who is more popular mario or sonic

who is more popular mario or sonic

mario or sonic. Lots of reasons. Does harry styles have a private Instagram account? DBWI: Mario is more successful than Sonic The Hedgehog. anyone who even slightly thinks sonic is more popular than mario in any way is seriously being very silly mario is not just a gaming icon hes a cultural icon america, japan, worldwide mario is and always has been bigger and more popular than sonic Because it was the first platformer hero, the first platformer games, and games in general, are Mario games. I would tend to suspect Pacman might be more "recognizable" by the older general population. 0. YOU SUCK!". As far as popularity is concerned there's no contest here, Mario destroys Sonic. Kid: "Donkey Kong sucks!" In the world of video games, there aren't two figures more recognizable than Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Agree 14 Disagree 2 -+ SPAM Inappropriate. I think Sonic has a bigger fanbase. Is the most recognized figure in the US... more than mario and more than jesus... what has the world come to... :( To back up this info, go watch the documentary "Supersize me". … Becuase of that, it became popular and has continued to have great games ever since. This is with exception of the Sonic Adventure games. Actually, it was Sonic who become more popular then Mickey Mouse in America. Nintendo is popular because they were the first game developers, and Mario is popular because he is in Nintendo’s games. A clash of two legendary game series! But Mario can also turn smaller, bigger, or even huge! Yeah, sure, and Sega does what Nintendon't. Sonic is WAYYYYY more Popular in America and UK than he is in Japan. ahhh, he said happy gilmore and i was like "nooo, that was big daddy dude" loool. Too many people have no idea who Goku and Vegeta are. :). It could be argued that Pokémon is a far bigger and more well-known franchise worldwide than Sonic. What is the best way to fold a fitted sheet? I'm sure if Sonic could make good games, he'd easily be bigger than Mario by now. Billy: "You know something? Part of the reason is Mario has the better games this generation while Sonic's games have a terrible camera system and not so good controls IMO. 3 years ago. Mario was still popular at the time, but Sonic in the 90's was like Halo basically. Which series has the best music? Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Which series has the best plot (storyline)? Copyright © 2021 Multiply Media, LLC. Sonic fans are annoying. Mario vs Soinc The Hedgehog, Nintendo vs Sega, Video Game Icons. ....but Mario is video games biggest character. It’s part of NewsBoiler, a network of social news sites covering today’s pop culture. Blast processing will also ensure the victory of the Genesis. Mario and Sonic never used to shy away from a challenge in the old days. For Dragon Ball FighterZ on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Dragon Ball more popular than Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog? um except mario is in FACT more popular and recognizable than mickey mouse that was proven back in 1990. How else did we get copy-cat imitators like Aero the acrobat, and Bubsy? Sonic was never very popular in Japan but is very pupular in USA and the UK. Who has more fans? Sega's Sonic "was" more popular than Mario. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is hands down the best game in the series. 3. What about you? Mario vs Sonic . but they both have made tremendous impacts on our gaming experiences and will undoubtedly go down in history as videogame charecters that have inspired other developers and their franchises. Sonic games tend to sale alot. In terms of awareness, Pac-Man is the best-known video game character, recognized by 94 percent of U.S. consumers, more than celebrity heavyweights such as Ben Affleck, Dolly Parton, and Jamie Foxx. Who knows...maybe Sonic can still bounce back. Follow 16612. How did Rizal overcome frustration in his romance? then Mario is the more popular character. Mario was 4th on UGO's list of the "Top 100 Heroes of All Time" CNET listed Mario #1 on its list of the "Top 5 video game characters". That was before Sonic 1 came out. Unlike Sonic, Mario's 3D leap was successful. Mario is also hooked up with the prettiest princess's ever soooooo that definitely gets him some points. Well I never did say you were wrong, did I? Or y'know, had a platform of his own that he could push them on. How old was Ralph macchio in the first Karate Kid? I think what it boils down to is everyone wants a sonic game to be good again as the potential is still there, where as Mario games have always been good, i cant remember a poor one, Conloles was making a reference to a segment of the movie happy gilmore... just wanted to point that out... :D, Conloles... Beautiful quote, man!!! level 2. Heck, Luigi is more popular than sonic :P. Sonic 2 was the first video game I played and is still my favorite game ever, so yea I like Sonic. In a 1990 poll by Marketing Evaluations, Mario was found to be more popular (and recognizable) among children than Mickey Mouse". Go watch top 10 gaming's reason why mario is better than sonic and mario … 186 years after Sonic’s time)SpeciesMobian/Hedgehog9 more rows. 0. Personally I think Mario is the most known character, but I like Sonic or Megaman even more than Mario. Final Fantasy, Mario, Pokemon, Naruto, Monster Hunter, Gran Turismo, Hatsune Miku etc. They always save the day and do so by beating near-impossible odds. Mario will always be better than Sonic and any other video game ( Therefore, it is only natural that fans would pit the two legends against one another. Nintendo knew it was weird and it's played as a joke. Sonic, debatably yes. princess peach - Mario. Mario has many abilities. Hi. Vote | Messages. I have a big collection and even collect the comics. And Mario 64 proved that Mario would last, Sonic in 3D is a train wreck. Sonic The Hedgehog, he is almost as popular as mario, and mario is millions times more popular than soulja boy. In a 1990 poll by Marketing Evaluations, Mario was found to be more popular (and recognizable) among children than Mickey Mouse". MARIO? While Mortal Kombat is a good game, I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever." Super Mario sold 222 million copies amongst it’s never-ending list of game title. Sonic was never very popular in Japan but is very pupular in USA and the UK. ". video game history ). I had Mario bed sheets in the early 90's. But both have softened up over the years. It did, but let's face the facts: Mario was first introduced as Jumpman in 1981. 2 3. :). Sonic or Mario, who must you choose? It shares similarities with Surfing but shines brightly enough to land the top spot on our list! mario wasn't even in that small segment of supersize me. Is she as popular as the Mario princesses (Daisy, Peach and Rosalina), and is Toadette more popular than the female Sonic the Hedgehog characters? you say so to that but still that does not disprove what i said in anyway mario has always been bigger and more popular than sonic the game sales prove that mario as well has ha his own tv shows, movies and pretty much anything you can think of all i did was state a FACT doesn't matter if you prefer mario over sonic or sonic over mario mario has always been bigger and more popular than sonic the facts speak for themselves. anyone who even slightly thinks sonic is more popular than mario in any way is seriously being very silly mario is not just a gaming icon hes a cultural icon america, japan, worldwide mario is and always has been bigger and more popular than sonic, google has 164 million hits for Mario google has 62 million hits for sonic first thing i got when i googled mario was mario related sites first thing i got when i googled sonic was the sonic fast food chain just throwing that out. I always watched the old Sonic cartoons as a kid, and Sonic X was great. Why is Mario so popular? considering these are video game characters who gained their popularity from video games then yes game sales do make the character popular as popular as mario is right now he wouldn't be as popular as he is now if his games didn't sell the way they did (the highest selling game franchise ever) his huge success in the gaming world lead him to become mainstream, popular, a house hold name and a cultural icon the mario name has grossed more money than the sonic name can ever dream of that $$$$ leads to that characters increase in popularity if your games are selling better than more people are aware of your character and that character will grow in popularity from those sales sonic is ranked #8 in the top best selling game franchises with 70million copies while mario ranks at #1 with 222million your kidding yourself if you think these sales didn't attribute to the characters popularity if 1 character wasn't more popular than the other than 1 characters games wouldn't be selling better even when sonic was in his prime mario games still sold better mario is far more popular that sonic ever has been the $$$ speaks for itself its been posted already but it is a very good quote "Mario is the most famous character in the history of video games, and perhaps is the most famous character ever. All Rights Reserved. Pretty cut and dry. Combined with the NES home system, Super Mario Brothers spent the tail end of 1985 as a huge hit and a popular Christmas gift that was as often played by parents and older siblings as it was by the kids who received the game in the first place. I'll bet there are atleast 4 times as many games with Mario than there are with Sonic. We loved speeding through the skatepark, grinding on ledges, performing different flips and tricks and figuring out different combos. Reviews: 2. I mean the online kinda fanbase, I bet there are more people online on Sonic fansites, than Mario ones. You're using one aspect to prove your point when you fail to look at others. i don't see how that is possible because even when sega was at its prime in the console business even when sonic was in his prime in the games business sonics success and popularity never even reached close to what mario has mario has always dominated the popularity racket the sales racket you name it. and mario more popular WorldWide? I owned a fair amount of this stuff. Billy: "I disagree. Someone earlier mentioned the Google search results. The Mario Fans are Happy Naturally kind. Meanwhile, Mario's papa, Shigeru Miyamoto, still oversees the character's games and has no timetable on his retirement and/or the moment when he'll cease working on titles involving everyone's favorite pasta-eating hero. Probably because he isn't cutesy like Mario or anything like that... 4. share. Participate in a Sonic Vs. Mario poll or view past results. Sonic in 1991. Actually both the 'cartoon' mario and sonic were pretty poor, but the anime Sonic was much better. Jul 2, 2017 #57 Guess Who said: Talent. It’s like Super Smash Bros. but about the Olympics. No Opinions only facts. You should only ask questions that would ask if you relate to a point of view from one of the characters or like something related to either characters. The reason why it is otherwise is because Sega dropped the ball. So of the three which is more iconic - Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Pacman?

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