arcgis online filter app

arcgis online filter app

0 Kudos by JerryGarcia1. To learn more about the toolbar, see Quick Access Toolbar. ArcGIS for Developers. (Pour les widgets que vous devez ajouter à l’application au préalable, vous pouvez définir ce paramètre après avoir configuré le widget.). appInfoList. Take GIS to the field and back. When working with the three partially interactive drawing styles, keep in mind that the size portion of the legend will not be interactive, but you will be able to filter the data based on the category or type elements of the legend. Ce nom désigne le jeu de filtres proposé à la sélection de l’utilisateur final. The type of filter (ValueList, Range, FeatureClass, File, Field, and Workspace). Active 4 years, 11 months ago. manholes, fire hydrants, etc.). Configurer le widget Group Filter (Filtrer les groupes) Ce widget peut être configuré pour s'ouvrir automatiquement au démarrage d’une application. Mute mode can be configured to use gray scale and opacity to determine the visual effect on de-emphasized features. This is based on the new client-side filtering capabilities of the 4.11 version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. L’URL doit se présenter au format suivant (remplacez les variables entre crochets par les valeurs décrites dans la liste ci-après) : Par exemple, pour appliquer le filtre illustré dans l’image précédente, utilisez une URL similaire à celle de l’exemple suivant : https:///apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=6815e148ff1c4aee8dc7159816380a4d&groupfilter={"Group A":["Abandoned Motor Vehicle"]}. Do not open this widget when the app starts (Ne pas ouvrir ce widget au démarrage de l’application), Survolez le widget avec le curseur et cliquez sur le bouton, Configure this widget (Configurer ce widget), Change widget icon (Modifier l’icône du widget), Pour filtrer différents champs de la même couche, le paramètre, When a layer is listed more than once, use the following operator between fields (Lorsqu’une couche est répertoriée plusieurs fois, utilisez l’opérateur suivant entre les champs). Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; … To use this app, you will need a web map with a feature layer using one of the supported drawing styles, see Supported Drawing Styles below for the details. She has been with Esri since 2012 and enjoys blogging, Web Apping and outdoor adventures! ArcGIS Apps get the job done through their sheer focus, geographic awareness, and readiness to work. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 7 months ago. I would like to use the Filter App Template for an ArcGIS Online Map I'm creating. When configuring the app, app authors can select from two visualization modes to define the interaction for the user: feature filter and mute. Note: You cannot undo editing operations made to nonversioned data in an enterprise geodatabase. Kelly is a Product Manager on the ArcGIS Online team. Develop your own apps. If an unsupported drawing style is used in the app, a message will be reported in the configuration panel noting that the map contains a drawing style that is not supported for interactivity. Next generation desktop GIS. A complete professional GIS. filtrer par domaines, utilisez le code de domaine. A few ideas are as follows: Find other publicly available maps in Living Atlas and use them to create map-based apps. Applying a filter action to a layer. But you might want to include other things to support the message of your map. Configuring the Filter function in an ArcGIS Online web map before sharing it as a web app or a story map displays only the filtered data. I think the documentation for the "Apply Filters" page for ArcGIS Online help and the app configuration pages could really be improved so that it becomes more clear how you can apply filters and then use them in the filter app template. Complete SaaS mapping platform. In the example below, the app displays where spacecrafts have landed when they return to earth. ArcGIS Online. Get apps and data for your organization Animate layer visibility Request data from a remote server Access ArcGIS Online items via OAuth Chaining promises Access features with pointer events Synchronize MapView and SceneView Using Esri Icon Fonts Watch for changes Event explorer / watch properties Zoom to extent of features Drag and drop portal items Disable view navigation Disable rotation on the view Disable mouse-wheel. You can use the interactive legend to emphasize a specific category or set of categories to gain a deeper understanding of the data and how its distributed over space through a simple user interface. Right-click the tracking layer you want to apply the action to in the Table of Contents window and click Properties on the context menu. Applying filters so only certain crimes, such as arson, display on the map can provide insight into patterns of where arsons are set and help law enforcement officials prevent future attempts. Browse the StoryMaps gallery of user-created apps. The last three listed are newly supported as of the June 2019 release. It's my understanding that if you are not a member of an ArcGIS Online organization (i.e., you have an ArcGIS online public account such as those used with a home version of ArcMap) then you won't be able to manage a web feature service. Werkzeuge zum Erstellen standortbezogener Apps. By limiting the visibility of features in a layer, you can reveal what's important. When configuring the app, app authors can select from two visualization modes to define the interaction for the user: feature filter and mute. The primary purpose of the Interactive Legend app is to enable your audience to explore the map by emphasizing different classifications data. Pour utiliser les paramètres d’URL pour appliquer le filtre illustré dans cet exemple, votre URL doit ressembler à celle de l’exemple suivant : https:///apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=6815e148ff1c4aee8dc7159816380a4d&groupfilter={"Group A":["Abandoned Motor Vehicle","Auto Theft"]}.

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