math discussions in the classroom

math discussions in the classroom

This follow-up to the modern classic, Five Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions, shows the five practices in action in Grades K-5 classrooms and empowers teachers to be prepared for and overcome the challenges common to orchestrating math discussions. T- Yes Lily, that is an important thing you noticed. However, I will not immediately accept that they are right. The student I choose to share does not need to have the right answer. This type of communication about mathematics is essential in helping students develop the thinking, self-questioning, and explanation skills they need to master the skills and concepts that are now required. It makes them eager to ask questions and provide explanations. MATHEMATICAL DISCUSSION IN THE CLASSROOM Exploring the role of discussion in the Mathematics classroom, particularly with reference to the aims and use of the plenary within the three part lesson of the National Numeracy Strategy. How many dogs came to the park? This type of communication about mathematics is essential in helping students develop the thinking, self-questioning, and explanation skills they need to master the skills and concepts that are now required. [3] Chapin, S., O’Connor, C., & Anderson, N. (2013). After a minute or so, call on a student to share their work. Discussion is a tool to be used in the classroom. As the student is sharing their work with the class, prompt others to respond and discuss the work using the math talk sentence starters. See full disclosure here.​, Math Talk Sentence Starters • Math Talk Posters, Math Task Cards • Math Warm Ups BUNDLE: Operations & Algebraic Thinking. Lily, how do you think these strategies are different? I will then wait for students to point these out. They must feel comfortable making and sharing mistakes. Creating an Atmosphere for Useful Conjecture. Take a deeper dive into understanding the five practices—anticipating, monitoring, selecting, sequencing, and connecting—for facilitating productive mathematical conversations in your middle school classrooms and learn to apply them with confidence. In the next and final blog in this series, we will dive into the specific strategies that teachers can use to foster meaningful conversations about what students are thinking, doing and learning. Develop discussion in Mathematics. S- Well they are both right, but they solved it differently. Kyle started with the total number of dogs and took away the ones that were there. T- Ok Jaden so you got 6 dogs as your answer, because you knew 5 + 6 more was 11? Talking about mathematical concepts allows students to reflect on their own understanding while making sense of and critiquing the ideas of others. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 9, 38-43. Sharing with a partner also helps build confidence in their problem solving abilities. Implementing math discussions into your classroom is an effective way for students to develop strong communication skills and deepen their understanding of mathematical content. They have dry erase boards to work out solutions. If you can, have the student share their work under a document camera. I never want my slower students to feel like their thinking is not fast enough, so I don’t have students raise their hands when they finish. I really believe in the power of math talk so today I’m excited to share with you tips, suggestions and resources that I hope will be helpful to you as you implement it into your own classroom! The Common Core standards have brought a greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills to our classrooms. Additionally, I have employed this strategy by posting a video of myself solving a problem incorrectly and have asked students to identify the mistakes and provide the necessary corrections to reach the appropriate answer. Instead, we as teachers can respond with “What do we think about that?” in response to a given answer. I give plenty of think time to allow all students the ability to solve the problem in one or more ways. In an asynchronous session, I have utilized Google Docs in order to show students an incorrectly completed problem and have asked them to identify and correct the errors using the comments feature. For almost two decades the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has been pushing for more writing and talking in math instruction and learning. This way your students can hear what an authentic, back-and-forth discussion using the stems would sound like. S- He used a number line and started at 5. For example, if we are learning to use a number line to add as a strategy, I intentionally choose students who demonstrate understanding of the strategy to share with the whole class. In a district where almost 30 percent of the students are learning English, these goals have meant a radical change in how math is taught in the early grades. Make math talk an expectation. Take time to describe the sentence starters and the use of each type. Take a deep dive into the five practices for facilitating productive mathematical discussions Enhance your fluency in the five practices—anticipating, monitoring, selecting, sequencing, and connecting—to bring powerful discussions of mathematical concepts to life in your elementary classroom. Then I knew 6 were left so that means those are the 6 that came. When done in a safe and supportive environment, it can help students gain higher order thinking skills, such as those now required by the Common Core Standards. Current research suggests that discussion can: A classroom discussion falls flat. By Rachel Fuhrman. Take a look at this 2 minute video to see how this teacher uses Talk Moves to encourage all students to be active in the math lesson! Then I jumped until I got to 11. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Students can make conjectures, link prior knowledge to current understanding… For example, if we are learning to use a number line to add as a strategy, I intentionally choose students who demonstrate understanding of the strategy to share with the whole class. I like create a bulletin board for reference near our class meeting area and give my students a smaller version to keep in their math notebooks for partner work. Open and Closed Questions. While distance learning has certainly altered the way in which I carry out my instructional strategies, I have continued to employ the below outlined strategies to ensure a high level of student engagement through discussions. T- (teacher) – Ok friends, everyone turn and talk to their elbow partners and share your work. In classroom discussions, students work with multiple ideas and have to balance new ideas with their original conclusions. The Value of Productive Discussion in Math Putting that poor result aside, the scenario of two students discussing different answers is exactly what we want in math classrooms. Sausalito, CA: Math Solutions Publications. Jaden added and Kyle subtracted, but they both got the same answer. T- Jaden does that sound like what you did? July 28, 2020. no_limit_pictures / iStock. Tell us what you were thinking. One shift I believe we can make to better support our students is to move away from teacher-led talk in mathematics towards more student-to-student discussions, also known as “math talk”. Why? Next, have them turn and talk to a partner. While students share, I scan student work looking for specific strategies that I want to highlight. Make sure to download the free math talk posters in the post! Every educator has been there. Through text-based, whole classroom discussions, students can learn powerful norms and skills for collaboration such as listening, adding to others’ I hope the information and resources I’ve shared today will help you to implement more meaningful math discussions into your day! It makes them eager to ask questions and provide explanations. This allows them the opportunity to clarify their thinking and offer a peer a new perspective on solving. (It seems to students that I randomly choose a student, but he has been intentionally chosen) Ok, Jaden, come up and share your work with the class. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Students solve independently while I observe and assist students who are having trouble getting started. This hands‑on craft … If they feel they have had a part in creating the norms, they will be likely to follow them. Teachers use the Desmos Activity Builder tool to create a … They are a way for you to further support your students and/or guide the discussion in certain directions. In Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions (2011), Margaret Smith and Mary Kay Stein describe the importance of teachers clearly specifying the mathematical goal before planning out a discussion. When it is used correctly it increases students’ enjoyment of the class and strengthens students’ understanding of concepts. S- I think the answer is 6 more dogs because 5 + 6 = 11. It transforms them from passive to active listeners. Based on a four-year research project funded by the U.S. Department of Education, this resource is divided into three sections: In this brief, after describing and providing examples of recitation and discussion, some benefits of discussion in mathematics class will be presented. (Once the norms for math talk have been well-established, mistakes can be highlighted and students typically won’t be bothered by being wrong in front of the class.). All the math discussion tips in the world will not be very helpful if we don’t give students something to talk about. Listen in on their partner-share conversations and be on the lookout for new strategies that you want to highlight for the whole class.

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