green comma butterfly

green comma butterfly

Extremely ragged wing edges. G5 - Demonstrably secure globally, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery. Green Comma - Polygonia faunus. The Comma butterfly is a common British butterfly and one of the most easily identified species when seen settled. By Family About. Polygonia faunus This Green Comma was seen at near sea level, along the Turnagain Arm Trail south of Anchorage, on August 1, 2003. European Peacock. July 26, 2011. American Lady. Monarch. ... Butterflies of Quebec. Gray Comma. Hoary Comma. If you stand still, this little butterfly will usually return to within a meter or two of where your heart skipped a beat. It is called a Green Comma because of the greenish submarginal bands on the underwings. Very similar to the other commas in the state. Forest Rd. Painted Lady ... Jutta Arctic. Green Comma (Polygonia faunus) << Previous. Polygonia faunus, the green comma, Faunus comma, or Faunus anglewing is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae. Gray Comma. Add to Likebox #95016184 - Different kind of butterfly and butterfly metamorphosis, vintage.. Green comma butterfly, Polygonia faunus The Green Comma flies from early March to late September, with populations peaking April – May, and August. Species List. Add to Likebox #108410853 - Comma (Polygonia C-Album) Butterfly on Verbena bonariensis. More confined to woodlands than the other commas. The species has a flexible life cycle, which allows it to capitalize on favourable weather conditions. Green Comma . Florida Museum of Natural History Gainesville, FL 32611 352-846-2000 (Exhibits) Vermont Butterfly Survey. The Satyr Comma has this black spot also, but does not have a row of yellow spots on the hindwing. Polygonia faunus << Lep species Zoom To My Address Zoom To California Estimated Species Range ( ?) It is best to see both the upper and lower wings to identify this species. The upperside of the summer form's hindwings are all black, whereas the winter forms hindwings are reddish orange. Photo by Frank Model - 8/26/2005 Pittsburg, NH. Polygonia faunus Green Comma reaches the southern end of its eastern U.S. range in the Georgia Mountains and is rare in the Blue Ridge Mountain counties. County A, Douglas Co., WI. | Green Comma Polygonia faunus: Genus Polygonia Subfamily True Brushfoots Family Brushfooted Butterflies All Massachusetts Species: View This Species Side-by-Side With Another Species: Click on a thumbnail image to go directly to that image. Explore more than 7,000 species profiles to discover the variety of butterflies and moths found in North America. Grandma Lake Rd., Florence Co., WI. We depend on donations to keep Butterflies and Moths of North America freely available. Uncommon in Wisconsin, even in the northern counties where it occurs. They are green and spherical at first, eventually turning yellow and ultimately grey before hatching. It is most often found along sun dappled forest roads, and trails, or in groves of trees in grasslands. Photo by Erik Nielsen - 8/19/2002 Pittsburg, NH . Green Comma. Its wingspan is 4.5–6.4 cm (1.8–2.5 in). The eggs of P. comma are pale green and the larva can be a variety of color combinations, such as; greenish-white or cream-white, greenish-brown or black with yellow black-tipped spines, or red-brown with a dull pink or black head. This species is found in boreal forest habitats, and is most often seen sunning itself along woodland trails. Top of Page. Compton Tortoiseshell.

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