music studio policies

music studio policies

My vision is for you to have a long and wonderful journey here, filled with music and love. 5 Tuesdays in a month), I may elect to take other professional engagements on one of those lesson days. If masks are required, the students should be advised of that beforehand in the written welcome back letter. The Administrative Department is available at to assist you with any questions you may have regarding studio policies, tuition fee schedule, billing, payment method, etc. Schedules: Lessons are held as scheduled by the student and teacher. Last Updated: December 31, 2019    Welcome to my piano studio. Studio Recitals. lessons for $50. Please see the Wunderkeys page for information about our preschool program. You may wish to consult a qualified attorney if you have questions about your use of music. These policies ensure that everyone is on the same page right from the start, and provide clear expectations that can ensure a relaxed, productive, and respectful relationship during lessons. ... A well-maintained and playable music instrument is required for learning the instrument. 4. Minimum enrollment is 5 to qualify for group rates. Studio Policies Purpose: Each of you has chosen to study an instrument privately. Public performance is critical in the development of each performer. However many of our classes fill up and we do have a limit on class numbers. Standard lesson time is 30 minutes. Studio Policies Admin 2020-08-16T02:02:38+00:00. Payments. No doubt the music industry of which recording studio business is a subset of is indeed a very large industry. Policies. The Piano School assignment book is a required purchase for each enrolled student. Classes; Teacher Biographies; Policies; Contact Us; Search for: Policies. You should also be respected in the classroom and have a sense of safety and security. Music Studio Serving Southeast Calgary. Sanitation. MYC Group Lessons Policies. * Students and parents will receive emails from time to time in order to communicate piano practice strategies, performance announcements as well as other insights that benefit students and parents with regard to playing and listening to music. In such cases, I will confirm my availability with you before requesting payment. Before you read the policies, please note this is a mutual agreement, as I respect your lesson time, vice versa. Kevin Thomas Music Studio is also offering online voice and piano lessons. Studio Policies. MUSIC BOOKS, SHEET MUSIC, MUSIC DOWNLOADS Parents are responsible for acquiring piano books, sheet music, or music downloads when requested, or for paying for invoiced purchases made by the teacher on behalf of the student promptly. ENROLLMENT/TUITION: A student is not enrolled until the initial tuition payment has been made. Dina Mirskaya Professional Affiliations Testimonials Music Lessons. 682-888-7639 (cell);; In only two short years, we have raised over $15,000 through this initiative to donate directly to local charities and programs in our city. Register Anytime! All students and parents will have the opportunity to read and sign a document pledging to keep these policies to the best of their abilities, before starting lessons. *Payment will be required at the start of each chart and will not be refunded should you overbook yourself or the student fail to meet their goal. Lesson Policies and FAQs. GALLERY. Studio Policies . RECITALS: Each semester will end with a recital in a location to be determined at that time. The art of music is a sacred trust, a bestowed gift from the ultimate musical creator, God himself. The music studio may also want to obtain a supply of disposable masks for students who forget to wear one. There are NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS available if less than 24-hours notice is given. Tonara App-Students will have their Tonara account to check their weekly assignments and to be accountable for home practice times. Studio Safety Procedures: masks for both parties, hand sanitizer before touching the piano, physical distance maintained, separate music for teacher/student, family stays in car, no physical adjusting of instrument position, ventilation/air circulation in teaching studio, regular sanitizing of … You know you’re from Kentucky when Mom and Dad m, Rita started clawhammer banjo lessons with me a ye, I’m offering 50% OFF the first month of online b, Proud to play in the commercial for @deeringbanjos, I’ve squinted my way on to the cover story of th. Home » Policies. Parents are encouraged to attend lessons and be present during the lesson. Dr. Michael Dean. Lesson Procedures: My Music Staff-Families in the studio are required to set up a free account with “My Music Staff” to access the calendar, scheduling and invoices. As the studio grows, different items may arise and need to be addressed in a new policy. Students are expected to study throughout the entire school year for optimal progress. ... outdoor music classes throughout the year, insurance and GST. On my website, under “Music Studio”, I also have many information links for voice health, places to purchase music, information on upcoming opportunities, rehearsal tracks, studio policies, student achievements, etc. The deposit will be applied to your session or refunded if … We take pride in encouraging students to reach their specific music goals, challenging them, and contributing to their future confidence. These policies ensure that everyone is on the same page right from the start, and provide clear expectations that can ensure a relaxed, productive, and respectful relationship during lessons. That’s right, you can join our programs anytime of year. Contact. Read them to them even if they know how. Studio Policies. If I am forced to cancel a billed lesson for any reason, the student may choose one of these options: Reschedule the the lesson within thirty (30) days, Credit the tuition of the cancelled lesson towards the following month’s invoice. Home Teacher. THE POLICY of ANNY HONG MUSIC STUDIO The world is changing ! SUMMER: June 1 to August 31. Consistency is the key to learning a musical instrument. Some beginners who are fast learners will take a 45 minute lesson. My lesson rate and lengths, for in person and online lessons, are: 30 min. Radayeva Music Studio Policy Student Name_____ This studio policy is a legal contract made between Radayeva Music Studio and the student on this date, for provision of private or group music lessons by the studio to the student. Read your student’s lesson notes (e-mail you will receive from me after each lesson), and be sure you and your student understand my notes clearly. In addition, even though the state may not require it, a music studio can certainly adopt the policy requiring facemasks to be worn by students and employees. Because I expect each student to follow these policies while a member of my studio, as the teacher, I will also abide by each of these policies. There are 20 lessons per Semester, with a recital at the end of each one – (see Studio Calendar). Studio Policies. Parental encouragement also plays an important role in the success of the student. Coyote Music Studio: 2615 N. Locust St, Denton, TX 76209 OBSERVING – Parents/caregivers may watch silently in the studio during lessons, sit at our picnic tables in the gardens, or even drop off for the lesson and return for pick-up. (Currently 2 per year, usually in September and March.) VALUES We are committed to providing unique performing opportunities that discover and develop every student’s potential through team collaboration. In the event of planned student or teacher absences resulting in fewer than 4 lessons in a month, I will prorate tuition. These policies do not apply off of the YouTube platform, and may differ if we believe that you've uploaded a full album or most of an album. Below you will find information about rates, cancellation policies, and payment requirements. oblige myself to be available for at least 4 lessons, or else pro-rate your tuition. General Lesson Policies Please be on time: I will always call online students to initiate the lesson. A 50% deposit is required to book your first session. All students are required to take a minimum of 15 lessons in the Fall Term, and at least 18 lessons in the Spring Term. I will establish an account online for each student at (September - June). LEWIS MUSIC STUDIO ----- STUDIO POLICY (revised 6/17) 625 Circle Drive Bryan, OH 43506-2231 PH: 419-519-2237 . Parents and students should check their email regularly for schedule changes … Our program runs in 4 terms similar to schools but our membership and monthly prices are calculated monthly. If the student wishes to be permanently removed from my studio schedule, notification is required prior to the next billing cycle (month). Tuition and Studio Policies. ... - a pencil to write in music with (You don't want to use pen!) . I reserve the right to add policies to this document as necessary. If paying for the full block is not financially viable, please reach out to discuss possible payment options. Lessons are 30 minutes. Home MY STORY STUDIO POLICIES LESSONS PERFORMANCE MUSIC BOOK NOW - STUDIO POLICIES - Students enroll by the month. We have made it easy for you! Melanie's Music Studio Subtitle Policies and Pricing. It is expected that practice charts will be filled in and followed each semester to help the teacher and student track progress and to help motivate the student. *Payment for piano accompaniment will be required up front and will not be refunded as the pianist still has put in practice time even if the student cannot attend. Studio Policies. TUITION AND BILLING. Tuition Payments. Students must notify of missed lessons at least 24-hours in advance. ... Nurturing and developing the artistic spirit and love for music making in each student while achieving the highest musical potential of each student requires comprehensive exposure to performance, critical listening, technique, improvisation, theory, ear training, and memorization. Remind your son/daughter of daily practice and help them to schedule this practice time in their daily routine. We do not collect Personal Information, and we employ administrative, physical and electronic measures designed to protect your Non-Personal Information from unauthorized access and use. Upon signing up for lessons, the student/parent will be asked to read the studio Policies & Procedures and sign/date the document. Welcome! The DBM Music Studio is open Monday through Friday. The studio will use this site in the administration of the studio. Register Anytime! Monthly Lessons consist of 3, 4, or 5 lessons in a month (due to holidays etc.) Usually, beginners take a 30 minute lesson. Please come to your … Continue reading Studio Policies Many small steps throughout the year yield big results. is now Gain Music Academy. Dr. Michael Dean Clarinet Studio Policies. There will be more information regarding the recitals (including time and place) as the dates near. These policies have evolved over time to solve or prevent problems, to ensure fairness to both the student and the teacher, and to run a business. lessons for $40 60 min. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the studio policy. 2019 Studio Policies. A $10 late fee will be assessed after the 10th of the month. Studio Policies. We take pride in our students and their progress and promise to provide you with the best music education this town has to offer. My hope is that you will feel excited to learn and create music. Studio Policies. Parking is available behind the studio … Studio Policy Dear Parents and Students, Music should be fun, relaxing and create a sense of accomplishment. Email is preferred. E-mail: Studio Policy Tuition. Drop in rates for a single lesson or lessons scheduled less frequently than once a week are as follows: I will always call online students to initiate the lesson. If the piece is not in the studio library, the student may be asked to purchase the music. Make-up lesson Policy. I, It has been amazing to see Gain Music Academy grow, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, $100 for 1.5 hours of College Audition Prep (Natalie Only). Studio Policies (Parent/Student/Teacher Expectations) We are a family owned and operated music studio. 5 Tuesdays in a month), I may elect to take other professional engagements on one of those lesson days. If this becomes a frequent necessity (e.g. This creates a profitable competitive spirit and camaraderie among the students in the studio. Voice Piano Recitals. Matt Burk Music Studio Policies. Students will be notified well in advance of recital dates. Studio Policy. * Studio website: Visit the website to find studio policies, schedule and more. There is a waiting area in the studio if you arrive early. There are usually refreshments and a coffee bar available for parents. so from February - December there is a monthly fee which includes everything! This policy is designed out of respect for each party’s personal schedule, including the student’s, my own, and that of all other students in my studio. The Mathews Music Studio has three studio recitals planned for 2018 on the following dates: May 6th, September 16th, and December 16th. *, It is expected that all studio recitals will be attended and participated in. Studio Policies Teachers Testimonials Contact me Policies. Those students not studying in the summer will risk their slot being taken by another student. Lesson Length & Payment. Studio Policy. I often arrange, print, or prepare musical materials for students’ specific interests. If tuition is not paid, I reserve the right to schedule someone else in that time slot and charge your account. 24 HOUR POLICY . You may then see your account balance and schedule. There is a 2-month trial period, so if y Note Worthy Music, LLC (dba Gain Music Academy) reserves the right to change and distribute the policies and procedures as often as needed. Please ask any questions you may have after reading it for clarification. This helps teach a musician to speak in front of an audience; how to carry themselves on a stage; how to interact with an accompanist; how to stay focused and composed under pressure; and how to perform a song; along with many other vital skills. CONTACT. 2. Jones Music Studio: Home About Investment Policies Apps Contact Private Violin & Piano Lessons Herriman, UT: My responsibility as a teacher is to teach your child the language of music. I can be contacted via voice or text messaged at 917-310-3691. Here are important payment and lesson policies to be followed. More advanced students may choose longer lessons. Studio Policies. I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE CURRENT STUDIO POLICY … MUSIC REGISTRATION AND AGREEMENT. All lessons are prepaid, with payment due no later than the first lesson of the selected lesson package. Like any professional Instrumental Music Lesson Studio in DFW, we maintain full transparency in our guidelines and expectations for students. Our dedication to you and your family is what sets us aside from any other music studio. Studio Policies. Individual weekly lessons in piano or voice are available in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour lengths. Payment Policy. You need to come to your lessons prepared, ready to learn, and willing to try new things! This policy statement comprises the business policies of my studio. I strive to make my classroom a place that both students and parents will look forward to coming to each week. 1. For individual lessons, tuition is due 24 hours BEFORE lesson time. SPICER MUSIC STUDIO 2017-2018 POLICIES (This is in effect September 1, 2017-August 30, 2018 or until there is a withdrawal form signed) Thank you for choosing me as your music teacher! Aloha Piano Studio, Piano Lesson Honolulu, Kaneohe and Kailua ... From the 2 studio-wide Piano Recitals per year the students have opportunities to share music at a Senior Home and the other one usually take place at … There is a … scroll down for updates from the studio. CONTACT DETAILS. * Jinkyung Moon studio policy.pdf. Taking lessons with the Anne Wood Music Studio indicates that you have read and agree with the policies as noted on this form.. Each lesson is $32 and each month is billed at $32 x number of calendar days in the month. Welcome to my voice studio. 30 Minute Lessons: $160/month ($40/lesson), 60 Minute Lessons: $240/month ($60/lesson), In instances where there are five lesson days in a month (e.g. It is very important to follow and respect our studio policy, please read this very carefully. Made a lil plug for @nationalguitars this weekend. ~ The Cultivate Music Studio Team. I am excited that you have chosen to pursue music as a path to perfect self-expression and joy.

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