where he began his career work on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange back in 1987. Achieving efficiencies in homes and buildings seems more attainable, but only with huge up-front costs and subsidies. But when electricity comes from burning fossil fuels like coal, carbon dioxide is the inevitable byproduct. NARRATOR: Clearly renewables could bring growth and jobs to California, but both the technological and financial challenges are very real. I guarantee you they've got old refrigeration that's using way too much energy. Also, hear more from the governor, a scientist and a skeptic. NARRATOR: But to hit the governor's 2020 targets for emissions reductions, most people will not have to go to these extremes. These targets, most scientists say, must be met by the entire world, to avoid the worst effects of global warming. Of all the AB 32 initiatives, reducing CO 2 emissions from cars presents the greatest challenge and, perhaps, the greatest opportunity. And they'll continue to generate electricity for, you know, 25 to 30 years. There is no doubt about it. We need, we need to see it right away. So you can talk to a local person when you need to talk to Nova. This Lab investigates what energy is, how it can be converted into useful forms, and why some sources are running low. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. So even if you wanted to build nuclear, you're going to have to change the law. Nova keep things straightforward and easy to understand, and their team is based right here in New Zealand. Greenhouse gas emissions are, at this point in time, a fairly theoretical problem. Mass transit accounts for less than one percent of his emissions cuts. We've got to re-educate people and got to slowly move them in the other direction. Coal can be burnt to release energy when you need it, but what do you do if the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow? ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: Let's work together with the think tanks, with the universities, with the scientists and everyone. NARRATOR: California: 38 million people live here; it's the most populated state and the eighth largest economy on the planet. He's never seen it this difficult. It's just in our heritage, wanting a big car. STEVEN CHU: When people say that the price of energy would go up, is that possible? And this laboratory became a premier institution for energy efficiency in the mid-'70s and beyond. Bill Nye, I don't think has dimmable compact fluorescents. There are issues. National corporate funding for NOVA is provided by Draper. NARRATOR: Wind turbines work by rotating a shaft just behind large blades. Hard as it is to swallow, cutting-edge theories are suggesting that our universe may not be the only universe. Whether you wish to produce electricity from solar energy generated from your new corporate building’s roof or you are thinking about such kind of installation when refurbishing the roof waterproofing or even if you are willing to give your roof on loan for such installations, well you can find tailor made solutions with Novaglass. Still, solving problems like energy storage and a new transmission infrastructure will require a vast investment of scientific capital. And yes, that's where the action is. It's all part of a philosophy that sees green technologies as good for the environment and for the economy, as well. I put another thousand watts, and then I put another thousand watts. But the bigger risk, I would say, is the risk of inaction in the face of climate change. BILL NYE: Now Begley's got a wind turbine! The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers. What's great about that is most Americans only drive 25 miles a day. I had been out of work for about three months, and I felt, at the time, I needed to get an edge and try to rejoin the workforce. A payback in 10 years, in 12 years, that's too long for a small business like ours. Cost. It is a risk. It's often cheaper to build big turbines here, than to ship them from overseas. But what about the people who can't even afford the minimum improvements? NARRATOR: G.M., Ford, Toyota and other manufacturers have all announced plans to produce these cars of the future. NARRATOR: His example has inspired his slightly competitive neighbor to embark on a similar path. NARRATOR: Chuck DeVore is working in the California legislature to overturn this ban. NARRATOR: And that's the issue. NARRATOR: It's a whole new way of keeping up with the Joneses. Nova Energy Co. is a corporation lessee based in Denver, Colorado for 2 oil and gas leases—1 is authorized and 1 is closed. It's like printing a newspaper, a very long newspaper. MYRA MALKIEWICZ (Wickline Bedding Company) : The state really hasn't talked to a lot of small business owners to find out what this is going to mean to us. Poverty and jobs are a big issue. I looked over there, I stopped my car, and I said, "I got to have this car.". They are the centerpiece of a vision of the future that really is revolutionary, a car that runs on the energy of the sun. If we want to get 20, 30 percent of our electricity generation from variable sources like wind or solar energy, we need to solve the energy storage problem. Nova Energy Drink L.L.C.-Optimize Your Day Responsibly: Nova Energy Drink is for adults 18 years or older. We can remove the first video in the list to add this one. NARRATOR: In the Tehachapi, Oak Creek Energy has installed the first of 1,500 new turbines that could replace the capacity of nine coal power plants, if certain problems can be solved. Major funding for NOVA is provided by the David H. Koch Fund for Science, the NOVA Science Trust, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and PBS viewers. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (Speaking to the United Nations): Action, action, action. CAROLYN COQUILLETTE: Basically, if you can do most of your trips within those short distances and you can recharge between trips, you might not have to use any gasoline at all; I mean indefinitely. MARLO LEWIS: Energy is the lifeblood of a modern economy, and electricity, in particular, is becoming more important, as we as we move further and further into the information age, the digital economy. We have incredible intellectual capital in the United States. So we were trying to be high tech, cutting edge and environmentally responsible. When it comes to the energy itself, we source our energy from Todd Energy and Todd Generation, who like Nova, are part of The Todd Corporation - another proudly Kiwi company. One of them was to help the environment, but the other is to save money. NOVA explores the pros and cons of California's bold approach, which calls for improvements in energy efficiency in homes and commercial buildings; increased reliance on renewable power sources, primarily solar and wind; and major upgrades in car mileage. NARRATOR: It took six years to get permission to link these new turbines to L.A., and the lines aren't even up yet. Nova Energy, Leeds. NARRATOR: Traditional solar panels are made from semi-conducting silicon cells. Innovations like these, ultimately, will reduce CO 2 emissions and costs. Nova Energy Drink L.L.C.-Optimize Your Day Responsibly: Nova Energy Drink is for adults 18 years or older. That's the genius of the green economy: it creates more opportunities than the pollution-based economy, not less, more economic opportunity. NARRATOR: The man they call "the governator," California's Arnold Schwarzenegger, is waging war. NARRATOR: By 2020, he hopes to get to 33 percent. And when they can't get it, it raises one alarming specter. At this rate of progress, it would be very difficult for the governor hit his target for renewables: 33 percent by 2020. Instead, it may be just one of an infinite number of worlds that make up the multiverse. 27 likes. It's operated from central control rooms, like this one in Rosemead, California. You just can't do it without that. RODNEY LEE: Starting rate for, maybe, a junior installer? NARRATOR: But whatever the solution, whatever the mix of nuclear, natural gas and renewables California winds up with, one thing is virtually certain, electricity will cost more than it does now. And 33 percent, one third, will come from cutting car emissions. 2 likes. It means the first 30, 40 miles of your drive can be on electricity. There's the ability and the space to invest in big projects. California is very car-intensive. The remainder will come from measures like CO 2 caps on big industry, and planting new forests to absorb carbon dioxide. We can remove the first show in the list to add this one. The dark area is the ink, or the semiconductor material, and on the back, here, the metal foil that we started with. NARRATOR: It is a compelling vision, a place where people drive plug-in cars powered by the sun and the wind, no emissions, everything clean. There are 12 million low-income people in the state of California. For individual Nova Energy reviews, scroll below. You've got, you know, crime, violence, a lot of economic desperation, you know. I mean, I get over 45 miles to the gallon, it's a great car. By 2050, he wants a further 80 percent reduction. Additional funding for "The Big Energy Gamble" is provided by the Delacour Family Foundation. WILLIE MAE PAYNE (Richmond, California Resident) : My energy bills are high. NARRATOR: Like a hybrid, the plug-in has a full-size gas tank. The cars charge up while employees are at work. CAL WORTHINGTON (The Worthington Dealership Group) : How about a used S.U.V.? FIREFIGHTER: I told you to get out. MARTIN ROSCHEISEN: This tool produces rolls that are one mile long, and we produce many rolls of those per day. Check with your doctor if you have any preexisting medical conditions, are pregnant, or are nursing. Ed Begley has an all-electric car that plugs in. As a result, these panels aren't as cheap as they could be. By 2020 he would need millions of hybrids on the road, or millions of plug-ins. Nova Energy Drink was established in 2019 when we saw the need for a better energy drink in the marketplace. How can we convert the Sun’s light and heat into energy we can use? NARRATOR: But she is caught in a classic poverty trap. DANIEL KAMMEN: The technologies have evolved dramatically. And we are making already $10 billion on green clean technology. And how it makes you feel is altogether something else. DANIEL KAMMEN: Cars are a problem. Historically, it's regulation, like the new auto emissions standards California is proposing, that will achieve real reductions. Bill Nye, well known as "the Science Guy," spends his free time greening his Studio City home in every way he can. These super-sized wind turbines were built in Iowa, by Clipper Windpower, a California-based company. Clearly, Nova is not simply an energy booster but a low-calorie functional energy drink, composed solely from certified organic ingredients without containing any added (coffee based) caffeine and refined sugars, nor artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It all runs on electrons. NARRATOR: Now, Rodney is helping train new recruits. NARRATOR: So great is the fear of the future for Jim and Myra, who have lived in California for decades, that they are contemplating leaving the state. The Big Energy Gamble Written and Produced by Larry Klein Consulting Producer Matthew Barrett Produced by Cass Sapir Edited by David Fairhead Nathan Hendrie Doug Quade Narrated by Jay O. Sanders Camera Bob Elfstrom Gordon Brown Michael Chin Joseph Friedman Tom Kaufman Peter Krajewski Sound Recordists Ray Day Jeff Adelman Doug Dunderdale Charlie Macarone Gabriel Monts Charles Rohr Paul Rusnak Gaffers Andrew Eckmann John South Jib Operator Joe Victoria Production Assistants Marshall Potter Brandon DePaolo Rich Enriquez Daniel Gorrell Austin Smoak Aerial Camera Operator Carston Bell Music John Dutton Tom Martin Michael Bacon Animation Sputnik Animation James LaPlante Online Editor and Colorist Michael H. Amundson Audio Mix Jim Sullivan Archival Material Angel City Air BBC Motion Gallery Clipper Windpower, Inc. Corbis FootageBank HD Getty Images ITN Archive REpower Systems AG, Germany UN Visual Library, Department of Public Information Special Thanks Doug Arent Marilyn Brown Ralph Cavanagh Ed Duggan Niki Fenwick Brett Guge Michael Honig Ed Kjaer Paul Klein Henry Lee Richard Newell Orchard Hotel, San Francisco Dan Reicher Gene Rodrigues David Roland-Holst Joseph Romm Arthur H. Rosenfeld Todd Schatzki Stephen Selkowitz Abbe Serphos Harley Shaiken David Thurm Bill Weihl Monet Zulpo-Dane NOVA Series Graphics yU + co. NOVA Theme Music Walter Werzowa John Luker Musikvergnuegen, Inc. Additional NOVA Theme Music Ray Loring Rob Morsberger Closed Captioning The Caption Center Publicity Carole McFall Eileen Campion Victoria Louie Karinna Sjo-Gaber Karen Laverty Marketing Steve Sears Researcher Kate Becker Senior Researcher Gaia Remerowski Production Coordinator Linda Callahan Paralegal Sarah Erlandson Talent Relations Scott Kardel, Esq. NARRATOR: But technology alone isn't enough. But first, we need you to sign in to PBS using one of the services below. Why use Nova Energy? Can you survive the bigger costs in gas, fuel, electricity? NARRATOR: There are more hybrids in California than any other state. But for solar to be a real player, dozens of plants like this will have to be built in California. It is made up of Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide, or CIGS, for short. Here's how solar can produce power plant levels of energy: called "solar thermal," huge tracts of mirrors focus the Sun's rays on tubes of moving oil, to make steam. Now it's more critical than ever to distinguish fact from fiction. I'm not saying build it, because I'm not running the state by myself. TOM AUSTIN (Sierra Research, Inc.) : Regulators tend to think of automobiles as an appliance. And this is their temple, the Luscious Garage of San Francisco. And the consensus is that if a new car buyer can't make back the increased cost for higher fuel economy in about three years, they're not interested. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: I knew that we should not just look at it as this little place and at only the things that we can contribute, but what power we have to push the country, the United States and the whole world forward. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: The Wall Street Journal said that we are experiencing a new gold rush in California because of technologies and companies exploding all over the state. Remember, the governor's aim is to make at least 15 percent of his emissions cuts by improving energy efficiency in private homes and commercial buildings. Still, they're sold out for the next three years, and there are many potential clients. NARRATOR: Triple-pane windows with insulating Low-E coatings, automatic shades, daylight simulation software, advanced passive cooling: new technology offers hope that California can meet its aggressive efficiency targets. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: We have to slowly change, because, when I came over to this country 40 years ago, this state was celebrating its freeways. VIJAY VAITHEESWARAN: The hybrid part is a no-brainer. The governor promises it can. Nova Energy, Perth, Western Australia. I predict that if we implement AB 32, over the next several years, as the increased energy costs kick in, you will begin to see job flight and capital flight from California. Today he's in Richmond, a low-income area between San Francisco and Sacramento. Check with your doctor if you have any preexisting medical conditions, are pregnant, or are nursing. But the only thing is, when it comes to building the transmission lines to get it on the grid, no." When burned, the carbon separates from the hydrogen and combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide. There is ways of going where we can revisit it. As a Kiwi business, we aim to be straightforward and easy to deal with, while looking after our customers like neighbours and friends - because they often are. To some people they are the most important possession in their life. It's gone across the board. ED BEGLEY: When I first tried solar electric photovoltaics in 1990, I put about a thousand watts on my roof and it worked very well, so I decided to try some more. Those leaky window frames cost her too much in lost heat. NARRATOR: To eliminate the risk of blackouts, as renewable energy increases beyond 20 percent, it will be necessary to come up with a cost-effective technology to store power.

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