how to pronounce chinese names

how to pronounce chinese names

If you use the incorrect tone, you could be saying an entirely different word! You may also review your classes and replay the video when students make their introductions so you can hear the correct pronunciation and tone. Boys: Hòng, Xù, Chén, Guàn, Tíng, Huī, Gāng, Hàn, Yì, Yàn, Wén, Jùn, Fán, Rán, Yŭ, Rui, Hán It is alveolo-palatal, meaning that it's produced by placing the body of the tongue against the front part of the hard palate. Over 360K Names. “Liu” is pronounced like Lee-Yoh but strung together very fast. When these consonants are followed by “i” such as zi, ci or qi, the vowel does not make its normal sound. 13:11 UK time, Wednesday, 14 May 2008 . CHAN BINGDE. To help, Amber gave several popular Chinese girls names and boys names during her meeting. How it works. * “e” in Chinese + the nasalized “~n” ending in English, * “a” in Chinese + the nasalized “~ng” ending in English, * “e” in Chinese + the nasalized “~ng” ending in English, * “o” or “u” in Chinese + “eng” in Chinese, “ü” in Chinese + the “e” in “egg” in English. Addressing others using both first and family name is the norm in Chinese society. It’s the beginning of a new course, and you’re very excited to meet your new students…until you see their names. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Finally, this guide will provide Romanization and audio files for 1) common Chinese surnames and 2) the names of faculty members and some graduate students of the Chinese program at SILC as examples since there are no common given names in Chinese. It’s helpful to remember that most Asian names are listed with the family name first. It is like the German umlaut. Here it sounds more like the “e” sound found in yes. –uas the 'u' in "flute" (American pronunciation) or 'oo' in "woo" (British) BUT after q, j, x and y, as a German umlauted u. The digital nomad lifestyle has allowed her to pursue the two things she loves: travel and education. How to Say: Chinese names. This basic guide will teach you how to correctly pronounce Mandarin Chinese. For example, Amber says “xu” sounds like “she” before rounding your lips to finish with the “oo” sound. Drop in your email address below and receive the latest news on teaching online. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our cookie policy. The vowels may pile together: ao, ai, iu, ou..., just read them one by one. Yesterday’s post had to do with Chinese baby names, and Chinese New Year is coming up this weekend, so I thought today would be the perfect day to talk about how to pronounce Chinese names.. But the allomorphic feature of tones is not usually marked in alphabetic Romanization of Chinese (called pinyin). They may be able to help break down the names phonetically or send the names with the accented syllables so you can practice before your classes. Yoyo Chinese, an online Chinese education platform, has a pronunciation chart with video and audio examples of every sound in Chinese. Yao Ming(姚明 Yáo Míng /yaowww ming/) is China's most famous basketball player. How to pronounce the Chinese name Liqun. Chinese names are written using the pinyin transliteration system, in which some letters of the alphabet have very different sounds to English. To serve as a helpful and quick aid to help non-Chinese speakers pronounce Chinese names, we have created a webpage that provides a simple guide to pronunciation. Chinese is not a phonetic language. 0 0. Free Online Tools. You are a unique individual. It is now widely used as an alphabetical replacement for Chinese characters outside of Chinese speaking regions, and is a common computer input system for typing Chinese. The tongue position is similar to the first sound in "yes" in English. This practice may be in part to help foreigners who have difficulties pronouncing Chinese names but is also a reflection of the Chinese tradition of having multiple names and nicknames. An occasional guide to the words and names in the news from Jo Kim of the BBC Pronunciation Unit. Learn how to pronounce Chinese words, names and phrases correctly with Chinese audio pronunciations contributed by native Chinese speakers. After reading it, you will find it very easy to accomplish that. Weird things about the name Chinese: The name spelled backwards is Esenihc. Instead, Amber says to make a zzz sound like a buzzing bee. The ü is an additional vowel sound found in Chinese. Most Chinese characters have a meaning that can be translated into English, but Chinese names are often not fully translatable. An occasional guide to the words and names in the news from Martha Figueroa-Clark of the BBC Pronunciation … But the allomorphic feature of tones is not usually marked in alphabetic Romanization of Chinese (called pinyin). However, the sound is the same. © 2021 ALO7 Online Tutoring. Place the tip of your tongue behind your lower teeth and raise the middle of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. And yet most people want to be able to use each others' names correctly. Pinyin or Hanyu pinyin, invented in the 1950s and officially adopted in China in 1958, is a system that uses letters from the Latin alphabet to transcribe Mandarin Chinese sounds. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. The difficulty in learning this sound lies in getting used to it coming at the beginning of words rather than always at the end. In order to learn how to pronounce Chinese names, we need to learn how to read pinyin, the Romanized alphabet of Chinese sounds. For more information on how to legally use this content, please see our Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted. When preceded by j, q, x, or y the umlaut (the two dots) is not written. For example, when you see “ian” or “yan” the pronunciation is NOT “ee-ahh-an” but as you would say in the word “Indian.” Another exception is the “e” when said together with ie, ue and ye. and pronounce all Chinese names including: •Personal names and Place names •Chinese Classics •Chinese Dynasties and Emperors •All references to Chinese history and culture. The Mandarin language has over 400 mono-syllabic sounds. *It’s pronounced similar to the “sh” in “she” but the tongue is low and flat. You may notice your students have these common Chinese names and you can practice in advance. Zhao 4. The Art of Chinese Chop Engraving Asian Brush Art: Carmelia will draw your Chinese name and mail it to you for $5. In fact, many people don't know how to tell which of the two names in a printed Chinese name is the surname and which is the personal name. (The other difference is that the z consonant is not actually voiced like English's "dz", but this detail should not give you pronunciation problems.) Her favorite things to do while traveling are trying new foods, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and exploring on foot. ALO7’s 2020 ESL Teacher of the Year – Interview with Teacher Charles, The Impact of the Coronavirus on Education in China, China Introduces New Regulations For Online Teaching, Fight Zoom Fatigue: Self-care for Teaching Online. As mentioned earlier, tones are a crucial part of knowing how to pronounce Chinese names correctly. Wy 5. ChinesePod, a Mandarin Chinese language course, has a lesson about tones with audio that is very useful for hearing the differences and practicing on your own. These vowels will follow these rules with some exceptions. This useful video can be accessed from the Resources tab on your tutor page. China Club More than 50 000 members ! BAY-JEENG. Pronunciation of names with 5 audio pronunciations, 9 synonyms, 2 meanings, 13 translations, 27 sentences and more for names. New names and languages are added to the site everyday. Having an English name has actually been common in China since the 1970s. 21 Languages. yan,ian: a is almostalways ah,e.g. Christmas in China: How is it Celebrated? Names translated into Chinese Good Characters: Chinese Name Stamps Buy a Seal Carved with Your Chinese Name! But since Chinese names can be quite different than ones we are familiar with, this can be a challenge. How do you pronounce that? In order to learn how to pronounce Chinese names, we need to learn how to read pinyin, the Romanized alphabet of Chinese sounds. 2. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Chinese pronunciation is not easy, but the effort can really make a difference in your class. Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Many Chinese abroad nowadays choose to introduce themselves with given name first as in the western custom (for example, Yoyo Ma rather than Ma Yoyo). Pronounce Names Right! Tutors may ask their students to write their name using a chat function or on the screen. Chinese is distinct in that it is a tonal language. Some Chinese Personal Names-Political Leaders •Mao Zedong •Hua Guofeng •Hu Yaobang •Deng Xiaoping •Zhao Ziyang •Jiang Zemin •Hu Jintao . Erin Yan, another member of the Academic Team, explains that in her experience, “Chinese teachers always call their students by their full names.” It’s OK to call them using their first name only, but she says “it’s just not very common to see in the Chinese classroom setting.”. Lui 9. Feb 11, 2017 - People who don't speak Chinese find it very difficult to pronounce Chinese names correctly. The following is a list of initials and finals. Huang 3. Pronounced by Native Speakers. Yang 2. Here is how to pronounce names of some of China's most famous people: 1. You may have noticed that students often introduce themselves with their full names. Hoorah! How unique is the name Chinese? How to say names in English? Sometimes, the students’ names are often displayed as one long name, like Wanghaoxuan. The 18th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China has drawn to a close and China … Delanie Honda has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s degree in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Chinese parents may choose an English name for their young child, but when the child is older, he or she may decide to change it. But if the combination is 'iang' or 'yang' it goes back to ah. Name Coolligraphy: English names … Li 7. SHANGHAI QINWEN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. The following begins with a simple introduction to Chinese names and the pronunciation system. Chinese is distinct in that it is a tonal language. Not only does it make communicating with the students easier, but the students will also feel respected and comfortable coming to their English lessons. You finish the lesson feeling embarrassed and disheartened. First of all, when Chinese people say their name, first they say the Family name, then Given name so if we take Wanghaoxuan? You don’t know how to pronounce Chinese names! Mao Zedong (毛泽东 Máo Zédōng /maoww dzur-dong/) was China's most famous Communist Party Chairman. While Alo7’s partner schools encourage students to use an English name for a fully immersive experience, some older students use their Chinese name. Zhang 8. Make a difference in a child's life while working from home. According to The Chairman’s Bao, a news-based graded reader for Chinese language learners, the most common Chinese names are: 1. Pinyin uses accent marks or sometimes numbers after the syllable (such as jun4) to indicate which tone to use. Let me list them: ch, b, d, f, g ( g ame ), h, j ( j ohn ), k, l, m, n, ng ( so ng ), p, r, s, t, w ( w ant ), y ( y oung ). Place the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth. Here's a handy table of the 25 most common Chinese surnames and how to pronounce the… Xi Jingping(习近平 Xí Jìnpíng /sshee jin-ping/) is the current Pre… The fundamental Chinese morpheme (word) is a combination of initials, finals, and tones. All content on the Chinese Pronunciation Wiki ©2015-2020 AllSet Learning, and may not be used for commercial purposes or without attribution. Since the user of this guide will likely encounter such unmarked Romanization, we will dismiss tones in transcribing the sounds in pinyin. Zhou. How can we know the first from the last name? In this video, Director of the Chinese Language Program Jennifer Li-Chia Liu explains how to pronounce Chinese names written in Pinyin, the standard method of spelling… Pinyin Pronunciation (cont’d) –iuas the 'io' in "O solo mio" –oas the 'o' in "or". Internet-Draft H. Deng Intended status: Informational China Mobile Expires: January 11, 2014 July 10, 2013 How to Pronounce Chinese Names draft-zcao-chinese-pronounce-00 Abstract This document tries to give a brief introduction of how to pronounce Chinese spelling of names. We promise not to spam. Sometimes, especially in Mainland China, the given name is just one character. CHEN KAIGE. Wang 6. Pamela. A random rearrangement of the letters in the name (anagram) will give Inhsece. Confucius(孔夫子 Kǒng Fūzǐ /kong foo-dzrr/) was the most famous teacher in Chinese history. Teach in China. See our privacy policy. 5 years ago. Study in China. She also has a YouTube playlist that provides more explanations and examples. *It’s pronounced similar to the “j” in “joy” but it’s a hard j. * It’s closer to the “j” sound in French. Chen 10. As a Chinese-Japanese American, Delanie is asked, “Where are you from?” a lot, but welcomes the opportunity to share her culture with the people she meets from around the world. To serve as a helpful and quick aid to help non-Chinese speakers pronounce Chinese names, we have created a webpage that provides a simple guide to pronunciation. * Try to add a “t” sound to the front of the “x” sound in Chinese (see below). Search Main Features. While in Cambodia in 2014, she discovered she had a passion for helping students around the world achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals through language learning. *Pronounce the “ee” as in meet, and then round up lips. Of course, no tutor intentionally wants to make their students feel bad by mispronouncing names. –ouas the 'oa' in "boat" or 'oe' in "Joe". CAO GANGCHUAN. Tutors can also contact Alo7’s tutor support team to help with pronunciation. SMITH BRAIN TRUST – Do you struggle to pronounce the names of Chinese colleagues and friends? Getting names right helps build trust and rapport between you and your students. Fear not, NameShouts is a web app, which … Diclaimer: I have a standard American accent and I’m using that as my frame of reference. Sign in to disable ALL ads. So “zi” sounds like “dszzz” or “ci” sounds like “tszzz.” Another common cluster is “zhi.” When making the zzz sound, you should try to curl your tongue to the top of your mouth. The pronunciation is not related to the writing of Chinese words (characters). She has been a tutor with ALO7 since April 2017 and lived in Southeast Asia, Ecuador and Colombia. (TS)-AH- oh GAHNG- CHWAHN. Most Chinese names consist of a surname (mostly single syllable) and followed by a given name (this could be one or two syllables). Listen to the audio pronunciation of Hong (Chinese name) on pronouncekiwi. Most others are the same as in English. Some consonants are confusing because they have very different sounds than what we read in English. Home; Learn Chinese; Chinese dictionary; Tools; Chinese name; Leisure; Forum; Blog; Chinese Pronunciation Tool . It then provides clickable audio files for sounds that are more distant from those of English. *Pronounce “jerk” in English but stop before “rk.”, *Pronounce “chirp” in English but stop before “r.”, *Pronounce “shirt” in English but stop before “r.”. Pinyin transcribes the Chinese characters so people can pronounce it. Spring 2021 update  |  FAQ page  |  Class flexibility for students  |  Novel coronavirus updates. Many non-Chinese participants have a difficult time knowing how to pronounce a Chinese name that they encounter on a mailing list, RFC, or name badge. Faculty, staff and students came with notepads to learn how to properly address their Chinese colleagues on Oct. 11, 2019, at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Have you ever found yourself having trouble pronouncing someone's name? Chinese names are meant to convey special meaning, with the given names often expressing the best of wishes on the new-born. From 1880 to 2018 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Chinese. How to Pronounce Chinese Names: Covers the fine points of pronouncing the pinyin romanization system used to represent Chinese names. 3. But since Chinese names can be quite different than ones we are familiar with, this can be a challenge. You’re in good company. 5. Pinyin is the special system, created for people to learn Mandarin pronunciation. Lv 4. Xian is pronounced sheee an with a very slight, almost non existent h sound but its a different pronounciation than usual with the roman alphabet, Chinese pinyin is based on a Chinese alphabet, not english, so it becaome confusing. Are you a native English speaker who wants to practice but doesn’t want to embarrass yourself? Imagine saying “Leo” as fast as you can. Start Your Journey as an Online Tutor with ALO7 Today. Community Solutions, Study Abroad (Summer and Capstone sections), Online Language Learning - Guidelines and Resources, Language and Other ASU Technology Resources, In-class equipment - Audio / Zoom - Recommendations, Zoom Equipment Setup - Type A, B, C - University Classrooms, Chinese Names Pronunciation Introduction, Chinese Pinyin Chart (with tones) from Chinese Pronunciation Wiki, Mandarin Chinese Pinyin chart with audio from Yabla. CHAHN BEENG-DUH. Audio (all sounds are pronounced in flat tone) is provided for sounds that are less familiar to English speakers. Getting names right helps build trust and rapport between you and your students. Paste a chinese text and get the pinyin pronounciation of all the characters. 'pan' is pahnnot pan;Except in the combination 'ian' (or 'yan') when it's indeed like indian. 4. chinese name sound ,chinese name pronunciation, how to pronounce chinese name, click to play the pronunciation audio of chinese name CHUHN K - EYE GUH. Sign in to disable ALL ads. Similar to the underlined sound in English. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Chinese names on pronouncekiwi. Languages include Mandarin, Spanish, French, Hindi, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Russian and more. Qin Shi Huang(秦始皇 Qín Shǐ Huáng /chin shrr hwung/) was China's first emperor. Chinese names are usually made up of three characters. BOHÂ Â Â SHEEÂ Â L-EYE. BO XILAI. *It sounds between “on” and the “an” of “can” in English. Source(s): pronounce chinese names quot xie quot: Xi, the first part of the name, can be difficult for non-native Chinese speakers to pronounce because the hard x sound does not exist in English. Zhuhaoxi? In class, you know you’re butchering the pronunciation because the students have no idea who you are calling on. build trust and rapport between you and your students. The c consonant sound is a "ts" sound. Cao is a pretty popular last name in China, let's first start from here. (At this point you will be able to pronounce names like Xiaojin Zhu . So if you see these names at the beginning, you can guess that these are the family names. For more information on pronunciation of pinyin, see: For more information on pronunciation of Chinese names, see: School of International Letters and Cultures, Public Service and For Alo7 tutors, Amber Lu from the Academic team hosted a broadcast meeting for tutors to learn how to pronounce Chinese names. zi = dszzz,ci = tszzz, si = szzz. The family name is the first character, and the remaining two characters are the given name. en-cn dictionary website Travel to China. Unfortunately, without the tone indicators, even native speakers have difficulty knowing which tone to use. Girls: Qí, Yú, Zuĕ, Jing, Wén, Xī, Xīn, Wăn, Zhuó, Yún, Yán, Lin, Róng, Xuán, Miào, Yíng. For zhi, chi, shi, ri, whenmaking the buzzingzzz, curve the tongue up a little bit. During her Master’s studies, she researched interventions using technology to provide quality education to students around the world.

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