byju's fees for class 11 and 12

byju's fees for class 11 and 12

This makes students to feel class 11 is more difficult than CBSE class 12. With its highly adaptive, engaging and effective learning programs, the app has helped students improve their grades and get a sound understanding of concepts. Class 4-10 - CBSE/ICSE/State BYJU'S Classes - Comprehensive Online Tutoring JEE/NEET - Online Classroom Program But, there is a drastic change in syllabus from CBSE class 10 to class 11. They have class 11–12th combined package for JEE and NEET which they provide at a cost of 35–40 k with tablet. BYJU'S Learning App for Class 11 and Class 12 has become the most loved and preferred educational tools for students. I think they have shifted all their class room programs to online courses so for this they have tablet programs only. The platform has video class content from … The app covers the academic needs of classes 4 to 12 (maths, chemistry, biology, and physics) and classes 6-8 (social studies). Compulsory Subjects: Candidates have to clear their qualifying exam, viz., the 10+2 examination or its … Regular price Rs. The BYJU app cost varies for each grade, subject, and type of course or board. Class 11 (PCM) JEE Preparation. Register with BYJU'S for CBSE Class 6 to 12 Maths and Science Classes - learn maths and science in an easy way with shortcut methods to get good marks in board exams. Visit BYJU'S to learn the equations and formulas. Regular price Rs. There is no difference between class 11 and class 12. It varies from a single year program to Multiple year programs. The fee varies on the program you are opting for. As students are already adjusted to class 11, they may find class 12 easy. 78,000.00 Sale price ... / per . 78,000.00 Sale price Rs. Unit price / per . Class 11 (PCMB) JEE+NEET Preparation. Candidates must have secured at least 45% marks in their class 12 examination. Class 4-10 - CBSE/ICSE/State BYJU'S Classes - Comprehensive Online Tutoring JEE/NEET - Online Classroom Program Class 12 (PCMB) JEE+NEET Preparation. Class 11 (PCM) JEE Preparation. Class 11 (PCMB) JEE+NEET Preparation. 78,000.00 Sale. Apart from these subjects, optional subject are Entrepreneurship and Physical Education. For both Class 11 and 12 Commerce students, the five subjects that are mandatory are – Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics/ Informatics Practices and English. It ranges between 22,500–125,000 depending on the subscription of … 70,000.00 Students who are appearing for their class 12 examination are also eligible to apply. Fees: Rupees 30,000/- (Samsung Phone/Tablet) Rupees 34,000/- (Lenovo A710 7inch) Rupees 34,000/- (Digiflip Pro 7 inch) Rupees 40,000/-(Samsung Tab 3 7 inch) Features: Validity is of 2 academic years Pre-loaded Class 11 and 12 board and JEE classes (PCM) on … Conic sections class 11 chapter 11 gives the information on the formation of the different curves when a cone is rotated. Both CBSE Class 11 and class 12 are equal in case of syllabus. Class 4-10 - CBSE/ICSE/State BYJU'S Classes - Comprehensive Online Tutoring JEE/NEET - Online Classroom Program Regular price Rs.

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