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Can my credit be fixed?

Yes your credit can be fixed. There is no such thing as a credit file that cannot be restored. Regardless of where your credit is today it can always get better tomorrow.

How long does the process usually take?

This varies from file to file as everybody’s credit is different. In most cases you can see results in 30 to 45 days. You want to give yourself at least 90 days from start to finish.

Should I file bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy is not always the best solution to your credit problem. Many times a credit file can be restored without having to file bankruptcy. I always recommend getting a detailed credit analysis and weigh your options before making the decision to file bankruptcy.

What does my credit score need to be to buy a house?

There are some lenders that will qualify you to purchase a property with a credit score as low as 580. Most lenders require at least a 620 middle score. I suggest you have a 650 or better so you can get a betterinterest rate.

Is no credit bad credit?

Having no credit does not mean you have bad credit or good credit. You can be denied by some lenders for having no credit. You can also be approved by some lenders while having no credit. What I tell people is having no credit makes it a lot easier to have perfect credit. With the right consultation you can go from no credit to great credit fairly quickly.

What can I do to raise my credit score?

There are a few different factors that help to generate your credit score. The most common thing that can be done to raise your credit score is to pay down any credit card balances that exceed 30% of the limit. This will definitely help to raise your credit score.

Can anything be done with my student loans?

There are a few options when it comes to dealing with student loans. You usually will have the option of consolidating, deferring, rehabilitating, refinancing etc. It’s really important to keep your student loans in good standings.

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