why is poetry important for students

why is poetry important for students

Shared in this way, poetry brings audience, authentic audience, which motivates reluctant writers (or most writers, for that matter) . We all know that time is limited, and teachers have to make instructional choices. Making poetry available and fun for children is an important part of a child’s education. Contrary to popular belief amongst kids, boys get really into poetry when brought in through rhythm and rhyme. 06/26/2011 04:53 pm ET Updated Aug 26, 2011 In the last few years I have spent much of my time writing books on poetry. Throughout history, poetry has been important because it gives us a historical representation of what previous generations found beautiful, important, or profound. “Poetry enables teachers to teach their students how to write, read, and understand any text. Visit this Edutopia article for more ideas. Here is why reading poetry is good for you: First of all, poetry is emotional. Its helps us express ourselves. Boys, too. We just completed a unit that explored feelings, thoughts, people, and places associated with colour. If you don't already have these two books, get them now! Falling Down the Page: A Book of List Poems: Featuring Lee Bennett Hopkins, Jane Yolen, Naomi Shihab Nye, and others.. Poetry is an art form which uses the beauty and rhythm of language to produce emotions in a reader. It's the most kinesthetic of all literature, it's physical and full-bodied which activates your heart and soul and sometimes bypasses the traps of our minds and the outcome is that poetry moves us. An 8th grader: “Poetry lets kids break into a whole new level of deep thought, leading them to be more open-minded, thoughtful, creative and expressive. In this blog, I described how poetry can be used at the start of the year to learn about where students come from and who they are. My husband and I recently launched an independent publishing company, and one of our goals is to help bring poetry to life for children and make it more fun for adults. To Deepen Your Understand of Language. Over time, we’ve moved from Dr. Seuss to Edgar Allan Poe as our son has grown older. Poetry can give students a healthy outlet for surging emotions. Find those poems that communicate with the deepest parts of your being and welcome them in. It isn't a hiding place. It starts by helping children find poetry they enjoy. Throughout time poetry has been a medium for expressing ideas, emotions, and beliefs. “poetry slams are cool,” I know that teaching poetry requires a commitment that is intrinsically rewarding-for teachers and for students of all ages. Teaching and learning from poetry can help students respect and understand the viewpoints of people across the globe. Older students benefit from the language study and attention to detail that both the poems and the students’ responses demand; poetry’s rhythms and rhymes attract younger students to Poetry allows kids to put language to use-to make it serve a deep internal purpose, to break rules along the way (grammar, punctuation, capitalization -- think of e.e. Poetry forces you to search the language for the perfect word. It lets us into other minds. Don't deconstruct it or try to make meaning of it. ELLs can learn about or read poetry in their primary language, helping them bridge their worlds. William Butler Yeats said this about poetry: "It is blood, imagination, intellect running together...It bids us to touch and taste and hear and see the world, and shrink from all that is of the brain only." Since this was a common poetry experience for me and I didn’t have enough positive experiences with poetry, I just began to dislike poetry. Literacies and poetry What, then, is so important or distinct about poetry as a form of writing? Poetry is important for children, and poetry is good for adults as well. It can cross boundaries that little else can. Repeating rhymes also impacts kids’ physical deve lopment. Poetry promotes literacy, builds community, and fosters emotional resilience. Reading it logically results in an overall comprehension, rigid and unchanging. Why do you think it is so important for children to learn to read and write poetry at primary school? That’s where the practicality of poetry comes in. Research shows that young children prefer funny, silly, or whimsical poems, but poetry preferences will change as children grow older. Read It Often. So many writers avoid writing poetry. 1. Reason #3: Poetry opens venues for speaking and listening, much neglected domains of a robust English Language Arts curriculum. But why should we be worried about children’s experiences with poetry? Poetry is so important because it helps us understand and appreciate the world around us. Poetry can inspire nonfiction writing. Reason #2: When read aloud, poetry is rhythm and music and sounds and beats. All of us, as both parents and teachers, can work to bring poetry to life for children and make sure children don’t end up with strong negative experiences with poetry. So as a reader, we must do the same. Teaching With Fire: Poetry that Sustains the Courage to Teach, Leading from Within: Poetry that Sustains the Courage to Lead, Aquí y Allá/Here and There: Exploring Our Lives Through Poetry, "Talking Back to the World: Turning Poetic Lines into Visual Poetry". Poetry helps in language development, creative language skills, creativity, writing skills, self-expression, and in the development of natural rhythms. (This is not quite so true for genres such as nonfiction text that get a lot of airtime these days.). cummings) and to find voice, representation, community perhaps. But perhaps most importantly, poetry can have a positive impact on students’ mental health. It takes us to other worlds. Poetry has a place in our curriculum. It is a creative piece of writing that often has meanings and messages that appear hidden. Reading original poetry aloud in class can foster trust and empathy in the classroom … I'm a primary (elementary) school teacher in Australia so some of my studies at university involved learning about how children learn to read. As a parent, I didn’t want my children to have the same kinds of negative experiences with poetry that I did. Young children -- babies and preschoolers included -- may not understand all the words or meaning, but they'll feel the rhythms, get curious about what the sounds mean and perhaps want to create their own. If you are a poetry advocate already, I hope you gain some additional insight and ideas to strengthen your program. And since pretty much every time we studied poetry in junior high school, a teacher would make me memorize and recite in front of the class, poetry began to equal stress for me. What’s happening along the way that’s changing the way we feel about poetry? Just to add a little perspective, fear of clowns is number eleven on the list. We can gain insight that had evaded us many times, that gives us new understanding and strength. If you’re looking for ways to get your kids excited about a poem or a work of poetry, you can find helpful ideas here. I’m an English professor who hated poetry for years! Every society is measured by the extent to which it has high culture. I asked a few why poetry was important. Reason #1: Poetry helps us know each other and build community. My own story is in line with national surveys. Furthermore, poetry is universal. Poetry is a unique literary art form that has been written and read for millenia. High school seniors Sam and Catherine will tell you what they have gotten ou… Working creatively with sentence structures helps improve writing skills and creative thinking, and poetry is the perfect genre for introducing creative and interesting vocabulary to children. Poetry also helps in understanding different perspectives. But, by the time we’re adults, something has happened to our love of poetry. It’s good for your mind. Poetry can allow kids to paint sketches of their lives, using metaphor, imagery and symbolic language to describe painful experiences, or parts of themselves that they're not ready to share. So far this year, my 12th grade literature students have read nearly 200,000 words for my class. April is National Poetry Month, inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets to celebrate poetry and its vital role in American culture.The academy sponsors events such as the star-studded Poetry & the Creative Mind Gala (April 17 at Lincoln Center in New York City) and mass-appeal activities like Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 18), when everyone is encouraged to carry a poem. As noted in this piece from NY Magazine, poetry reading and interpretation demand analysis and critical thinking, important skills for all of us. Why should teaching poetry matter at all? Creatures of Earth, Sea, and Sky: Nature poems for early readers.. For Teaching Poetry. Poetry is an important part of a literature curriculum. My husband writes poetry, and we read poetry regularly. Making poetry available and fun for children is an important part of a child’s education. A line break, a pause, a comma, or a period placed in the right spot in a poem can make your heart skip a beat. We really do. As parents, we may know that reading is important but not stop to think about the value of poetry. Children really do benefit from positive experiences with poetry. This is a shame — not just because poetry is important to teach, but also because poetry is important for the 10 poetry unit explored in this article, involved the personal experiences of students juxtaposed to Australian history, Australian poets and students’ evolving sense of self. It took me years to learn to love poetry again, and now that I read poetry and can enjoy it, my life is enriched. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Poetry is a very integral part of children’s learning overall, and the learning of language skills.Poetry makes learning fun for children, and gives the opportunity to learn through association. Research has also concluded that teaching students poetry offers measurable results in a wide set of linguistic domains. So, in our house, poetry is important. Find the poems that make you want to roll around in them or paint their colors all over your bedroom ceiling. So we start out loving poetry but end up disliking it.

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