silver plum bromeliad care

silver plum bromeliad care

Air circulation can be improved in a home by simply opening a window on days that are not too cold or by turning on a fan at low speed for most of the day. Please help with your experiance with flowering. I enjoy flowering plants, orchids, african violets, cactus, succulents, etc. Hundreds of amazingly colourful bromeliads in full bloom are awaiting you at Bromeliad Garden in Glenorie, Sydney. We also have hundreds of different varieties of Bromeliads in full colour bloom at the moment. The leaves from my bromeliad are getting yellow from the bottom. The thick, red flower spike can grow 2.5 meters high, … I-75, Exit 65 Oakland Mall Krispy Kreme Donuts parking lot: 208 W 14 Mile Rd, Troy, MI 48083 I received a bromeliad as a Christmas present. It is kept in doors and the leave tips are turning brown and curling under. My plants are turning a brownish, yellow color different from the original green color it was when purchased. Bromeliads usually grow much better with a continuous nutrient supply. It has grown out of the base and I am unsure if I should cut into the plant and down through a section of the roots to remove it, or if I should just cut it off where it attaches and then somehow root it. I just bought a bromel iads and need to know how to get the plant to produce flowers. I have so many little pups growing. Hi, I have just purcahsed a bromeliad today. Roots function primarily as a support or anchoring system. And naturally, thank you on your effort! It is red. I have a south american Bromeliad and one of the leaves has gone brown. There's no need to prepare soil as the best way to plant a bromeliad is to place the plant, pot and all, inside a gravel-lined hole in the ground. This plant did not come with instructions. I watered it today as the soil was dry, but want to salvage the flower and the leaves what can I do. The roots of a bromeliad are purely for balance, as the leaves of the plant provide all the nutrients, food and water it needs. My question is will I still get pups if the bottom layer of leaves have been cut off? Now I just need to know how to plant it. I think they are very pretty, but one of mine is getting brown on the leaf edges and through the leaf and I can’t figure out why. Most of the problems encountered with bromeliads are usually associated with rot caused by over watering. Also, what did I do wrong? The leaves are green and healthy just not the flower. Most bromeliads grow best indoors at a relative humidity of 40 to 60 percent. The red flower on my bromeliad has finished flowering and is not looking its best. They may not look like your traditional ‘insect’ so look very closely. Plants in the genera Dyckia, Puyas, Hechtias, Ananas and the hard-leaved species in Aechmea and Billbergia grow best at high light levels. silver plum image 10 .JPG. If you keep taking care of the plant it may produce pups that you can grow and get to bloom after one year of growth. Although optimum light levels vary considerably, the following characteristics are helpful in selecting a spot for a particular plant. Alcantarea Silver Plum will grow to a height of 1.5m and a width of 1.5m @Mirrian – Keep coming back, we should have plenty for you to read through to find out more about bromeliads in general and even specific types of bromeliad plants. Thanks for this website & blog! However, it still leans and isn’t very stationary. It has a well/cup and turns red in the summer. How can I get rid of the smell? SMILE EVERY ONE……. Alcantarea Imperialis Silver plum gets its best colour in full sun however our first plant did well for over ten years in the shade in our back yard. An informative site on the bromeliad (Bromeliaceae) family including classification, care requirements, propagation, blooming, diseases and insects, photographs, and product reviews. Generally bromeliad species with hard, thick, gray, gray-green or fuzzy foliage withstand the highest light levels, while species with soft, green, thin leaves grow best under lower light levels. If I settle my Bromelaid on the opposite side of the room, out of direct sunlight but a brightened room from the sun, (I am thinking about 12′ from the windows) will that be ok, or too much light? I had a Silver Vase, which I did remove pups from and they are growing nicely. This is a grey/green leaf…outdoors in GA now but will come in when it gets cool. How do you transplant and when should I put into a larger pot? I got a Bromeliads as a going away gift from my old job. visiting in the Caribbean a friend told us her bromeliads regained their color by giving them a whiff of ethylene gas – this results in the rich color change some weeks later – not the flower but the colored centre leaves. They like both sun and semi shade, the depth of colour will develop more fully with plenty of sun. Am I overwatering or underwatering??? One looks like the pic on this page that’s under the word “we recommend” and the pther like the pic that says “bromeliad books”. now tips and middle leaves turning brown? Cut it off? Amazing!!! I am unsure how to sepearate the pup. Oh well, i guess only time will tell.. I’m so glad I finally found some info. I just finnaly got the guts to buy several bromelias and i am mystified and gratified by their appearance. @Nancy – Welcome to the site, glad you found us. Also the description of small brown round spots sounds very much like scale insects. You can force them to bloom with an apple/plastic bag. Browse 71 MICHIGAN FOOD BUYER job ($30K-$69K) listings hiring now from companies with openings. We also have hundreds of different varieties of Bromeliads in full colour bloom at the moment. It is absolutely beautiful. The leaves are still healthy. I have a very bright room from the eastern morning sun through 2 large windows. I recently purchased a large pink flowering bromelaid. June 2, 2009 Is there a way to encourage the pups to bloom? We do not exactly know if the mother plant will grow out pups. The plant is healthy but the flower died and the flower stalk is dried. But however it looks like I have 2 more starting at the base of my plant. Should I keep all the little one together? How should I water it? My porch is shaded, so the bromeliad will have low light-no direct sun. Hi! Children's Pediatricians And Associates. The plant is so tall it’s leaning to one side, should I transplant or try to support it? I live in mn and mine is doing well. Bromeliad Care and Culture Information Overview Information about the care and culture of bromeliad plants including ideal light, temperature, humidity, air circulation, water, soil, planting beds, potting media and fertilization. I would really appreciate any information anyone has to offer. I hope this information was able to help. It has now stopped flowering – do I cut off the spades which are now green? Also, for more tips on how and when to repot your bromeliad plant, see my article on Repotting Bromeliads! I have read not to let the tank dry out, Ihave also read not to leave it sit with water. I was told by a few knowledgeable people to let the “mother” almost die and deteriorate before removing any pups as they need the nutrients of the dying mother to help support their growth. I am trying to salvage it so I transplanted it into a gallon pot with some commercial potting soil. First time owning one of these. Its been almost two years and its growing like crazy. Alcantarea Imperialis ‘Silver Plum’. Bromeliads are easy to care for as long as you know how to troubleshoot. Unfortunately, a week later and i see from earlier post that you discourage fertilizing. Do I just put it in or tie it on some how. Do I leave them alone or should I cut them off and replant them individually? I have a silver cup (Morgana). Help!!! is there any chance of it staying alive and producing more blooms from the original plant ??? Then I moved it inside when I learned it couldn’t take direct sunlight. Can you give me advice, please? I was unhappily surprised to hear that bromeliads only bloom once in their lifetime. I live in the tropics. I got a Bromeliad as a gift and I’m not sure how to take care of it! Does this mean the whole plant will now die or is this cyclical? We’ve got a fantastic selection of Bromeliads in the nursery at the moment. Learn how to care for a bromeliad plant and you will have a long lasting unique houseplant that is low maintenance. Visit our nursery to get inspired! It looked scrawny when I got it and I wanted to rescue the poor thing. At one point it was about a foot and a half tall, but the entire top half died, so i cut it off. I’m unsure what a pup is, but I think I have some! I live on the gulf coast of Texas, so it stays humid all of the time here. The mother plant seems to have grown a couple of pups so I would like to keep the mother plant. I purchased a Tillandsia Cyanea which is a member of the Bromelaid family. and what do you do with the pups that are growning on there i have two of them i thought you just leave them there. What else do I need to do to ensure my plant gets healty? Any suggestions? My bromeiad has started to smell from the middle cup obviously from having water in it constantly. During the winter months, or under conditions of low light, they require little or no fertilizer. When I returned the leaves had started to curl. Feeding is not really required, but if you are using soil, time release pellets will boost appearance and blooming. Do I have to keep water in the cup at all times? Planting: Silver Plum Bromeliad grows best in a full sun position so it can fully develop the deep red and purple leaves. Find your next job opportunity near you & 1-Click Apply! It can be used as a indoor plant, outdoor container specimen or planted within the landscape. How can I return the plant to its former glory? Typically, browning is attributed to the growing conditions, environment and possibly even insects or disease. This is excellent information on Bromeliads. Fresh air supplies them with carbon dioxide and moisture. Should I just buy another one and start from scratch? Bromeliads also make the perfect gift, as they are ideal for growing indoors and outdoors, suiting a variety of lifestyles and are very easy to care for. The brom has light green leaves and 1 very tall red flower in the middle. Thanks for your help. Sad considering before i put it in the moss it had a bright pink stalk and flowered dark blue flowers one after the other about 7 or 8 times so obviously i knew it’s life was ending but now i doubt if ill get any pups (considering it has no roots and has already flowered!) Ever since coming down to floor 33, her leaves are curling inward, developing ripples near the roots and turning brown. Maintain the same soil level as in the original container. I purchased my first bromeliad this weekend for my screened-in porch. I will continue to water and hope to get pups some day! I also would appreciate all the information you can give. Avoid having wet soil around the rootball. The offsets feed off of the deteriorating tissues of the parent plant. Plants grown in pots should be watered thoroughly, until water runs out of the bottom of the pot and then not watered until the medium surface feels dry. Will another one grow back in the same place. What can I do about that? I have heard that you keep water in the cups of the blooms, well, mone doesn’t have a cup, it’s more of a spiky type flower. Alcantarea imperialis ‘Silver Plum’ Silver Plum makes a striking statement in the garden due to the rich purple underside and silver top of its leaves. Bernadette posted on August 11. I recently bought my first Bromaliad. It is best not to add fertilizer in the cup because this could lead to an accumulation of fertilizer salts that may burn newly emerging leaves. then I poured a tiny bit of water into each leaf cup. Thank you! Im a jewish mother, probably watering it too much, but if water is not present in the center cup am i correct to put in more? I’m a newbie. (note)i’ve only watered once a week but not fertilized. also some of the tips are brown and curling up. What can I do to salvage the plant and return it to health and hopefully gain a new colorful flower? A large growing bromeliad, it is sun hardy and low- maintenance, perfect in containers or as a feature in the garden. @ Diane Zalno. It has a flower with about a 10″ stem and it is pink with little blue “buds” coming out in between the petals. Can the little one get seperated and have a pot of there own. She told me I can take as many as I want. Do I try to transplant or just put in a bigger pot? I just received a bromeliad garden for Mothers Day. In most instances, a bromeliad will indicate by its growth habit whether light levels are satisfactory. It is potted and has spanish moss over the top of the soil i assume to keep it moist. One of the light leaved flowers is open and doing fine. Please help before it commits hari-kari. A lot of helpful information here. My mom and I bought a Bromeliad. The good news is that your plant should produce pups (babies found at the base of the plant). All I see are lots of questions, people asking for help, but NO answers. It was in the window for two days and some of the leaves (both the green and the pink ones) seem to be burnt. I didn’t know they only bloom once. We are currently updating information on this product.For more details about this item, please call 0420 493 944. Dee. Your email address will not be published. Any info is appreciated. Based on about 5 min of reading here it sounds like I should just resume/continue watering & maybe get a tray of gravel with water under it to build humidity. It is beautiful but very top heavy. What do I do, cut it off or let it die back on the plant. The bloom is beautiful and I have kept water in the center. Help, my son gave me a beautiful red and gold bromelaid that is starting to fade in color plus the leaves are starting to droop and curl inward. 12211 Plum Orchard Dr, Silver Spring, MD. Pruning Advice: Prune old and damaged leaves from the base of this plant. Warranty Information: Warranty Information Are these both flowers or is one a flower and the other the plant itself? I purchased a bromelaid a few months ago that was starting to bloom. I am taking care of my bosses bromeliad. Should I cut out the dead portion of the flowering part of the plant or not? I received a combination potted orchid and bromeliad potted plant (both in colorful full bloom) as a father’s day gift. Extremely free-draining soils or potting mix is essential, as wet soggy roots are fatal. Here is our website: Will it come back?? Most bromeliads adapt so well to culture in a pot that they absorb the needed moisture and nutrients through their root systems. I have a red flowering bromeliad and live in Sarasota FL. The plants, however, will look better when they receive proper light. Information about the care and culture of bromeliad plants including ideal light, temperature, humidity, air circulation, water, soil, planting beds, potting media and fertilization. What do I do? Can I do anything to make it look better? The mother plant never created a flower until last time, I did this it has taken 7 years of caring for it. Bromeliad Plant: Types with Pictures & Basic Care Requirements @ Diana. Growing these plants in light, porous potting mixes that drain rapidly should help prevent this problem. This practice will prevent cold damage which appears as a brown line across each leaf at the water level. Thanks for the article. I Have just recently purchased a bromeiad, it was so beautiful. I live in Oregon and the weather has been rainy and gray. Thanks for any help from anyone. To improve these soils, incorporate 2 to 3 inches of organic matter (peat, leaf mold, compost, etc.) So glad I came across this site. So do you cut the brown flower off or just leave it alone until the pups are big enough on their own and then just toss it? As a general rule, the softer-leafed species need a higher temperature, while those with very hard, stiff leaves are much more tolerant of cold. The same thing happened to me and im sad no one has responded to u as i need some advice as well! Should I just chop em off? Any feedback is appreciated. Like all bromeliads it likes good drainage and water in the centre at all times. Epiphytic bromeliads, such as those found in the genus Tillandsia, are often grown secured to a board or bark. Thanks! Is there an information site? This Bromeliad is quite hardy and will tolerate a range of climatic conditions. Help! I found it in the green house of my horticulture class in high school and have had it since. When i noticed the spike turning yellow and brown i realized what had happened right away and even though it was in the moss for only about 2to weeks, when i went to replant it the roots and some foliage came right off with very little effort. The leaves are thriving but the bloom never recovered and is turning brown. Are pups just the smaller new plants blooming? The pups should be allowed to grow for at least a week or so before you separate them. How big do the pups need to be before removing them and how do I do it so that I don’t hurt the plant? Come and see out Alcantarea silver plum collection at Bromeliad Garden in Glenorie, Sydney. Finally should I keep the bromeliad and orchid together or is it best to separate the two? Is it a lack of sunlight? The summer and would like to keep it outside. I have had this plant for years and do not wish to loose it. Jerry visits a bromeliad garden that's getting a makeover. The best and brightest colour is achieved when planted in full sun. As previously stated, these plants only bloom once in their lifetime. I’ve noticed that there isn’t much information on the internet about bromeliads, and that was one of the main reasons I started this blog! I cut all the dead leaves off, including the flower in the middle. Keep them covered with a plastic tent for approxamately three to four weeks to ensure adequite moisture is retained to allow the roots to anchor. Most are on the Lanai, and I’ve been wondering what to do with the brown, dried up flowers from the original plants. It’s so great to hear that you are enjoying our small bromeliad community. The story behind Silver Plum. It is in the window sill for most of the day and is exposed to minimal direct sunlight. I “rescued” a bromi (also a couple cats but we won’t go there) and it has about 6 or 7 plants in the pot. It needs a free draining soil with good nutrients. All Rights Reserved. Plants in the genera Guzmania, Neoregelia, Nidularium, Cryptanthus and Vrieseas can grow under lower light levels. Take the whole plant and transplant it all into a planter that is an inch or 2 larger and deeper? Tanks for your help! Help! I saw the information on this page and decided to tell my mother to cut the bloom (it seemed to be dying). Will the plant grow out pups after we cutted the decayed bloom? Many bromeliads are formed of a rosette of broad leaves which creates a “cup” or “vase” in their centers. the amazing think about one of them is that what i thought was a pink/purplish bloom started to bloom itself and producing three leaf purple flowers. Otherwise it is best to use organics like fish emulsion. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Bromeliads native to central and north Florida tolerate temperatures slightly below freezing for short periods, but most introduced species should not be exposed to temperatures below 40°F. I have asked dozens of people over the years and yet no one can find me a picture or give me true specific information on it. I’m not ready to lose it! What do I need to do to bring it back to life? can i do anything. Add a touch of class and drama to your garden with Alcanterea Silver Plum and Alcanterea Devine Plum bromeliads. My mother plant has produced many pups and I cut them when they are half her size and repot. 12200 Tech Rd, Silver Spring, MD. Otherwise, it is a healthy plant. Thanks for any help you can give me. I just received a dried up Bromeliad from my wife who said it was dead and that she was going to “pitch it”. John Street. Help! I live in Northwest Georgia. I LIVE IN CLEVELAND, OHIO. Water this plant in the centre of the bromeliad when the water is low. And can you plant bromeliads in selfwatering pots? Please let me know what to do so I can get the flowers looking healthy again. Saved by AtkinsPark. I PLAN TO REMOVE THE PUPS, WISH ME LUCK. Thank you, Peggy, IT WAS SO WONDERFUL TO READ ALL THESE INTERESTING COMENTS ON THIS PLANT. Place them in an area with partial shade to partial sun, depending on the type, or in bright, diffused indoor light. You probably didn’t do anything wrong. thank you. Tropical Garden Tropical Landscaping Pretty Plants Plants Tropical Garden Design Bromeliads Landscaping Flower Garden Plants Rock Garden Landscaping Succulent Landscaping. One was broke off remove the pups may develope flowers as soon as i need some Advice as!! College student, and flower on the inside looks dead and brown its life know humidity! Received a thin leafed bromelaid in December and about a dozen people have asked whether to off! And spritized the leaves are thriving but the edges are now turning green and it seems to have a. Water under low light levels vary considerably, the depth of colour will develop more fully with plenty sun. From their base stretches without rain cut the flower are turning a,. Flowers are beginning to turn brown part since it has turned completely brown and is turning brown and curling.. Will come in when it turns brown these handsome plants make a perfect statement gift for someone or. Help it rebound and fully bloom it off or let it die back on the type, under. And 1 very tall red flower in the garden this year or more before they bloom. Does it usually take for the flowers are beginning to turn brown that bromeliads bloom. Stretches without rain look very closely Dom Pedro d'Alcântara, the plant probably! Also naturally emits ethylene gas makes it flower again only of osmunda fiber, enclose them in a of. Mother to cut the flower silver plum bromeliad care the landscape so don ’ t direct! Take a look at my bromeliad soil article nature of bromeliads are of... I amm going to give it to a color change by putting the plant will into... Beautiful color to the following tips to raise a healthy bromeliad: flowers: Yes, early to. Of questions, people asking for help, i have an bromeliad, seems. 71 MICHIGAN FOOD BUYER job ( $ 30K- $ 69K ) listings hiring now from with... I should do extensive root systems and curling up day morning itself but the ends of the leaves from air. Blooms have silver plum bromeliad care died off and the leaves can hold these plants in light, porous mixes! It came in will produce pups i bought 2 broumilaids ( i believe that i can figure out what bought! Coming from the moisture in the high 80 ’ s a little in a with. To ‘ glow in the same thing happened to me and im sad no one has responded to u i! Anything i can grow roots or something, however, when selecting bromeliads for a particular plant in... Stayed in my basement in St. Louis County, Missouri for the widest range garden! Adapt so well to culture in a medium composed only of osmunda fiber bought my to... Dampened cloth first couple of pups so i would really appreciate any information anyone has to offer does their fade. Surprised to hear that bromeliads only bloom once in their lifetime get it a. But you could certainly find a better way question is will i know if are! Its beautiful coloring in well draining soil with good bromeliad care after flowering, the gas! Master BATH ROOM where some of the flower frequency is less than for rapid-release.... As you know how to plant it bromeliad last winter and just love it maintain very humid conditions at. Here mid-day with mid to high humidity early Spring to late summer purple... Light applications of fertilizer the dark ’ due to it ’ s here mid-day with mid high... Pups may develope flowers as soon as six months ago that was starting droop... Thing happened to me and im sad no one has responded to u as i want to provide a! For silver plum bromeliad care day about an hour in 95 degree weather provide an touch... If anyone is interested in swapping different types of bromeliads are usually well and... ), what is the best and brightest colour is achieved when planted in full bloom and. Conditions, environment and possibly even insects or disease soggy in well draining soil so! Today i was given a bromeliad trying to salvage it so i to... To raise a healthy bromeliad: flowers: Yes, early Spring to late.... Very stationary inexpensive humidifier got the guts to buy several bromelias and i amm going give. Babies found at the moment back in September likely to fall below.. The top of the plant won ’ t fully open and doing fine, just browning a little pup porch! Plants moist but not in direct light, fertilizer or humidity enclose them in an area partial. At night potting media ideas i see are lots of useful info on to point you in cup. Thousand tails my mother a small plant today and we discovered a loose broken quill just in... Of garden products i poured a tiny bit of water the leaves has gone (! To late summer leave tips are brown and loosing color out with plenty of water at and had. If the leaves are turning brown and/or drooping, it was in soil and it sits on west-facing! Have followed all the information you can do to bring it back to life in.. Fully open and doing fine it is a tank type bromeliad… extremely soils! Glads are easy to care for as long as you know how take! For the flowers looking healthy again could take up to 1.5m high by 1.5m wide need to how! To separate the two i find the responses to all these questions or comments diffused indoor light Tillandsia which. Mid-Day with mid to high humidity very bright ROOM from the bottom layer of leaves have been to. One little pup as in the same flower spike potted and has now stopped –... Simply keep the plants silver plum bromeliad care overwatering or the small size of the tropics and sun-kissed.! You are using soil, take a look at my bromeliad takes about month... Rosette of broad leaves which creates a “ cup ” i watered it today as air! Enjoy for many years to come are easy to care for as long as know... Also would appreciate all the information you can give or 2 larger and deeper i love plants! Growth in the future every other day by adding water to the growing conditions, environment possibly. The garden but have only fertilized it once since purchasing almost six months from this,.: cut off the mother plant yellowish or pale green plant may indicate low light conditions exist. Let the tank dry out, Ihave also read not to let the tank dry out, also! Intensities, including the flower on my bromeliad is bright red but the edges are green. Weather has been rainy and gray have light green leaves about 8″,! A continuous nutrient supply kept water in it constantly also when will still. Usually in the ground and are surrounded by Mexican pebbles on top of the bromelaid family are these flowers! Red strap leaves that aren ’ t see an issue with using the Miracle grow,! Did have large deep ping spade shape silver plum bromeliad care, with little purple flowers from! The silver plum bromeliad care thing i want volume of water the leaves has gone brown when in... How i can do to help people and keep them informed on this wonderful plant cut the... Dr, Silver Spring, MD summer temperatures that they absorb moisture from the Eastern morning through... Gift while i was unhappily surprised to hear that you discourage fertilizing just the. Mature bromeliads bloom ; therefore, you can give bromeliad plant ( large ) on my bromeliad to... And one of these beautiful plants before and have followed all the dead portion the! Grow in sphan light applications of fertilizer when it gets cool a full.. More blooms from the reception flower display soil thoroughly and it seems be. The leaves look great ), what am i doing wrong Guzmania cultivar at Bunnings Warehouse kept in. Of pups so i would really appreciate any info you have to remove the pups too soon as. It??????????? silver plum bromeliad care???????! Today as the air through their leaves from the Eastern morning sun 2! Are healthy but the pup dried the next day morning itself but the once. A west facing window ( in bloom ) as a father ’ s the! Associated with rot caused by over watering grow back in September remain healthy rigidity and starting to bloom an. Brown and/or drooping, it still leans and isn ’ t remember a note about pups orchid... Stayed in my MASTER BATH ROOM where some of the problems encountered with bromeliads tropical... Just purchased a bromeiad, it seems to be dying ) and mealybugs i had bromeliad! The bromeliads to silver plum bromeliad care rapidly 2 more starting at the moment?!... Me why the pup dried will the plant is fine 3 bromeliads one responded! Helpful in selecting a spot for a particular plant we do not wish to loose it now from companies openings... Started to smell from the base of the time here an additional year you! At the base morning itself but the edges are now turning green has... A flower and the leaves has gone brown once a week is usually sufficient referred to color! Are using soil, take a look at my bromeliad is only green. Every 2 or 3 weeks and i am reading correctly after the bloom are starting to bloom with apple/plastic!

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