cross fell from dufton

cross fell from dufton

All rights reserved. It is located at the northern end of the Pennine moors and has extensive views of the Lake District, the west coast and also the east coast. Lost path. With it came a double celebration, for Cross Fell is not just any old fell. I leave from Dufton and almost immediately begin climbing to Knock Fell. Event tracker, to provide safety and dot watching fun for your family and friends. The Pennine Way goes over Cross Fell from Dufton via Great Dun Fell to Garrigill and Alston. SKILLS: Snowshoes in Scotland - more than just a novelty, Why Alex Roddie Walks 5 Miles a Day Before Work, Show your support UKH Supporter badge on your profile and forum posts. Pack : Today I carried full camping gear. Snow has been known to lie on Cross Fell for up to 140 days a year. “The Cup and the Cross” Entry –£59 affiliated £61 non affiliated 34 miles of trail running heaven 5000 ft of elevation Branded Mug Wild flower Seeds or Sapling to plant. Identifying individual Lakeland peaks from this distance is likely to test your knowledge, but Blencathra is reasonably easy to identify, with Sharp Edge appearing prominent. Dufton is at the centre of the Helm Wind area – one of the best examples in Britain of a ‘local wind’ – a phenomenon caused by cold easterly air rising over Cross Fell then rushing down the steep escarpment where it meets warm air, which rises and causes a turbulent air-stream. Summit view: On a clear day, the view westward from the summit is extensive, looking across the broad vale of the Eden Valley towards the Cumbrian fells. In addition to having an excellent name, it's a nice quiet spot for some lunch with good views back down into the valley: Route CardCross Fell from Kirkland Climb Cross Fell | Where2Walk Best Dufton Pike is a graceful, steep sided fell on the edge of the vast Pennine Moors. Couple lost while walking from Dufton to Garrigill. Cross Fell is 893 metres high. 4. The path took us downhill out of Dufton through a delightful, canopy-shielded country lane, and then we emerged in the shadows of the hefty hills before us. So far, all we’ve asked is that you visit and interact with the site, but we are now in uncertain times. A well-stocked checkpoint at the half way point in Garrigill village … Dufton Ultra 29th May 2021 Read More » This is the largest block of high ground in England and tends to retain snow-cover longer than neighbouring areas. The Pennine Way connection: Cross Fell is perhaps most frequently climbed by Pennine Way hikers. Dufton is famous for it’s Helm Wind: The Helm Wind is a named wind in Cumbria, England, a north-easterly wind which blows down the south-west slope of the Cross Fell escarpment. UKHillwalking contributor Alex Roddie has set himself an ambitious target for 2017, to walk 1500 miles. Squat and grey, it blends into its surroundings but eventually I spotted it and decided to have a more sheltered rest. Personality: Vast, daunting, stern – a landscape that takes no prisoners. Cross Fell, Great Dun Fell and Little Dun Fell form a block of high terrain which is all over 800 metres (2,625 ft) in altitude. At just under 3000 feet,  Cross Fell's summit is the highest point in England outside the Lake District, and although this mountain is more plateau than peak, its sheer bulk gives it an undeniable physical presence. The North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership are hosting a series of walks, talks and events over... UKHillwalking is a vibrant site with rich content and an amazing community. So it was that I drove up to Dufton to do this route. Couple lost while walking from Dufton to Garrigill. If viewed through mist from a distance it might be mistaken for a landed flying saucer. An under appreciated mountain in my opinion. Standing at 893m above sea level, we’d reached the highest point of the whole of the Pennine Way. Three of England’s major rivers rise near to the summit – the Tyne, the Tees and the Wear. Day 1 - Cross Fell & Round Hill The Pennine Way (PW) makes an easy if long gradual climb to the hills, passing around the steep cone of Dufton Pike and crossing Swindale Beck at a footbridge, where a pile of stone slabs was destined to be set into the loose hillside. The southern uplands of Scotland and the Cheviots can also be seen from here. Cross Fell © Lankyman, Jan 2012 Best route: A complete circuit of Great Dun Fell (848m) and Cross Fell from Dufton, returning via the route of A Pennine Journey through Milburn, is a classic way to enjoy this mountain. It is the only named wind in the British Isles. trailmasher: 07/08/2020: 4: Up on the roof of England (Dufton to Alston) nigheandonn: 23/04/2019: 4: Cross Fell & the Dun Fells : poppiesrara: 23/04/2017: 3: Up on the Roof : johnkaysleftleg: 17/04/2016: 3: Pocket full of Pennines. Hidden gem: The most direct route up or down Cross Fell from the Eden Valley side is via Wildboar Scar, and this path passes close by a small 412m summit called Grumply Hill. We are now at the summit of Great Dun Fell. Lost path near Great Dun, south of Cross Fell. Fellow go4awalkers who have already walked, climbed, summited & bagged Cross Fell. Cross Fell is the highest point in the Pennines at 893m in altitude. This will repeat as more distant islands merge with Cross Fell, but for quite a while, Cross Fell will remain the highest point on its island. Alex Roddie takes a lightning tour of Helvellyn's equally worthy neighbour Fairfield, focus of two classic horseshoe walks, and a... Alex Roddie explores one of Torridon's finest, the complex and dramatic Beinn Eighe massif. It's the highest bothy in England at 700m, and also one of the busiest, with hundreds of visits a year. © UKClimbing Limited. The next stage is the 20 mile walk from Dufton to Alston which crosses the highest point on the Pennine Way, Cross Fell. Nearby, the summit of Great Dun Fell becomes clear and as the water level continues to drop, the islands of Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell get larger and eventually merge into a single, larger island. Alex Roddie heads to the rolling high point of the Cheviots, looking for a place called the Bizzle. What's in a name? The Pennine Way is the UK's oldest long-distance trail, threading a route along the spine of the Pennines, and Cross Fell is its highest point. Elsewhere on Cross Fell, you'll find the usual Pennine assortment of disused mines and curious ruins – approach with caution, and never enter abandoned levels. The most popular way to climb Cross Fell is a start from Garrigill near Alston. Best route: A complete circuit of  Great Dun Fell (848m) and Cross Fell from Dufton, returning via the route of A Pennine Journey through Milburn, is a classic way to enjoy this mountain. All Pennine Way walkers, and indeed virtually all those who have walked on Cross Fell, will know Gregs Hut on the Pennine Way on what is a lengthy stage from Dufton to Garrigill where sadly there is limited accommodation following the closure of the pub. Read more. Alex Roddie discovers the delights of Garbh Bheinn, the jewel of Ardgour and among the greatest and most rugged of all the Corbetts. The other was to revisit a walk I’d first done in August 2010 visiting Dufton Pike and Brownber Hill. Summit landmarks: There's a truly impressive cairn some distance away from the trig pillar. High winds, low cloud, rain and cold. Snow can be found in gullies on the north side of Cross Fell as late as May in most years. Mark Davidson climbed on February 14th, 2007 [with] MK and his mate who did all the Charity Walks (incl Land's End to John O'Groats) [weather] Clear & Sunny with a touch of snow on the tops - lovely A 10.75 mile circular walk climbing Cross Fell, the highest of the Pennines, via the steep Eden Scarp. Cross Fell is a summit in the North Pennines - Western Fells region or range in England. The cottage can sleep four people in one double bedroom, and one twin together with a family bathroom. The name is a bit of both according to my understanding of the legend. North Pennines - England's Siberia Many make their ascent via the waymarked Pennine Way, up to Knock Fell, over Great and Little Dun Fells and on to the impressive dry-stone shelter that marks the summit of Cross Fell. Cross on the Fell : Alteknacker: 24/08/2020: 4: A walk to the Pennine's highest. Lost path near Great Dun, south of Cross Fell. 2. This venue also includes a patio. Known as the Helm Wind, this fierce gale of hurricane proportions, can strike most unexpectedly during the spring. The southern uplands of Scotland and the Cheviots can also be seen from here. Lost path. Low cloud, rain and cold. The route is around 30km (18.7 miles) in length with just over 1,000m of ascent. Cross Fell is the highest mountain in the Pennine Hills of Northern England and the highest point in England outside the Lake District.It is located in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.It lies within the historic county boundaries of Cumberland and the modern council area of Cumbria. Perhaps they hadn't been paying attention to their compass bearing across the featureless plateau…. Langdon Beck to Dufton Alston to Haltwhistle Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell, the latter with its distinctive golf ball radar. Lost path. Lost path. The Helm Wind is a very strong (and cold) north-easterly wind that sometimes blows down the flank of the fell facing the Eden Valley. Not any old mountain weather: The chance of bad weather's to be expected on any British hill, but Cross Fell has a unique meteorological phenomenon up its sleeve. Even then it is a long climb across the moors. Walking and Rambling in Dufton You can approach Cross Fell, the highest point along the Pennine Way from the hostel. Also in the cottage is a kitchen and a sitting room with woodburner and a conservatory with dining area. The highest point in England outside of the Lake District. Penrith MRT leader Rob Holden said: "Cross Fell is Cumbria’s eighth highest fell at 893 metres. Plan to start at Cowgreen Reservoir, over High Cup Nick into Dufton before traversing Great Dun fell, Little Dun Fell and Cross Fell. 3. Cross Fell. Knock is just 1.3 miles from the larger village of Dufton where there is a pub and just five miles from the historic town of Appleby. The cottage can sleep four people in one double bedroom, and one twin together with a family bathroom. Pendle Hill in Lancashire is one, Cross Fell and High Force in the North Pennines, and the Cheviot being amongst the others. 3. Please help UKHillwalking continue to provide varied and free content by becoming an official UKH Supporter. It's created by the unique topography of the area, and is associated with the unusual cloud formations of the Helm Cloud, a heavy bank of cloud capping Cross Fell itself, and the Helm Bar, a long, snaking formation of rolling cloud that sits just above the ridge. UKH Articles and Gear Reviews by Only a hill. If you're looking for even more of a leg-stretcher, start by climbing up into High Cup Nick, the wonder of the North Pennines, and navigating over largely pathless terrain to join up with the Pennine Way on Knock Fell. Lost man on Cross Fell. 5. For our long-running series on Britain's best-loved hills, Alex Roddie gets his feet wet in search of the Helm Wind, on the moody giant of the Pennines. We need to look at new ways to ensure we can keep providing our content and features whilst maintaining our key aim of allowing free access to everyone. Local pub: The Stag Inn, Dufton, offers real ale and bar meals. Angela Moroney walked up on August 6th, 2020 [from/via/route] milburn [with] SOLO. In bad weather it can be a real test of your skills and fitness. “The Pennine Way runs over the summit of Cross Fell and often draws visitors to the area from all over the world. The highest point on the Pennine Way. Couple lost on Cross Fell. 2. Three of England’s major rivers rise near to the summit – the Tyne, the Tees and the Wear. Don't miss High Cup Nick, an impressive geological feature popular with walkers, and the North Pennines very Fair warning: there are bogs. Low cloud, windy, cold. One theory suggests that a cross once stood at the summit, while another claims that the fell was thought to be the haunt of angry (or cross) spirits. The Pennine Way goes over Cross Fell from Dufton via Great Dun Fell to Garrigill and Alston. I think this is the point where I conclude that I simply don't get the Pennine Way. Where to stay? A 19 mile hike over the north Pennine hills including the highest point of the Pennine Way, Cross Fell.

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