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We are a business focusing on improving the lives of our clients & communities through financial literacy. We provide valuable information & services to help you take the first step to improving your credit score & securing your financial future.

CEO & Founder Tony Santos started this journey because, just like you he was hindered by bad credit for years. He began with getting his own personal finances in order. And indeed he has… Tony today is a successful entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mortgage Broker & General Contractor who has successfully built his real estate portfolio & continues to grow & secure his & his families future for generations to come. It is his passion and personal mission to help as many people as he can to achieve the same. Dreams do come true and through the Power Of Credit those dreams can become a reality. Owning a home, Opening a business, buying a new car, establishing wealth…completely changing your life is reality but you must take the first step. Power of Credit is here to help you every step of the way whether you are a person who needs the blueprint for you to DIY or you would be relieved to let a professional take the wheel.

A Message from our Founder & CEO “The first step is the hardest, We’ve made it easy to take that 1st step. Take the Power back Now & put yourself back in the game of Life”

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