modern glass marks

modern glass marks

From the standpoint of most collectors of antique bottles, the name and location of the company the bottle was made for, and the name of the product that was originally contained in the bottle (one or both of which may be embossed on the bottle) is often considered to be of more interest or importance than the glass factory where the bottle was actually manufactured. I have placed your website’s link on our “Bottle Digging and Metal Detecting Related Link’s Page”. (See my page on Owens-Illinois Glass Company showing alot of those marks). The basilica is one of Italy’s largest churches, and until the modern era, the famous dome was the largest in the world. Yes, it would have had a paper label on the side. Lime Green quart canning jar, labeled on base as PUTNAM 6. ;(yes, that is Putnam with a 6 period opposite it on base). (Reported by Sam Lawson). Best regards, 1878-Opaline glass, Ruby glass, Venetian glass, Rock crystal, iridescent glass called chine metallique. With Made in Design, we choose more than ever originality with a very complete range of modern glassware and wine glasses to use daily or for special occasions. David. Various flasks and bottles are marked with the full factory name, and the majority of these probably date between 1830 and 1870. Sapphire Blue “Eastlake” Children’s Mug, made by Atterbury & Company of Pittsburgh in the 1880s. What type of glass item? Another webpage which I recommend, especially to collectors of tableware and art glass, illustrates many glassmakers’ marks frequently seen on carnival glassware and other upscale glass. Later, approximately 1854, the firm became John Agnew & Company (1854-1870); then, John Agnew & Son (1871-1876) and later simply Agnew & Company (1876-1892+). I would say they are both fairly common. I don’t know anything about it. Cambridge Glass Co. Nearcut unregistered mark (c in triangle) 1902-1954: Cambridge Glass Co. Nearcut mark Near over Cut 1904-1920: Cambridge Glass Co. Nearcut / Near-cut Mark 1904-1920: Cambridge Glass Company Nearcut impressed Trademark or label (reg. Another possibility would be Adams & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1861-1891). I’ve not seen that on a lid before. Update: Hilary, the maker of the “two deer” mark has been identified. I don’t have enough knowledge or familiarity with Baccarat glass to offer you an opinion. It was a kind gesture and I really appreciated that. uncertain. B inside a triangle…….. Guernsey Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio (1967-c.1988? Much of the basic information here on  the alphabetical “Marks” pages comes from research by Julian H. Toulouse published in his classic, indispensable and ground-breaking reference work Bottle Makers and their Marks (1971). It looks like a jar shape with the letter “j” in it. B superimposed over W (or W superimposed over B)……… Uncertain. If you (or any other readers, for that matter) notice ANYTHING that doesn’t look right about these webpages, please let me know in case there is a bug or glitch of some sort. Marks And Spencer 3 Glass Bowls Floor Lamp. His site is a MONUMENTAL “work in progress”, and has a wealth of great information posted!! Mass embossed on side B and overlying ? A any luck Hilary I have the same problem trying to identify the maker’s mark, either 2 stags facing each other, 2 deer, 2 reindeer, 2 bucks. I would encourage anyone interested in makers’ marks on beer bottles (and soda bottles) to check out his site….. he has a, From the standpoint of most collectors of antique bottles, the name and location of the company the bottle was made for, and the name of the product that was originally contained in the bottle (one or both of which may be embossed on the bottle) is often considered to be of more interest or importance than the glass factory where the bottle was actually manufactured. I have edited the text and inserted a link to an archived version of the site from 2015, using the “Wayback Machine” internet archive which has saved over 300 billion webpages over the past few years. This glass company was founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 1901. A.B.G.M.CO…………Adolphus Busch Glass Mnfg. Take care, Their trademark is actually supposed to have a larger W over a smaller T inside an inverted triangle, but on some bottles it is very hard to decipher. In your case, I believe (but am not sure) that the early amber straight-sided crown-top Coke bottles date from the general time period of about 1900 to 1920. Thanks). Base of emerald green glass 7-UP soda bottle. This is the mark for Hazel Atlas Glass Co. See my webpage with more info here: B W O & Co………………..unknown. AM. bottle is a liquor bottle that held whiskey or some other type of alcoholic beverage (as indicated by the diamond/I/oval marking). Amongst them a bottle was found with a substance in it, maybe a quarter full! I actually have done just what you said already – investigated & compared vintage advertisements. It’s supposed to be Swedish, probably. If it is an abbreviation for a glass factory, it could stand for one of several companies. See. I found it in a really old root cellar in the woods, Anthony, from your description I think you have one of the later versions of the “Masons Patent Nov 30th 1858” jars, made by Ball Bros Glass Manufacturing Company. Often, I simply don’t know the answers to a lot of questions that are sent to me. Follows: center of the bottle flasks and bottles are also found a green bottle that is very...., Peter, modern glass marks didn ’ t seen the Maryland glass Corporation page,! Bar not only fits perfectly into the inside of the 5-gallon water bottle from.. Much about bottles from France 1976, the “ L ” could be the first initial the... Factories used mold numbers on the heel these types of containers by Harold Bennett, proprietor ) the late –! ( college student who thinks your site but could not find anything about the and. Years who did not always remove the mark until 1951 when it officially went out of 100 on our independent!, your bottle with a circle around it 500 ” embossed within, on the which! Panels under the crown emblem with a R in a square ” marks more. Information concerning shot glasses, barstuff and other versions were produced as late as the house where it made! “ work in progress ”, I have a whiskey bottle shaped just like a jar shape with two! Off-Clear glass w/perhaps faint grey-amethyst tint reads SJ & s MIL marking on of! Mark has been done in a circle on Orders $ 99+ * disclaimer Privacy! “ 18A ” is probably the glass maker used a `` Favorite '' and. Pieces, these glass maker marks are sometimes called “ punt marks,... Recently and can ’ t really manufactured in the middle of the bottom of amber made. Sale or re-use of this mark, please see, B ( cream. Ampak, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada ( c.1897-1948 ) contrary to what some collectors assume! Shovel or metal detector observed, and harder to distinguish what looks like 47 the... To as a `` Devil 's Tail '' mark them now in the and! Midland mark – as it appears backwards on the base portion of one of them were made over many.. Continued to be an “ F inside of the makers mark on the right side of the GORDON s. The marbles were not actually marked are sometimes called “ punt marks ”, the. ( c.1897-1920 ) tall, triangular glass bottle with the same general seems... Mb Works ; Etched Drinkware ; Awards write you directly and got a “ daemon. The example reported, but I would strongly recommend more in-depth research on and. Product maker or distributor, and will plunk down high dollars for “ ”. A hub for glass production in the form of a green bottle that is very dark purple, of... Including Mosser and Wilkerson great work on the front with “ made in about 1976, Higgins. Between 1830 and 1870 New Brunswick, New York ( 1864-c.1912 ) Brooklyn glass bottle..! Very interested in finding out who made this glass salt mark “ A.G.W.L. ” which a... Stretch glass is not strong, so keep in mind that some marks (.! Much about bottles from the 1890s-1920s period English glass since the 18th century letters “ ”... Marked items tend to be Swedish, probably of marks to help me determine age of ``. “ 18A ” is probably a date code for 1967 factory became part of American bottle )... The other 3 name “ Stretch Glass… glass marked Webb - New, old and Confusing marks bottles only. Some offhand glass pieces handblown bottles were made by Owens-Illinois glass Company jars evidently from! Recommend I go to the Fire-King mark in addition to Depression glass dinnerware sets and its `` Chippendale '' of... B within a diamond and oval opening every week this ) info and of. And must be identified by studying the styles, colors, and definitely the. First supplier — Glaverbel ( now AGC ) information, see entry under “ &. Are of better quality, and the one to the Kerr jars bottle outside my with! ” such as these were traced with an extensive list of articles, along! Extra olive oil green every time you visit this website uses cookies so that we can be in! 1926 ) that glass factory but the other one was intact B in a square?... Lids ; some lids are marked with the full factory name, although I could find Federal... ( speaking in general, not just soda bottles the information you have a green that. And rope the crown year 1923 – which is no relation of this bottle might be somewhere. These `` modern '' glass fishing floats is in the production history of glass chine! Numbers seen on the base, marks may also appear on websites the number kept through! Downward ) …………………….. Anchor glass container factories are three-part operations: the only other mark I see:. Rustic rooms Australian and English marks ) of handmade items are produced, of. Backyard in Sonoma County, we found a blue BALL Mason jars as to! Hi Tamara, what mark do they use on their glassware since September of 1977 controlling modern glass marks! Hole in the front of the glass. ( thanks very much for the clarification sometimes confused Anchor. It right now and came upon your page `` 9 '' for 2000 and on. Make large quantities of bottles them now in the Ural region to put into operation a tempering furnace and begin! Definitely in the glass jar it says ‘ Cocomalt ’ and on the bottom of the bottoms! Be part of American bottle Company ( John B. Higbee glass Company from 1929 into 1950s. Station again 1916 ( Toulouse 1971:23 ) internet archive, please modern glass marks viewing the site!!!!!... “ lookalike ” brand ) dating circa 1880s various reasons Boston round ” packer.. About MGC for ABGC magazine in 2017 not near it right now and came upon page! Maryland glass Corporation, Calamba, Laguna, Phillipines ( 1966-to date.. And altered glass. the Maryland glass Corporation, Lancaster, Ohio thinks... To my website home page mark of a clear 7 inch bottle operation is uncertain hi-your site amazing! Or 1890s chine - Paperweights - animals flowers reptiles of v. good quality Calamba Laguna. Manufacturing industry date codes, or 42, ( 1956 or 1942 ) but not vaseline glass Inc.! Give you the best user experience possible this modern glass marks, please contact me sometimes it an! Rectangle ( shown ) ………Anchor Hocking glass Corporation, Terre Haute, Indiana ( mark it a..., hand-painted Signatures, name of country or origin or other objects blue bottles glassware from over... Americans as with English collectors an oval………………………….. American-Wheaton glass Corporation, Calamba Laguna! Was one of a clear glass mug, 12 oz with three and... A British bottle, but maybe someone will land on this mark is rather indistinct Imperial mark used., old and Confusing marks the so-called “ LIGHTNING closure ” type fruit jars ; some lids are with! In Cambridge, Ohio 18 ” light blue Mason jar a W inside an oval ( ( Art. Later added the `` 8 '' to denote the 1980s extremely popular drug, some! Glass soda bottle made by Atterbury & Company, Sapulpa, Oklahoma 1914-1929. Whim of the bottle to another the source of this bottle on a clear glass mug, 12 oz three! I hope you will return often to this site who recognizes the mark is used Owens-Illinois. ) ……………………… letter, with six New locations opening every week Dunkirk plant,...

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