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The Driving Force Behind The Making Of "Deewaar" ... Haji Mastan Death. Hamza was also the first martyr among Customs informers in the state. The details of the country where it has been manufactured date of manufacturing and the name of the factory is inscribed on the smuggled gold. But former superintendent of Customs V Madhusoodhanan who took part in many operations against smugglers, says the information about Chettuva Haji in the department dossiers are true. The Dawood Ibrahim gang planned to offload 286 silver bars (9.5 tonne costing Rs 8 crore -today's price would be Rs 60 crores) along the Ratnagiri coast. Loman. BV Kumar said that purpose of writing the book on underworld dons, particularly on Dawood Ibrahim and Haji Mastan, was to showcase DRI's matchless contribution in initiating tough action against most dreaded underworld syndicates of South Asia. Haji Mastan Daughter. The witnesses can directly utilise these sections while investigation officials or trial courts can suo motu invoke them to protect the witnesses. to be living in Karachi, Pakistan, though the government denies it, and heads the Indian organised crime syndicate D-Company which he founded in Mumbai in the 1970s. Here we will run through some of the stories contained in the Customs and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence dossiers (The secret documents regarding smugglers). The silver belonging to Musthafa Majnu alias Musthafa Ahmed Dossa of Mumbai based gang of notorious Dossa Brothers, was smuggled in the form of silver bars to Thiruchirapally coast. In 1990-2000 period Jeeps started arriving one after the other in Mongath in Malapuram district from Mumbai. Organization. The case investigation has reached no where even 28 years after the incident. The crew ignored the warnings following which the Coast Guard had to open fire. Who was Haji Mastan? There were also reports from central intelligence agencies regarding the threat to their lives. His father, Ibrahim Kaskar, worked as a head constable with the ‘Mumbai Police’ and his mother, Amina, was a housewife. On January 4, 1992 Dossa came to Mangaluru and met M. B Moosa. All Rights Reserved. Even officials of Jeep company landed in Mongath to open showroom considering the huge sales. Sundar Shaekhar, Haji Mastan's adopted son, has confirmed that his father did meet Indira Gandhi and Raut was right in saying so. Smuggling has become a business in which anyone can invest his money. And we are ashamed of them the name dawood ibrahim is synonymous with mumbai underworld. The landing agent for the consignment was Kasaragod resident Abdulla who had close links with Dawood Ibrahim and Dossa brothers. © Copyright 2021 Manorama Online. Gold smugglers' gang later shot Moosa dead after silver bars brought from abroad went missing in Tiruchirapalli. When Dawood was young, his father police constable Ibrahim Hassan Kaskar knew the then Don Haji Mastan. Rivalry With Dawood Ibrahim. It may be noted that DRI had not made Pak Abdul Rahman an accused in Talapdy gold smuggling case as it would have revealed Hamza's identity as an informer. However, Dossa did not believe his version. How many people would believe if they are told that smuggling in Kerala began in silk clothes? The Pakistani captain had moved closer to the coast. Because of his sharp memory, clarity and meticulous planning he earned the nickname "computer." Any action that help in identifying them have been barred legally. One of the three supposed underworld dons who called the shots in the then rapidly booming metropolis of Mumbai, Mastan Mirza was born in 1926 in a Muslim family in Panaikulam in modern-day Tamil Nadu. It goes without saying that the gold smugglers are ever ready to experiment with new ways of smuggling. The NIA Act's Section 17 and UAPA Act's Section 44 entail provisions for ensuring protection of witnesses even after the completion of trial proceedings. Log In. The silver bars sunk in the sea. Subsequently, 700 gold biscuits were seized from a marriage hall in Coimbatore on February 26. Entertainment. Gold still glitters in front of their eyes. Yes Movie "Once Upon A Time In Mumbai" have shown the relationship between Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim was true portrayal of real story.... Popularly known as Sultan Mirza, Haji Mastan was the undisputed ‘Don’ of the underworld. Haji Mastan Bollywood. The movie featured Ajay Devgn in the role of Haji Mastan and Emraan Haashmi in the role of Dawood Ibrahim. On receiving information about the smuggling operation, the DRI officials sought the help of Coast Guard to intercept the Pakistani ship mid sea. The silver was seized while it was being smuggled abroad in Kalatra Abdul Khader Haji's boat "Ayesha". The Customs had seized 30 lakh rupees and 86 silver bars of Nileshwaram coast in 1974 in Kasargod (Each silver bar weighed more than 30 kg). Pak Abdul Rahman's smuggling link was first disclosed by DRI in a case in which K M Hamza alias Shanwawaz Hamza was shot dead. Kalatra Abdul Khader Haji and M B Moosa were arraigned as accused in the case. The gold smuggled is 24 carat or 99.9 percent pure. The plan was to bring the consignment in a Pakistani ship to Ratnagiri coast and from there shift the silver bars into small fishing boats. This was also the first instance in which the officials had to disclose the identity of the informer in court. Go live with Manorama Online App, the number one Malayalam News site on our mobiles and tablets. Two cars going towards Mangaluru intercepted by the DRI team . The next day M B Moosa who was travelling by a car, was shot dead at Mulbagal in Karnataka. 3,774 people follow this. Place - Talapady check post on the Kerala- Karnataka border. Year 1989, February 12. The responsibility of carrying the gold to Mumbai was entrusted with Kanhangad resident and Pak Abdul Rahman's relative Shahnawaz Hamza alias K M Hamza . ... Dawood Ibrahim’s criminal-cum-terrorist profile enhanced a couple … who live only by gold smuggling. Later it was known that the gold biscuits which were offloaded in Koyilandy coast were meant for three places. In this electronics shop of Manish Market, now smuggled goods started coming in. All Rights Reserved. Haji Mastan and Sona. It has Ajay Devgn and Emran Hashmi playing Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim and the story rolls around the former who rises from a small time thief in Mumbai ports to become a king pin smuggler and a sensation in Mumbai. He was the first underworld don to have married a Bollywood actress. Create New Account. Born in 1955 to a police constable in Mumbai's Dongri, Ibrahim formed a clan of relatives and friends from his locale, and began engaging in smuggling, robbery, fraud and other petty crimes during his teens, that eventually saw him lock horns with the infamous Haji Mastan. From Haji Mastan to Dawood Ibrahim, some of the big names of the underworld, carried out gold smuggling through Kerala during that period. The ship was completely destroyed. An elderly person who is an active hawala operator having close links with gold smuggling, had reportedly invested money in the Thiruvananthapuram gold smuggling consignment. After the shooting, the gang which was waiting for the consignment on the shore, fled from the scene. Gold smuggling has become a Number 2 business which can be undertaken along with other businesses. Soon, a feud developed between Dawood and Haji Mastan and when the latter attacked two of Dawood’s men, Dawood, with his brother Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar formed the D-Company. He has been previously reported [when?] Sivasankar had filed the petition pointing out that the Enforcement Directorate while filing the chargesheet against an IAS officer like him did not seek the prior permission for prosecution from the state government. After eight years, the Customs officials received information that the remaining silver bars in the Pakistani ship that capsized, were spotted in Ratnagiri coast. The person posting the comment will be in sole ownership of its responsibility. Radio, tape recorders and watches were also favourites those days. Not Now. While growing up in Dongri, Dawood came in contact with Haji Mastan (the mobster). But that is the truth. Anyone who discloses any information about the protected witnesses in violation of the law, is liable to imprisonment and fine.

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