logic pro vs garageband reddit

logic pro vs garageband reddit

People tend to use Pro Tools because people tend to use Pro Tools. Lots of waiting on the devices to catch up and try to hang with the requirements that the software has. Hi. Logic is the next, ahem, logical step from GarageBand. It's significantly more advanced than garage band and it's free to try for as long as you need and then if you want to buy a license it's like $60. and decide which software is the best for you. And your GarageBand projects from Mac, iPhone, or iPad open in Logic Pro exactly as you left them. The big cons are expense and having to deal with Avid. It's been great fun, and I've loved having something to spend time on and be passionate about and had great positive feedback for the stuff I've made, and it's resulted in starting a band. Provides infinitely more ways to make distinct and more professional sounding music, and google/YouTube makes the learning curve more manageable. Superior drummer is roughly $200 and logic has pretty awesome and customizable drum kits built in (especially when you use the producer kit version). Also: running pro tools on any Apple laptop isn’t very conducive to a productive workflow in my own experience. So first a bit of background; I'm a heavy rock/metal guitarist who for around a year now has used REAPER on my Laptop, along with Line 6 POD Farm & EZDrummer and made my own music. I know GarageBand is memed on all the time, but it's been good to me for years. And your GarageBand projects from Mac, iPhone or iPad open in Logic Pro exactly as you left them. That said, please do not think that I am dumping on GarageBand. But honestly, GarageBand is actually really good and you can do a lot with it! Meaning, there was no learning curve. Stepping up from GarageBand to the professional features of Logic Pro is one of the smoothest transitions you’ll ever make. It has a good handful of the more advanced audio editing tools Pro Tools has but also retains the MIDI and audio warping capabilities of Ableton Live. GarageBand and Logic Pro only differ visually at second glance, because both the way they work and the look are very similar in both programs. There are some things it can’t, there are some things ProTools can’t do. Seit Logic Pro X spricht nichts mehr gegen den Aufstieg von Garageband zu Logic. With logic you get a fairly similar set of time and pitch features. woodandsteel2. Opening the Project Step 1. If you’ve used GarageBand is the logical choice of upgrade as they are compatible and both made by Apple. Und deine geöffneten GarageBand Projekte sehen in Logic Pro genauso aus wie vorher. This is the "engineers" DAW. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://soundcloud.com/in_self_defense_separator. Registered Member. So, from what you outlined as your goals, Logic might be the best thing to spend your money on at this point in time. Irgendwie bin ich dann noch bei Logic Pro hängen geblieben, die DAW bringt so viele Effekte und virtuelle Klangerzeuger mit, dass ich es wirklich als Rundum-sorglos-Paket betiteln würde und es kostet nicht einmal viel. 25. When you’re ready, turn on more advanced features. It’s similar to GarageBand and can do most of the things ProTools can do. Studio One is the best(IMO) if you arent going to go all in on protools. Either try Logic Pro (it's GarageBand on steroids) or satay with Garageband. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It comes with software instruments and plugins that get the job done. No vocals, and no advanced MIDI-synth work, that maybe Garageband is a better choice. Um dies zu ermöglichen, sind externe Interfaces wie zum Beispiel USB-Mikr… Different DAW:s, different strengths. Logic is one of the top 3 DAWs with Cubase and Ableton. My first thought (Perhaps naively), was to get Logic Pro, (I have used Logic Pro 9 rather extensively around 2/3 years ago - I did A-Level Music Technology) since it's the big-boy professional software. In den aktuellen Versionen hat Apple damit begonnen, Features aus Logic Pro X in Garageband zu implementieren. I currently use GarageBand, but am considering moving over to Pro-Tools. Why do you want to change your DAW, thought? I would personally say Logic. This is a screencast to accompany a podcast episode I did recently. I'm familiar with Ableton & I like it a lot. Pro tools is quite different to garage band however far better. It all depends what you’re using the DAW for. That's a great point! You can also do a monthly payment for ProTools so you could use the Standard version of PT with minimal financial commitment and decide from there. If you're working with lots of software instruments, sample manipulating, etc: Ableton Live is what I personally use for this type of work but most of the other established DAWs are pretty comparable. Studio One could also fit into this category but it still feels like it's a little behind DAWs like ProTools (I own both). If you're recording a lot of live instruments: Pro Tools has objectively the most advanced audio editing and is the industry standard for almost all professional audio engineers/recording studios but it isn't the quickest to learn. TLDR, Logic Pro X would be better that Garageband simply because it has more options w.r.t. Try it out, and see what you think. Meaning, there was no learning curve. Pro Logic vs Garage Band Q? Logic Pro X is for sure the best option for you. I’ve just bought Logic Pro X after using Garageband for over a year. I'd say go for logic. Logic is just a bit more sophisticated. Been playing guit-fiddle for over 40 years and just now experimenting with recording my music. The bass and guitar modeling are as good or better than guitar rig and other similar plug-ins I've tried. It's a fantastic producer's DAW and speaks a language you already understand. Logic is usually the logical (intended) next step from GarageBand. While both Logic Pro and GarageBand have Arrangement Markers for use with Drummer, only Logic has Markers for navigation that you can name, color, and use key commands to go from one to another or to a specific marker. Very flexible, with really cool integration for live performance. Stepping up from GarageBand to the professional features of Logic Pro is one of the smoothest transitions you’ll ever make. Or is Garageband too basic, and Logic Pro X really would be the way forward regardless of cost and the features that won't be used. Logic Pro X vs GarageBand: Buying advice. First off: any reason why you don't want to keep using Reaper? Logic and garageband are set up nearly identical, you can just obviously do a lot more with logic. Good luck! All your old GB projects will import directly into it. For starters, you’re greeted with a familiar interface. Logic Pro X vs GarageBand: The Interface. I would personally recommend logic pro. Cubase also awesome for music production, but my orchestration friends say they generally prefer it to Ableton or FL Studio. If you didn’t already know, GarageBand is essentially the lite version of Logic Pro X. Are you a Garage Band user, who is considering getting into Logic Pro X? It's easy to go back and forth between platforms... almost too easy. Especially when micing acoustic guitar. If it feels too limiting (which I could see if you've been using Reaper), you can step up to Logic. Garageband is probably good enough for you, but it's not seen as a 'proper' DAW. Im Grunde genommen ist Garageband eine abgespeckte Version des "großen Bruders" Logic Pro X, mit der es möglich ist, echte Instrumente und Stimme/Gesang mit dem Mac aufzunehmen. It's incredibly inexpensive for the features you get. It is more advanced but similar to garage band, and not too expensive. woodandsteel2. It works better for my type of flow, but in your instance, it sounds like you will really enjoy logic pro. Sure, with GB you'll be able to do all the things you already do, but with logic you'll be able to continue to learn new skills and grow as a composer. Das fängt schon mit der vertrauten Benutzer­oberfläche an. Recently i made the switch to FL STUDIO however. For EDM or general solo production, FL Studio and Ableton are still great. Now to answer your question, I guess you are more into recording music rather than sampling or using software synths. Logic is great but if youre not needing all the plugins etc then go for something cheaper and put your money towards other gear. Dennoch gibt es noch jede Menge Unterschiede. Even though GarageBand and Logic Pro X are both music-making DAWs (digital audio workstations), there are a lot of fundamental differences. Also it happens to be completely awesome, and it comes with an insane amount of plugins/content/etc for a very low price. professional usage. Logic Pro vs. Logic Express vs. GarageBand 8 posts KwamiMatrix. Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2004 6:43 am … So, let's get started! Lots of fun, but lots to learn. Post Dec 29, 2010 #1 2010-12-29T04:19. Posts: 5469. When you’re ready, turn on more advanced features. Sehen wir uns zunächst einmal an, was die beiden Programme an Funktionen bieten. At the time Reaper was, and really still is, a very lean and powerful DAW. Ars Praefectus Registered: Nov 26, 2001. Eventually I acclimated but it was a pain in the ass before everyone did free tutorials.

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